De Niro Apologizes For ‘White First Lady’ Comment

WASHINGTON (AP) — Robert De Niro says he meant no offense when he joked at a presidential fundraiser featuring Michelle Obama that America might not be ready for a white first lady.

“My remarks, although spoken with satirical jest, were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone — especially the first lady,” De Niro said in a statement.

The joke drew criticism Tuesday from Newt Gingrich, who said the racial reference to the Republican candidates’ wives was “inexcusable” and demanded an apology from President Barack Obama.

The White House referred questions to Obama’s re-election campaign. Mrs. Obama’s campaign spokeswoman Olivia Alair called the joke “inappropriate” but declined further comment.

The tough-talking star of “Taxi Driver,” ”Raging Bull,” ”Casino,” and “Meet the Parents” was host of the re-election fundraiser Monday night in New York. He opened by listing the wives of Republicans running for president.

“Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney,” De Niro said. “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?”

The crowd of big-dollar donors waiting to hear from the nation’s first black first lady roared in approval, and De Niro finished: “Too soon, right?”

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Do you find what Robert DeNiro said to be offensive? Let us know!

  • fatbob

    oh i am sorry i am just kidding

    • John Patrick Ryan

      Suggest you ignore “Snorehead’s” comments. He’s a typically unattractive fixture that’s often observed in the Left’s disintegrating “House of Cards.” LIke many among the “Progressive” Left , “Snorehead” is a defective “heat-seeking missile” that knee-jerks its way to every alleged instance of racism without the benefit of any clear supporting evidence whatsoever.


        Amother 6 letter word for Felony… BARACK!

    • Herb Morehead

      Like I said. You weren’t even joking.

      • Rupert Pupkin

        Herb Moreheaduptheassofobama,


      • dc

        Bob is a victim of his bad editing, I’m sure he was just trying to make a point and not making that statement himself.

        This is how I believe he meant it to look:

        Lets say the same thing about Michelle: “We do not need 4 more years of a black first lady” and see what happens.

      • meez

        I think Moochella is a piece of trash, and no, I’m not joking. She, and her excuse for a husband, are horrible, terrible people who have lied and deceived the American people. 2012 = ABO = ANYBODY but Obama.

      • Guest

        I think Herb has been smoking a little herb…

      • doug

        Herb, Herb Herb,

        please get off your ‘high’ horse which we all have named “Hypocrisy/

      • Jon Carry

        You got played, Herb Morehead. But I doubt you are smart enough to see it.

  • Steve

    Please watch the entire video….it is ALMOST unbelievable!

    • Philo

      What bill is he referencing? I checked his references to HR3590 ( and I couldn’t find any correlations. Please post the bill number he is referring to or it IS unbelievable.

    • Bobby Liguori

      I watched it,it’s diabolical

    • Herb Morehead

      Nope. It was totaly unbelievable.

      • Jack Ryan

        Didn’t watch it did ya Herbie?

      • V.L.

        I disagree, if you listen to and understand the Democrat’s ideas about the role of our government, this is totally believable

  • Judith Cook

    I am a Conservative woman, & I am NOT SURPRISED @ using the wives names to be doing the name calling, instead of the men, is a dirty dog trick, to me. & this guy was 1 of my favosite actors.

  • Herb Morehead

    What name calling? Who got called what name?

    • SailFishMan

      Name calling in the sense of saying that a White woman can’t do the job of a black woman…or that the country isn’t ready for it.

      Now, with that said herb, Bill Maher calls women cu@t, who@s and other nasty things…the media says nothing, obama refuses to give back the $1 million he took from that vile person, then has the administration play the race card by saying those who oppose him are racists, those who don’t vote for him are racists etc etc etc

      The liberals and the media paint the Tea Party as racists, yet can’t come up with a single instance of racist attitudes, but when the Tea Party shows the liberals to be racists, the liberals and the media then say no, it’s the Republicans and/or the Tea Party that are racists…even though the democrats started the KKK, enacted the Jim Crow laws, fought against segregation, fought against freeing the slaves etc etc etc. As the saying goes, you only love the one(s) who hurt you the most…so tell me herb, who do you love?

  • gayle

    Wait a minute: he not only owed an apology to the First Lady, he first owed it to the three white wives of opposition candidates each of whom he mentioned by name.

    I didn’t hear his apology to them.

    DeNiro, you are no longer a paisan, you bigot. Dumb, too.

    • 44094

      DeNiros large ass black wife told him what to say.

      • jemima

        You got that right . he love black ards

  • Daniel Villarreal

    De Niro = irrelevant has-been. Lost his looks, lost his talent, lost his mind now all he’s got is bitterness and lots of cash and lots of time to spend on making stupid comments.

    These communists love Obama and his ugly wife because they have enough money they don’t have to live in the real world like the rest of us who have to deal with high gas prices and high food costs. They pretend they are for the average person, but these people live like kings, better than most kings in history. They are completely and totally out of touch with reality.

    • Daniel Raidt

      Daniel, Insults just add fodder to the libs the comment about the Obaminators wife is uncalled for.

      • Daniel Villarreal

        If it’s true, no sense hiding it. You think kowtowing to them is going to make them nicer?

  • charles Martel

    You will never be forgiven for even being there and in support of this disgraceful Administration. I no longer admire you Bob, you are a disgrace to the America our forefathers fought and died for. go away

    • LightenUpAmerica

      Give it a rest. THis will be forgotten next week. Conservatives sure have a thin skin these days…..I thought you people were anti-Political correctness?? Make up your damn mind already….

  • swing voter

    Actors should not open their freaking mouths unless they have a script…most are dumb as a rock and confuse the wealth they have with being smart!

  • Kaz

    If only the real life Travis Bickle could take care of DeNiro

  • Billd

    Robert De Niro

    Add that name to your list of ignorant left leaning celebrities.
    I will never watch any movie or program he is in.

    • jemima

      Count me in. Deniro love to … black as..***a married to an ugly nasty one . No more movies from this lib. I refused to patronized him so he can maintain a grand lifestyle of his mama.

  • Daniel Raidt

    Bobby Bobby you are one of my hero’s, What you said was out of line, Very disappointed in your backing the Obamanator. I thought you cared for the little people.

  • Mark Carlton

    For once, I find myself in agreement with De Niro. He is, in fact, sorry.

  • Rupert Pupkin

    A non apology apology warrants a non acceptance acceptance.

    • Linda

      Good one! Sounds like he was more concerned that he may have offended the queen… or her image…

  • Big Bear

    No reason for De Niro to apologize. He won’t, after all, get blacklisted for bashing White people.

  • Robert

    Quit whining you Republican tools and take a joke. He was satirizing what white guys like you have been saying about Blacks for 200 years. It’s too soon for blacks to vote, too soon to be in the army, to soon to be President. Lighten up and enjoy life.and don’t be a slave to your biases.

    • I see you...

      It looks like it’s too soon to spell, too!

    • PDXPatriot

      Robert – it was (and still is) Democrats who tried to limit the rights of blacks to ensure the voting block; that’s right, by limiting their rights the Dems are able to make an argument that all will be good so long as they vote Democrat. History clearly indicates that the Civil RIghts legislation, etc. was passed BECAUSE of Republicans not in spite of… And lest you forget, Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, was a Republican. Now who is the TOOL? Hell you need to look no further than Sharpton, Jackson, et. al., (aka – the race-baiting reverends) to understand that there is no end to what those idiots and those who are beholden to them (the entire Democratic machine) will do to keep the nanny state going simply to ensure their power.

      • Scott

        People should read David Barton’s book, Setting The Record Straight:American History in Black and White. People would learn a lot about which party fought for black civil rights. THE REPUBLICANS. Also read Star Parker’s Uncle Sam’s Plantation which supports your comment “to keep the nanny state going to simply ensure their power”. Another good book just published, Anthony Bradley’s Black and Tired, about how blacks are tired of being used. Lastly Deneen Borelli’s new book Blacklash. These are all very smart black people painting a very different picture then the one the Sharptons and Jacksons would like us all to believe.

    • TiminPhx

      LOL, where to start? Ever hear of Lincoln? Ever hear of how the Democrats in the South treated blacks? Ever here of how Ike sent federal troops to Little Rock?

      Of course not, because you are a Leftist and have no clue beyond your bumper sticker “knowledge” of issues.

      De Niro is similar to many a great actor. He’s an empty vessel which can be “filled” with the role he is playing. In other words, dummies often make great actors and thus will almost always be a Left Winger.

      • bnfl0028

        Mitt Romney is going to hire Micheal to be his maid, Oh i should not say that about a black woman. But i did !!!! And i am not sorry

    • Guest

      Robert has sand in his vagina too, just like spelger…

    • JH

      Robert may have a point and may be correct about what DeNiro said what he said. But, the fact is that when the right is accused of racism just for opposing President Obama’s policies, it is not surprising that people will not jump on any comment, even joking or satirical, that, on it’s face is racist against whites or that absolutely could not be said in jest or satire about a group of black women. It was a dumb and offensive thing to say, and I agree with those who say the apology is really owed to the potential white first ladies. The fact that DeNiro didn’t apologize to them means he’s not upset at all that he insulted them because of their race. And I don’t care that he’s white. No excuse.

    • Dave

      There are just too many people who still can’t deal with having a black President…..then spew hateful remarks at every turn……don’t worry Dems, it’s the same as 1996….4 years of hate towards Clinton from the left, led by conservative talk radio and TV, then the best the Republicans could come up with was BOB DOLE???? Now the best they can come up with is MITT ROMNEY……nice try but it isn’t going to work this time either.

    • doug

      Lighten up? What and watch the country go further and faster down the tubes?

      You lighten up. None of my relatives or my relatives relatives owned slaves, so assuage your own ‘white guilt’ and keep your nose firmly implanted up Obama’s rectum.

    • JustAGuy

      Robert, you are a confused individual. It was Republicans that made sure the Voting Rights Act was passed while Democrats voted against it.

    • Rupert Pupkin

      Well apparently the White House didn’t think it was too funny either, so it looks like the White House agrees with us Republican tools on this one. Wha choo thin about that mang?

      • JustAGuy

        Naaa, I bet Barack and Michelle had a laugh about that one. But it’s election season, so Obama was forced to distance himself from the comment. Notice how timid the White House’s response was.

        Besides, the crowd of rich Democrats loved the comment!

      • PK

        Hey Rupert, you know your name comes from a De Niro character, right? It’s from the King of Comedy.

  • doug

    Join my boycott of ALL stupid Hollywood movies and the actors. If we ‘band’ together at least we could make an impact. Imagine if 30-40% of the people in the US who are conservative ALL stopped going to the stupid moview, paying the stupid actors an INSANE amount of money…! That would have an impact.

    • Al

      I’m in. If there ever is a movie with one of these turds in it that you want to see, just buy a ticket for a movie starting about the same time then go to the one you want. Once past the ticket taker they don’t make sure which movie you actuall walk into.

    • Joy

      Yep–my list of never-again-to-watch-or listen to (not completed yet) includes: Robert de Niro, Angela Bassett, Ben Stiler, Samuel Jackson, Danny Glover, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Beyonce, Barbara Streisand, Angelica Huston….(I have destroyed all videos, CDs, DVDs, etc.–just cleaning house.

      Please feel free to add to the list…

      • Doub

        Joy good for you. Most movies today suck anyway. READ a book is my motto. Just to throw out a fun suggestion: The Complete Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!!!

  • MrsK

    Shove it up your pie hole Bob. You’re now even more irrelevant.

  • Bob

    Here is another asshat actor that has lost half of his audience due to his politics.

  • Al

    Why do these actors think their opinion matters to the real world? They live in their own make believe world with all their awards shows trying to prove how relevant they are. Thanks for being an actor I won’t pay to see ever again.

    • Al

      By the way, if there ever is a movie with one of these turds in it that you want to see, just buy a ticket for a movie starting about the same time then go to the one you want. Once past the ticket taker they don’t make sure which movie you actuall walk into.

  • Mike M

    I agree it would only be appropriate for the President to phone the three white women mentioned who were insulted and are not ready to be First Lady and tell them how proud their husbands must be of them.

  • Cara

    Stop the world. Let’s push him off.

  • doug

    Just a tax note for those who think the country is ‘doing just fine’ under Obama. If the Federal government TAXED every American EVERY cent they earned it would take over 2 years for the deficit to be paid off. The government will spend 75% of ALL GDP this year!!! TAX actors, 90% of their sorry ass income

    • Barack

      Since you wingnuts like to pose government in terms of family finances, how long would it take the average american to pay off their homes if every penny they earned was applied to the mortgage?

      Bet the average would be much higher than two years…

      • Doug

        If the government didn’t take 49% of my total income I’d have had my house paid off by now.

      • Doub

        That has nothing to do with anything Barack….that is unless your neighbor is Tony Rezko then you get your property at a below market cost. Plus you can get your education paid for by the parents of the Weather Underground a&&hat Bill Ayer’s parents. “Bill Ayers is just a neighbor my ass” YOU LIE

  • Steve

    White or black first lady is OK by me (as long as the latter is not married to Barak Obama).

  • Nina

    Apology accepted. Robert DeNiro is not a bigot (just a Democrat).

    Anyway, GO MITT!

  • bnfl0028

    He needs to apologize to the people he hurt !! White woman

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