by Chuck Carroll

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — NFL owners unanimously voted to reaffirm the $46 million salary cap penalties against the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys during Tuesday’s proceedings at the annual league meetings in Florida.

During an interview with Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner on Monday, former attorney turned NFL expert Mike Florio explained the levying of such penalties without a proper vote from owners could be an argument worth making as the teams fight the adjustments. Florio said the penalties “stink to high heaven” of a “dirty back room deal.”

The adjustments were affirmed by a vote of 29-0 with the Redskins, Cowboys and one anonymous team abstaining from casting a ballot according to multiple reports.

Repeated verbal warnings not to overload contracts during the uncapped 2010 season were ignored by the two teams.

The Redskins were penalized $36 million and the Cowboys $10 million for their disregard. They must take at least half of the penalty this season.

The New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders were also penalized, but far less severely, for similar infractions.

The Redskins and Cowboys filed a formal grievance against the NFL, its executive committee and the NFL Players Association over the penalties.

A formal vote will not necessarily change the outcome of the grievance.

  1. John Adams says:

    So it was a no cap year (at least the players thought so) and the owners have an informal “gentlemans agreement” to actually have a “cap” but without any kind of public details. Then, you penalize a team for going over some unwritten line that you never should have had to begin with. This does stink to high heaven. They should be sued for collusion. I can’t believe the NFLPA stood for this when they found out.

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