by Chuck Carroll

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Donovan McNabb isn’t going quietly into that good night when it comes to his time with the Washington Redskins.

The veteran quarterback appeared on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ Thursday morning and made his feelings known about Robert Griffin III joining Mike Shanahan and company — it won’t work.

Asked whether he thought Griffin would be a good fit for the Redskins offense, McNabb definitively said “no” and proceeded to rattle off a laundry list of reasons why not.

Chief among them? Ego.

“A lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington,” McNabb told the panel. “Here’s a guy coming out who’s very talented, mobile, strong arm, we’ve already heard he’s intelligent, football mind. Are you going to cater the offense around his talent, and what he’s able to do, or are you going to bring the Houston offense with Matt Schaub over to him and have him kind of be embedded in that?”

Of his time in Washington, McNabb said it was very much trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Neither Mike nor Kyle Shanahan adapted the offense to his style, he alleged.

“I was misused,” he stated. “Absolutely, I was misused.”

McNabb’s one season in Washington proved to be anything other than successful. After he was acquired in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, the veteran failed to provide an offensive spark and began butting heads with Shanahan. In turn, he was twice benched and relegated to third-string duty behind Rex Grossman and John Beck by season’s end.

McNabb pointed out Shanahan found himself in a similar quarterback situation years earlier while in Denver.

“Jake Plummer, a guy who had success, led them to the AFC Championship against Pittsburgh … and then benched him the next year, because he wouldn’t do what he wanted him to do,” McNabb said.

Toward the end of last season Shanahan admitted it has taken longer to right the ship in Washington than he first anticipated. But talk of him being on the hot seat seem to be just that… talk. Still, McNabb thinks the blockbuster trade up the draft board to get Griffin is a make-or-break situation for his former coach.

“If this doesn’t work this year, if we don’t see a splash like a Cam Newton splash, this could be it,” he said. “How long does he have with RG3? The seat is hot right now.”

The potential future Hall of Famer appeared poised to not only launch haymakers at Washington, but also his broadcast career Tuesday morning.

His football career is in serious doubt following a similar fallout with the Minnesota Vikings last season.

What do you think? Will RG3 be a good fit? Sound off!

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Comments (3)
  1. meaiii says:

    sour grapes , he was at the end when he came here tis why philly let him go and you see what happened aftyer he left here ….. he sucked … retire n stay out of it macbad

  2. C Scott says:

    I mean I love the guy but I’m not surprised.. True he may have been misused but what was his excuse in Minnesota?? I think he should be more concerned about finding a job and less about things that no longer concern him.. I’m just saying..

  3. Sean says:

    McNabb needs to move on… He is no longer what Andy Reid made him. He says he didn’t fit the scheme in Washington, what about Minnesota? You were benched for a rookie dude.

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