Amazingly Resilient ‘Curley’ The Ferret Needs Assistance

CHANTILLY, Va. (CBSDC) — A very special ferret in Northern Virginia is in need of help.

Curley has lived a life rougher than most of us could even imagine. His original owner murdered his entire family before locking all their animals in a barn and setting it on fire.

Curley and his cage mate were able to escape, but the other animals were not as lucky. His cage mate perished six-months later.

Curley’s second owner decided to move away and just leave him behind in the house to die.

The third time proved to be the charm for Curley when it came to adoption. He was finally well cared for and loved.

After a while, however, he began to lose his hair. Curley’s owner thought he had a food allergy and changed his food. She said his hair grew back only to fall out again.

Unable to afford the vet bills, she surrendered him to a rural Virginia shelter, who in turn called the Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach.

WMAFO picked Curley up on Friday and brought him back to the shelter. He has a vet appointment in one week to receive a Deslorelin implant to treat his adrenal issues and have blood work done.


The WMAFO say despite his rough life, Curley still loves people, gives kisses and is a very sweet guy.

They are asking for donations to help nurse him back to health.

Donations can be made online at the organization’s website.

  • Bonnie

    Curley is the cutest ferret! He deserves a new better life with Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach!

  • triplegirl

    That face breaks my heart :(

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