by Pete Medhurst

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Just because someone wants you to apply for a new job, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your current job.

Some coaches bolt as soon as someone says, “We will double your salary.” Some coaches, however, think about long and hard–like Shaka Smart the Head Coach at VCU.

Smart is the King of Broad Street for as long as he wants to be. He’s being compensated well at $1.2 million per year. Eight years of certain compensation. So what, Illinois was offering upwards of $2.5 million?!

Too many guys bolt for the money.

Yes, there some thought that, ‘Hey, I can only make XX million dollars once.’


Think Oliver Purnell might want to go back to Clemson? How’s that move to DePaul working out? Maybe they could take Butler’s place in the Horizon when they bolt for the A-10.

If you’re Dana Altman, would you leave the comfort of Nike U — otherwise known as Oregon — to take a chance on Nebraska’s new facilities?

Oral Roberts’ Scott Sutton has interviewed and, like every coach, he probably feels he’s the guy to get Nebraska headed in the right direction.

Did anyone see the Big-10 this year? That’s a hell of a mountain to climb at a football crazy school.

The CAA certainly doesn’t get a lot of respect. This year was a perfect example. Drexel and or George Mason could have won a first round game in this year’s event.

Smart is getting paid a lot of money where he is currently.

If you have any reservation about taking a job, why not stay where you are? Especially when you know you have eight years of guaranteed dollars! If he goes to Illinois, there are no guarantees he could return like Bruce Weber may have the chance to at Southern Illinois.

People are perplexed as to why Smart would turn away the millions to take a chance in the Big 10. It’s almost like they feel like he’s disrespecting Illinois by not leaving beautiful downtown Richmond for Big 10 country.

The CAA is unbalanced right now. The top of the league is really good. The rest of the league has some work to do and VCU is virtually a lock to be in the top three or four of the league for the foreseeable future. Did I mention they only lose one player of this year’s squad?

Smart has been an assistant in the ACC and SEC. He has scratched that itch. He knows what its like to be in a big time conference.

I don’t doubt Smart will one day coach at a higher level. He’s only 34! He’s 84-27 in three years at VCU and they aren’t dropping off the CAA map anytime soon.

Smart is playing this the right way. He will take his job, when he feels its right, not just because he wants the cash and looking for a job five years from now.

We rip coaches for leaving on a whim, perhaps this is an opportunity to praise someone for staying.


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