Controversial Painter Depicts Obama With Burning Constitution

Provo, Utah (CBSDC) – Jon McNaughton, a controversial artist who often mixes religion and politics in his work, has released a new painting.

In “One Nation Under Socialism,” President Obama holds the U.S. Constitution as it burns.

While McNaughton previously depicted Obama stepping on the nation’s founding document, “One Nation Under Socialism” glowers directly as if challenging the viewer. His right hand is holding the Constitution and his left hand is pointing to the flames.

McNaughton tells CBSDC that the hands “represents his recognition of what is happening (to the Constitution) as it goes up.”

“There are numerous symbols and subtleties in this painting, and I’m not ready to reveal all of them,” McNaughton said.

CBSDC contacted Jerry Saltz, an art critic for New York Magazine, about the painting.

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When asked for an opinion, Saltz said that the painting contained “bad academic derivative realism,” calling it “typical propaganda art, drop-dead obvious in message” and “visually dead as a doornail.”

“It panders and preaches to the converted and tells them what they already believe,” Saltz told CBSDC.

Saltz said the painting could not be compared to WWII art.

“It has no graphic power of its own. It simply attempts to crawl into the body of that sort of illustration.”

When asked if removed a few years from Obama’s presidency could the work be then viewed as art, Saltz said the work is “inverted, with an American as an enemy — Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, whoever.”

“It’s much closer to the hate images produced in Germany pre-1939, in 1950s USA Red scare, in the USA around Jim Crow, etc.”

Whether stale or arresting, the painting turned McNaughton’s Facebook page into a battleground, where comments are flying from both political adversaries.

McNaughton acknowledges that his latest piece “has brought out more feelings among those on both the right and left than my other previous political paintings.”

Although President Obama is the focal point of the painting and he is the one holding the Constitution, McNaughton insists that he does not “presume to suggest that he was the lone culprit responsible.”

But despite the bickering, McNaughton hopes that he will get the “public talking about what the painting represents. Is Obama pushing a Socialist agenda on the American people?”

He hopes his art will get people to answer such questions.

“People need to start talking, and the conversation is about to get heated,” he said.

As with his other works, McNaughton released a video on YouTube detailing “One Nation Under Socialism.”

In the voice over, McNaughton says, “This is my pledge. I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and not to an ideology that could never stand: one nation — under socialism — divisive with no liberty or justice for anyone.”

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  • papakono

    He forgot the horns!

    • tp

      “Perhaps some politician, who has not considered, with sufficient accuracy, our political systems, would answer, that in our governments, the supreme power was vested in the constitutions. This opinion approaches a step nearer to the truth; but does not reach it. The truth is, that, in our governments, the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power remains in the people. As our constitutions are superior to our legislatures; so the people are superior to our constitutions. Indeed the superiority, in this last instance, is much greater; for the people possess, over our constitutions, control in act, as well as in right.

      The consequence is, that the people may change the constitutions whenever and however they please. This is a right, of which no positive institution can ever deprive them.”

      say what?

    • Matthew Burke

      Funny how CBS always refers to the artist’s painting as controversial, yet Obama’s unprecedented multiple violations of the Constitution are completely ignored. “It’s not Obama’s lawlessness that’s controversial, it’s the artist who’s accurately depicting his regime.” No bias here!

    • QuackAttack

      and the swastika on his forhead

    • Ellie Lightt

      when & where can the poster and bumper sticker be bought? i know anout 50 people want a bumper sticker of this painting
      only thing missing are the horns & puitchfork


    • heelers4me

      papakono ….and the Dumbo ears.

      • concerned

        I thought there was a rule about insults,ie.physical appearances. You are just wasting time and space.

    • papakono

      Where’s his flag pin? LOL

      • Joe Bite-me

        looks like “SS” just above his forehead; if I bought one, I’d paint a swastika there

      • Not the President

        Actually, that’s a good point. Without his flag pin, this means he’s not being depicted as the President of the United States. Is this before his presidency (ACORN) or maybe after?

      • papakono

        He look’s very comfortable around fire. Just saying

      • eric in NJ

        LOL! Thats the best comment here!

      • georgiagator37

        papakono sure hit the nail on the head.

      • SB

        Like reported earlier.
        Take a sec and try to do some research and learn what is actually happening in the world. You know basic economy stuff

      • Hamil

        Every now and then art really captures reality in a way that words can’t express.

    • Snitch-in-Time

      Who said the devil has horns? The Scriptures declare that Satan appaeras as an “angel of light”. By extension it is not too much of a stretch to suggest tha the apologists for the infernal appear before promoting glittering generalities like “hope and change” all the while implementing infernal doctrines that promote theft, increase depravity, and extend the reach of political corruption.

      • L&L's Mom

        You don’t have to be a prophet to know, understand, live, speak, preach, and teach the Word of God and all that goes along with it…Nor do you have to be a prophet to know God’s plans. Thanks, praise, and glory be to Jesus for enabling us to have a direct “speaking/prayer line” to both Him and the Father. Read the Word ~ it’s in there ~ and so is the future of the Believers and non-believers. God Bless!!

      • Mark

        JohnMac, are you actually saying that President Obama has upheld the Constitution better than the last President? His recent assault on Religion tells a different story. In 2008, when the Supreme Court was deliberating Heller v. DC, President Obama said that he believes that the DC gun BAN would be upheld. How can someone who supports the Constitution believe that a BAN on guns was Constitutional? He also said that the Constitution doesn’t do enough to redistribute the wealth that people create. Also, in his own words, he says, “The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.”

      • Orlin

        Obama has been more hostile towards people of biblical faith (i.e. Jews and Christians) then any other people.

        Here is a link to the list.

      • becky

        You are very astute, my friend! If only all would realise this is a fight between good and evil; not left and right, conservative and liberal, etc., its God vs Satan. We need to be ever vigilant in our preservation of our liberties, this is only the tip of the iceberg, the preverbial frog in the pot situation. WAKE UP AMERICA AND VOTE HIM OUT or our America will be a memory only. Get involved.

      • PropagandaCity

        How can Obama burn the Constitution when the Feds already used it for toilet paper? Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

      • Alexander

        That’s true. Also remember, the best liar looks the most credible.

      • JohnMac

        By the scriptures, I recall that most prophets were the only ones that could talk and know directly God’s directives on some matters.

        It does not seem that any of the words above are coming from a prophet.

        Even though I disagree with a few Of Obama’s stands: abortion, gay right, etc. He seems to , by deeds, be more christian or uphold the constitution than the previous chief, or for that matter, any of the new R. candidates. Let clarify also that a few individuals from the left do not seem very christian eigther nor they seem to upholds the constitution as it should be.

    • GATeaPublican

      One word to describe this portrait… PRICELESS!

    • bamamom

      he just looks so evil and at home around fire , scary to think hes leading our country

    • Kaitara

      The artists needs to paint a different on with Supreme Court Justices Kagan, Sotomayer, and Ginsburg, starting the fire in a pit on the ground below the constitution.

      • seneca730

        Don’t forget the black hoods; for the complete outfit.

    • mewp

      I’d buy it is it didn’t have Obama in it. I try to avoid looking at him at all cost.

      • DavidLetemin

        lol snap.

    • Gail P

      I thought something was missing ….you found it!

  • ctmom

    New iPod background. Thanks!

  • RuRu

    Wow, the Democrats are going to have their shorts in a ball over that one.
    Great painting!!!

    • Spanky

      Liberal males wear panties, not shorts.

      • Snitch-in-Time

        The guy writing under “John Locke” is an imposter who has neither read Locke nor understood what Locke taught and promoted. Locke promoted the ideas that animated the Declaration of Independence while Montesquieu put forth the ideas upon which the Founders leaned when they set forth the Constitution. Contrary to the rant of this silly imposter, Locke and Montesquieu would not recognize modern liberals or “progressives” as anything other than old school apologists for totalitarian utopianism.

      • GetABrainMoran

        I only wear your wife’s, and only on special occasions.

      • Tony

        @ John Locke European (classic) liberalism and modern American conservatism are one in the same. This was pointed out famously by F. A. Hayek when commenting on his book “The Road to Serfdom” where the liberal view in his book espouses the tenants of American conservatism. So the European liberals that founded this country were more akin to modern day conservatives than liberals. Either you a very confused or you are trying to confuse the ignorant. Either way, that is the only way liberals, like yourself, can claim any common ground with the founding fathers: you either deceive the ignorant or you yourself are blindingly stupid.

      • John Locke

        Liberal males wrote the Constitution.

        Only Fox viewers have never heard of the Enlightenment…

        Because you still live in the Dark Ages.

      • Kaitara

        @John Locke We all live in the dark ages now due to obama and his policies…thanks to your dear leader.

      • jp

        And I believe moron is spelled this way.

      • VulpesRex

        @GetABrain I really hope your last name is Moran, because otherwise, you’ve just proved to the entire world that your handle has more to do with your own personal quest than a statement on the intelligence of others.

    • Liberalh8er

      But they still have “No Balz in their Shorts” !!!!

    • Plurb

      Who cares what a N.Y. Mag editor/critic has to say he works for and is an Obamunist! Mr. Salz can go hang himself just like the Nazis who didn’t flee to Argentina did.

      • VickyBevis

        Did you REALLY expect a N.Y. Magazine art critic to respond any other way than he did? His comments are FAR more POLITICAL than ART. And I don’t like the picture since it looks nothing like B.O. Bad art!

  • Bob

    I like how Peter goes right at the art critic so he can paint him as a racist. And the media has no agenda, Right.

    • rtnorm

      Good point….but thats how liberals work.

    • rtnorm

      Great point…but then again that’s what liberals do.

  • elevenhundred

    Shouldn’t it be fully burnt by now?

    • McFly

      No, just covered in feces from the restrooms at 1 1st St NE
      Washington D.C.

  • Jeff J

    But this is more realistic than Mr. Saltz would like you to believe.

    • Sketch

      I can paint a better portrait.

      • Snitch-in-Time

        Send us a web link to the portfolio of your work.

      • GozieBoy

        Great. Let’s see it.

      • mewp

        I doubt it.

  • jd in San Diego

    The guy in the painting looks way more masculine than skinny dork Obama.

    • jf in Alexandria

      He looks a bit like Rahm Emmanuel

    • uvgot2bekidding

      That’s the satan coming out in him….Poor thing…he has no idea how deceived he is…nor do any of the left who just don’t get it….Pray without ceasing. Great picture…And the Truth shall set you free…….

      • ThE ARBITER

        Well said.

    • Dunce Biden

      He should have been painted with a golf club in one hand with an illegal alien, Eric Holder, and the Philly Black Panthers tag-teaming to light the match

  • John Galt

    We live in a nation of moochers whose rights are of no value to them. They only want handouts. No liberty, no responsibility, and no accountability. They will get what they deserve.

    • nilskidoo

      Actually, every single CEO who accepted the big bailout money was a registered Republican. Every one. But I guess the “Liberal media” leaves out some details.

      • Tim

        LOL – And the sky is green, and the sun sets in the east. I guess if you say it then it must be true.

      • alpo

        The bank CEO’s were forced to take the money…….they really had no choice. Freddie and Fannie were being run by Dems. GM & Chrysler cars pretty much suck, so who cares.

      • nilskidoo

        Nobody is ever “forced” to take money.

      • StageCoachDriver

        Actually, I worked for a bank that was told to take the TARP money because if they didn’t, it would make the other banks that needed it look bad.

      • patti rusch

        And you know this how? you nincompoop! Right……Bill Maher told you.

      • Tony

        Actually, nilskidoo, you’re a registered republican. See how easy it is to post a statement based on the way I see the world. You obviously lack the depth to look past the MSM and liberal view that ALL rich guys are republican. However, FACTS are stubborn things. FACT: Obama has more ex-lobbyists in his administration than any other president. FACT: Obama has more Goldman Sachs execs in his administration than any other president. He has more FAT CAT donors than any of his predecessors. It’s very telling that you have obviously chosen not to vet your hero Obama using the standards you want to hold republicans to, because if you did, you wouldn’t post such inane comments.

      • nilskidoo

        I never said I’m not a Republican, friend. And just because something is stated on FOX news absolutely does not make it stonecold fact. Some of us prefer verifiable truth to conspiratorial, prejudiced nonsense.

      • badguy444

        You need to brush up on the news. Some of those CEO’s were virtually forced into accepting bail outs they didn’t want, because Obama wanted to be able to exercise some control over their industry.

      • Jesse

        TOTAL LIE . Nice try you propagandist.
        How many Goladman Sacks folks now work for OBAMA ? Go ahead look it up moron .

      • Bruce

        UMM…Totally wrong….as if ALL CEO’s are republicans, making up facts just proves your ignorance…I also like how liberals fail to acknowledge that typically at least 6 of the top ten richest politicians are always democrats, but yeah, they are for the little people. Can you say deluded?

      • ByteRider

        Immelt got a bailout and he isn’t Republican, ya jack wagon… right there that blows your little liberal theory right out the window.

      • Emma53

        As a matter of fact the Federal Government itself owns parts of GM and AIG, not to mention all the support Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac enjoyed from democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

    • VietVet

      As long as we allow representation without taxation this country will continue to decline and be the target of these jaded and corrupt politicians. It seems though that most politicians fit this bill. The Tea Party has failed to provide an acceptable candidate for this years election so it looks like we are stuck with this criminal for another four years at least.

    • Steve

      Yeah, but the rest of us don’t deserve Obama’s Amerika!

    • sam8131

      I just want my fair share!

      • dc

        Then go to work and earn your share.

  • Avalon Jones

    I don’t suppose that the reporter asked the “art critic” whom he voted for last election.

    I would have been interested in the critic’s opinion of the lame “Hope/Change/Chairman Mao graphic that Obamanites were so proud of.

    You don’t suppose the critic is biased, do you?

    • JPD

      Wasn’t that Obama art derivative too? I mean, the image was copied from a news photo! (think that “artist” actually landed in trouble over copyright infringement)…

      • Sketch

        Google post-modern appropriation.

  • wtsane

    Sooooo…. Christ on a cross in a jar of urine merits a grant of my tax money, but this is scare mongering? NPR deserves to be funded with my money (against my will) but this is somehow Nazi or Racist like? I am sincerely sorry, but the bloody shirt waving doesn’t work anymore. Tick tick tick, time is running out leftie.

  • Sandy Underpants

    No matter what you believe, is anyone really going to hang this up anywhere?

    • Jake V.

      i dislike this administration enough to proudly portray that picture in my home.

    • Liberalh8er

      Yep, right above my throne where I watch Odumbo swim to no avail every morning !!!

    • L. Britt

      Yes, I have a perfect place for it!

  • djh

    Hmmm, humorous – I wonder if this saltz character would have said something exactly opposite had it been Bush being depicted in exactly the same way. My guess is he would have extolled it’s virtues, marveled at it’s imagery and ability to ‘capture the mood’ because deceit is the hallmark of liberalism… well, along with hypocrisy and a double standard unrivaled in the annals of stupidity.
    I’m not going to pretend I’m an art critic, I don’t particularly like it but then at this point any rendition of odumbo borders on intolerable.

    Funny how artists are ‘enlightened’ and ‘brilliant’ when they’re liberal but somehow… NOT, when they don’t tow the line of the mindless, entitlement sheep.

    • Jake V.

      That is finally the real answer…’deceit is the hallmark of liberalism’.

      I have always been tying the two together in my head because it is so apparent but that, in summation, is exactly how it should be described.


      • John Locke

        What’s brutal is your ignorance about your own history.

        Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally liberals support ideas such as constitutionalism, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, capitalism, and the free exercise of religion.

        Country club DJ’s tell lies

    • think

      Deceit is the hallmark of liberalism? If that’s true, then Ignorance is the hallmark of conservatism. What does it leave? The centrists — because it is clear that a society that clings too far to either end of the political spectrum is cruising for a bruising. Theoretically, the push and pull should result in legislation that helps improve the lives of most of the people, thus the entire nation.
      The problem is when things are so badly polarized that one side focuses on demonizing the other in order to regain power that was lost. Once they regain that power, they blame the previous administration for current problems, and the cycle goes back and forth.

      • heelers4me

        THINK -You dogmatically issue several ‘conclusions’ here which lead the reader to doubt , A) The genesis of your information and B) Your analytical skills.

    • sam8131

      Bush is a genius compared to this b00b!

      • 'Jericho' really needs to happen!

        Bush was one helluva lot smarter than most brainwashed Americans realize.

        When you have it pounded into your head through the news media, sitcoms, movies and the printed media 7×24 how dumb your president is, the weak-minded will eventually give in and accept it as fact.


        Obama is incredibly brilliant, the best speaking president in history, and is a genius.

        That’s why you’ll never see his college transcripts….

      • Liberalh8er

        Odumbo makes Carter look like a Boyscout, his wife makes Sandra Bernhardt look hot !

      • pammy

        It was Bush and co’s massive failure as a president that gave the job, gift wrapped, to Obama. Just like Reagan and Bush sr, raising taxes and creating a massive deficit gave the job to Clinton. Guess we deems will just have to keep cleaning up the mess the GOP keeps creating!

  • Irishkay

    This is no worse than the approved ‘portraits’ of 0bama with the socialist looking ‘red & black’ face……remember them?

  • Emily Rothko

    Art critic = One who has failed at being artist, yet fails to recognize the lack of talent and vision that caused that failure also taints their judgement of other’s works of creativity, thereby rendering their opinions of such as either worthless or rants of envy.

    • heelers4me

      EMILY -Wow. Well said. (THINK could use some of *your* analytical skills!)

  • sam8131

    Should be bamster’s official portrait.

  • rick

    The liberals hate the painting because they want to keep hidden the presidents socialist amd communist agenda.

    • think

      Do you even know what Socialism and Communism actually are?

      • Bruce

        I know exactly what socialism and communism are…fact: China was the closest thing to a communist country. The Soviet Union was more socialist than communist.
        In a Socialist country (there, of course, are varying degrees of socialism) the citizens are dependent on the govt for most services. Services such as: health care, for example. The govt also runs most industry and distribution of goods. For example: General Motors.

      • Zoo Station

        Actually, you don’t. Socialism is where the state controls the means of production. This is different from nationalization, where the state becomes involved in one enterprise or sector of the economy. General Motors is an example of nationalization because it was still a capitalist enterprise (but the federal government took an 80 percent stake in the corporation) and did not control the means of production in strictly determining output. When the government fired the prior executives they did this not because they were turning it socialist, they did it because they had more than 50.1% of outstanding shares and as the new capitalist “owners” they could decide who they wanted to run the business.

      • tharp42

        Of course not. These morons have no idea. They just parrot the scary words thrown their way by hate radio on a daily basis.

      • Joellen

        Think, why dont you ask those victims of the murderous regimes of Communism /Socialts dictatorships (Stalin, Mao, Chevez, Fidel, etc.) what they think it is. Obviously that would be the ones who actually survived by escaping from these havens.

    • diana kunselman

      Rick, liberals are some of the nastiest people I know. They are the ones that stir up racism..they LOVE seeing conservatives fight back, when THEY THEMSELVES are truly the racists. Obama and his wife are pure evil. We have not ever had a President who spent our tax dollars SO FOOLISHLY as this one. His wife is “gittin hers” while she can, ans scamming the tax payer. Obama could have united us, but his “Saul Alinsky” and “Cloward-piven” tactics and his communist mind just would not allow it. Liberals are some of the most ignorant people I know.

  • Harry Balzitch

    Wait, he should have defacated on it first before lighting it.

    • 'Jericho' really needs to happen!

      Does wiping your butt on the Constitution count?

      If so, Barry has it covered.

  • martin greenland


  • Irishkay

    ahh, whatever happened to ‘artistic license’…I guess ‘this’ picture doesn’t apply! Because it wasn’t ‘created’ by ‘0bama’ followers….right?

  • Geno

    I didn’t vote for him and won’t in 2012, but I am sad to see folks stooping to what they decried when the libs bashed Bush for 8 years. Our country is doomed – not just because of one man ( Obama), but because of the great partisan divide. As Lincoln said – we cannot stand. Hyperbole is killing us.

    • Tony

      All this talk of compromise is just mealy mouthed nonsense from those that lack knowledge and solid principles of their own. We’ve “compromised” our way to $15,8T in national debt. We’ve “compromised” our way to gov’t bailouts of banks and big business. We’ve “compromised” our way to a point where half the country expects and relies on some sort of gov’t handout. We’ve compromised our freedom and the prosperity of future generations. How much more “compromise” would you like? Isn’t it time you open your eyes to the reality of world you live in and put a stake in the ground? Or are you willing to “compromise” your way to the destruction of this country? Obama will win because of mealy mouthed “centrists” who can’t figure out where or when to take a stand.

      • biglouie15

        You got it right. This president is out to destroy America with his policies. He has no love for the good this country has done – all he sees are the perceived crimes that the leftists believe America has committed. He is the true ‘Manchurian Candidate’.

      • GA Man

        Excellent, Tony.
        That speaks DIRECTLY to the matter.

    • gutzz22

      Yes our country is doomed if we allow Obozo & the people who tell him what to do another term.America there are darker sinister forces at work here determined to rule this country by international committee & fancy.Another term with Obozo & the consitituion won’t be worth the paper it is written on your guns are next.

    • abobinmn

      You’re right. Our country is doomed. Extreme partisans on both sides of the aisle have destroyed this nation’s ability to make common sense decisions. Many would vote for Satan himself rather then reach across that aisle in worthwhile compromise. And that’s just where the elitists want us to be.

      • `norris allen

        Compromise is going half way in the wrong direction,never compromise your principles .

      • dc

        Except there is a problem with compromise. If someone wants to allow the government to take over ownership of all businesses, should we compromise and say, no… just take half…? Or if terrorists want to kill your entire family, maybe we should compromise and just have them kill the children? Eventually we are in a position that compromise is merely a slow walk into ruin rather than a fast one. There are principles which we should never compromise.

      • obozosux

        Isn’t Obama one of the elites? He’s created this divide. He’s referred to the opposition as “the enemy”, called the tea party “teabaggers” , urban dictionary defines that term as a filthy sexual pejorative. , look it up. I’m a tea party activist, and don’t like our president calling me a c**k sucker. He drew the line in the sand. I dispise him, and can’t wait to vote him OUT!

  • randy

    a more truthful painting cannot be rendered

  • giacomo

    OMG! It’s 1939! No, 1950! No, wait…!

    • Irishkay


      • JPD

        Pretty sure giacomo was just poking fun at the “art critic”…

  • Irishkay

    The ‘outrage’ should be that the ‘artist’ GOT IT RIGHT…that 0bama just last weekend took over EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY BY EXECUTIVE ORDER!
    The ONLY problem I see is that it wasn’t painted 3 years ago..then the sheeple might have gotten a clue!

    • think

      Tell you what.. As soon as he tries to use the power detailed in that executive order, see how far it will go. In any case, if the govt really wants to take over everything in this country, they don’t need an executive order. Does a burglar ask permission before (illegally) entering your home and taking your stuff?

  • Alan

    That is exactly what Saint Obama and the DemocRAT Party have done to the Constitution. Every stinking DemocRAT should be voted out of office in 2012 – or else the USA will be gone as a great country.

    • diana kunselman

      Alan, I pray for more people like you..Obumber’s wife has even added to the ‘out that. Has any first lady thrown money around like this one? Has the white House ever spent so lavishly during hard times or anytime?? These people are just pure evil..and have absolutely no soul. In my entire lifetime I have never seen times like these and America had better wake up or we will have a DICTATOR FOR LIFE. PERIOD.

  • Steve in LA

    Great new painting! So true. Obama despises the Constitution even though he took an oath to GOD to both uphold AND defend it. His administration will go down as the most corrupt in modern history. I just hope the news media will quit running cover for Obama and actually reporting the news instead of telling Americans their version of the news. We aren’t stupid, we know what they are doing.

    • 'Jericho' really needs to happen!


      “…hope the bews media will quit running cover for Obama…?”

      Ain’t never gonna happen in a thousand years.

      They helped put that SOB into office to do precisiely what he is doing. Do you think that they’d stop supporting him, UNLESS they see he’s about to lose the presidency?

      Enter Hillary, stage left!

      • think

        What does the news media stand to gain by “running cover for Obama”? Is he paying them more than their advertisers can? Is he doing favors in return for their support? Is he threatening those that put out negative coverage somehow? Fox is certainly not going out of business or disappearing.

      • GA Man

        Are you really suggesting that the Mainstream News Media does NOT run cover for Obama?

        (Trying to determine your level of sanity before reading any more of your comments)

    • ProgressivePatriot

      Since you seem to know about the “corruption” of the Obama Admin, why don’t you tell us about it, or at least offer some links. Don’t bother to say something like “Look it up yourself” or some other cop-out, because that just means you’ve got *nothing*.

      I’m waiting to be informed by you of the Obama “corruption” – go ahead, amaze me!

      • Tony

        8 of the 27 companies that received federal grants were BIG Obama donors (Solyndra being only one).

        The passage of the healthcare bill in the dead of night was corruption at its finest. And don’t tell me that was congress acting alone.

        The appeal of his administration of a court ruling to release visitor logs for the White House. What does he have to hide?

        Refusal to investigate Black Panther voter intimidation when video evidence exists to show it happened.

        Fast and Furious.

        Research Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, et al.

        Why is the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, such a close adviser to Obama? I thought FAT CATs and uber-rich corporate execs were the enemy?

        Why has Andy Stern been to White House more than any other visitor?

        I’ve stated the short list. If you were really intellectually honest and wanted to know the truth about the fool Obama, you wouldn’t be asking for links and proof, because it’s all out there if you’re willing to get past your own agenda and do the research.

      • rushbabe

        8 out of 27 to crony donors ! Outrageous, but where is the outrage?

        Obama can do no wrong it seems.

        Vote conservative 2012

      • Jesse

        Sloindra , Fast and Furious ..Shall I continue..You moron

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