WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Bristol Palin is still waiting for her phone call from President Obama after comedian Bill Maher made derogatory comments about her.

In her blog post entitled “Mr. President: When Should I Expect Your Call,” Sarah Palin’s daughter says it is hypocritical that the president called Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” when she testified to congressional Democrats in support of their national health care policy that would compel her Jesuit college’s health plan to cover her birth control.

“Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher has said reprehensible things about my family,” Palin wrote in her blog. “He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was ‘f—-d so hard a baby fell out.’ (In a classy move, he did this while his producers put up the cover of my book, which tells about the forgiveness and redemption I’ve found in God after my past – very public — mistakes.)”

Maher, who gave an Obama super PAC the money for the president’s re-election campaign, has previously called the former Alaska governor the “c” word.

Palin felt that the president would understand her plight being a teenage mother.

“After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager. That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.”

Obama said during a press conference earlier this month he called Fluke because he was thinking of his daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“One of the things I want them to do as they get older is engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on,” Obama said. “I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

Palin wonders if the presidency has “changed” Obama, saying that he is “only willing to defend certain women.”

“I’m not even really expecting a call. But would it be too much to expect a little consistency? After all, you’re President of all Americans, not just the liberals.”

The White House has yet to comment on Palin’s blog.

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  1. JMA says:

    Ok the nut does not fall far from the tree. If she was worried about seeming as stupid as her airhead mom she has confirmed it. Maher gave the money to the superpac for Obama, he as a result cannot tell the pac what to do with the monies it recieves. Just goes to show you how silly and short sighted the Palins actually are.

    1. lex says:

      is your brain plastic or cardboard?

    2. Bob says:

      Excuse me, but Obama proimised there would be no PACS in his name and then he truned around andt said he would not oppose PAC money. The only reason his PAC(s) exists is because he gave his supporters the green light to form them. So, sir or madam, he IS directly responsible for their content and their statements, for they only exist with his permission.But, of course, democrats have always held women in low esteem, anyway. I recall one of your heroes drowning one and getting away with it and another calling a young woman a stalker, deranged, mentally unbalanced, etc., until, of course, she produced that little blue dress. I don’t usually say things when I comment on the posts of others, but your mean comments only show that you are a hypocrite.

      1. JMA says:

        Uh Bob let me dissect the idiocy you just came up with…

        1. Obama cannot be responsible for the actions of others, As I recall your party once said over and over again that the President cannot be held responsible for the price of gas, but now you want to try to hold this president responsible, (and you want to call someone hypocrite??) Secondly As I recall some of your heros were leading a witch hunt going after a man for having an affair while he was cheating on his wife, and as I recall another one of your heroes raised taxes a grand total of seven times while in office meanwhile the current batch of idiots want to think that you can run a country off no money coming in..

      2. Delijdewolfe says:

        Hello Bob,

        There is a big difference between a PAC and a SuperPac. Under penalty of law, a person running for politcal office is not allowed to have any contact whatsoever with a SuperPAC, nor can he/she dictate its direction. So no he is not directly responsible for their content or statements. If that were the case, each candidate would be held liable for the actions of a SuperPAC. But that isn’t the case is it? Here’s a list of SuperPACSfor you – http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/superpacs.php

        Do you believe the other candidates are inclined to agree with you? If so, what are their stances on the actions of their SuperPACS?

        In regards to your comment concerning political integrity. Political ideologies are NOT an indicator of a persons personal integrity. Political ideologies are based on ideas NOT a persons personal integrity. If you need proof, here you go:

        wikipedia- “List of federal political scandals in the United States”
        wikipedia- “List of American federal politicians convicted of crimes”

        Do either one of those lists seem to indicate that a particular party dictates morality? Of course they don’t. Morality is indicative of persons PERSONAL decisions and position, It is NOT and never can dictate a persons political position. . Blaming a political ideology or a political party for a member being an idiot is absurd. So, with all due respect, I suggest removing yourself from the politically biased bubble and try the objective approach. You’ll definitely come across as more credible and honest than a person who appears to see the world in red or blue.

    3. OIFvet78 says:

      JMA, you are either the real air head here, or a demo-rat plant. No the candidate can not directly tell super pacs what to do, but a media announcement of his desires would send the message loud and clear. So by not being fair and consistent as Bristol says, Obama is giving his blessing to keep the Maher mud money. The main point she made that most liberals like you miss is that once elected, the President is supposed to support all Americans…this one has never made an effort to do anything close to that. Needs to be replaced.

      1. JMA says:

        No Vet, you sir have the major malfunction in terms of intelligence… He cannot speak to his pac even the idiots running on the GOP platform know this as Santorum has stayed far away from Mr Friess in order to remail legal. So please get some knowledge before you come at me with the nonsense you just regurgitated.

    4. Kevin says:

      JMA (Just my ass) Talking

    5. Blanca de la Nieve says:

      It just goes to show how IGNORANT, IRRATIONAL AND MYOPIC YOU ARE! It is THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE WHO MENTIONS PACs (as contextual information); NOT BRISTOL PALIN! Unlike YOU, Bristol Palin is correctly COMPARING AND LOGICALLY discussing Obama’s OVERT HYPOCRISY when dealing with the Left’s demonstrated misogynistic treatment of conservative females–REGARDLESS OF THEIR AGE!. As a teenager, Bristol Palin was viciously and repeatedly attacked by Maher’s vulgar and pornographic rhetoric–ON THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES! Simultaneously, Maher viciously attacked Palin’s COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS 2 YEAR OLD BROTHER: A TODDLER WITH DOWN’S SYNDROME!!!! NEVER DID ANYONE ON THE LUNATIC LEFT–OR CANDIDATE OBAMA–DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE APOLOGY FROM MAHER! (No, it was defended as entertaining, political “satire”!) NEVER, in the ensuing 3 years, has PRESIDENT Obama EVER called to apologize for the CONTINUED vicious verbal attacks BY HIS PARTY AFFILIATES AND SUPPORTERS, against Bristol Palin, and her YOUNGER siblings. Obviously, YOU have no idea how to compare apples with apples, let alone understand prosaic context…So, judging by your woeful lack of logic and rationale, your faulty argument is NUTS!

    6. DJ says:

      You have to be kidding??!! Do you read or are you just nasty naturally? Bristol Palin’s blog accurately reveals the utter hypocracy of the Far Left in this country and your dimwitted comment confirms she is right. Obfuscate the truth by demonizing those who reveal it! Shameful!

    7. Gorsedd says:

      Rec”EI”ves You can’t spell so, does that make you STUPID? Maybe you should say something about osama’s mommy so as NOT to be a STUPID Hypocrite as well. Is this you, Biden?

    8. Nelbert says:

      Well, JMA, it’s obvious you don’t mind seeming stupid and airheaded.

    9. truth says:

      Democrat’s has to called people names and degrade them cause they cant discuss the issures.
      Obama will not call any one unless you are the far left. We need the NEXT president to be for ALL the people and not just 1/4 of them. We are heading down the wrong path

  2. Sara Hall says:

    Here’s the difference Bristol: your mom is a politician and news personality, and in America we have a very long and happy tradition of ridiculing, satirizing, mocking, and otherwise deriding our politicians and the media. Indeed, it’s not just a tradition but also a right of every citizen in a free society to freely express their opinions about their government and the media.

    Average citizens who respectfully come before their elected representatives to seek redress, as is their constitutional right, are not as a result thereof made public persons subject to the scorn of powerful members of the government or media.

    1. madam Zu says:

      ooooooo, feel the hate Sara….is Bristol a politician?

    2. Bob says:

      So, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Bristol Palin is the daughter of a politician, therefore it is OK to say nasty, viscious, pornographic thing about this young woman. GOOD! That means it’s OK for me to say nasty things about the president”s daughters, too! Of course, I won’t do that, because I’m not a democrat so my moral ethics would make me feel ashamed if I used the language towards women Bill Mahr. I used to be a democrat, and it was just this kind of blatant hypocriscy that turned me away from the pary of hate, pornographic foul moths, and class warfare.

      1. cindy says:

        bill mahr is a little grease ball and it is typical for left wing males to treat women as toys to be played with.

    3. OIFvet78 says:

      Sara, then why did the media just stop reporting that Obama’s daughter just spent her Spring Break in Mexico against the warnings from the State Dept and DHS? And about all the taxpayers money wasted on 25 Secret Service agents needed to watch his kid have a good time? This Administration fell back on, “Oh, no no no, kids are off limits.” I guess only liberal kids are off limits. Hypocrites.

      1. JMA says:

        LOL Vet once again your idiocy reigns in your life. Do you work at being simple minded or do you practice. First off you would have the child of the President of the US going off by themselves without protection. Hmmm tell me son, were you this incensed when the Bush twins went off on their drinking excursions to Argentina where they were asked to leave for being drunken idiots. I do not recall hearing any issue being brought up about security for them. And yet here you are LYING about the number of Secret Service agents because that number is not made public… So tell me son, you still going to make a habit of LYING about it and calling others hypocrites… How Republican of you

  3. anonymous says:

    When will Bristol’s mother return the money donated by those poor losers who she misled to believe she was going to run for President?

  4. dano says:

    Liberals…. just another name for hypocrite.

    Sandra Fluke is not a politician-?//

    What planet are you from?

    1. JMA says:

      Dano you must be a conservative, another word for silly minded person who has no clue or grasp on reality. No Sandra Fluke is a law student regardless of what you may have heard Rush or Hannity say. Both of those maroons are willing to say anything to get paid much like Romney is willing to say anything for a vote…. Fluke was a private citizen exercising her right to speak on a subject. Last time I checked that was legal in this country. For Rush to lie as he has is abhorrent to say the least. He deserves to lose. His bullying days I believe are numbered…Could not happen to a nicer guy. And as far as Palin is concerned she is not a private citizen seeing as she was on dancing with the stars. She wants to make ignorant statements she has to realize that there is a price to be paid for that, its called ridicule.

      1. et says:

        I see. Sandra Fluke has free speech, but Rush Limbaugh does not. Got it.

      2. Kevin says:

        JMA(Just my ass) Talking….You know what comes from that area.

      3. Blanca de la Nieve says:

        “MAROONS”? REALLY? Not only is your reasoning faulty and chaotic, but you think a COLOR IS A MENTAL STATE! LOL! Yep, typical of the LUNATIC LEFT’s WEAK AND ILLOGICAL DISCOURSE: MALAPROPISMS AND FAIRY TALES POSE AS ERUDITION AND FACT! Honey, first go back and get your GED; then pass your SATs; AND THEN JOIN THE ADULTS AT THE INTELLECTUAL ROUND TABLE. Obviously, you got today’s nonsensical talking points from the MORONS at the White House…

      4. BigDaddyDK says:

        Impressive. You’ve combined an ad hominem and a non sequitur in the same post. By your logic, Bristol Palin is open to ridicule because of her appearance on a TV show, thereby making her a public figure. Did Sandra Fluke not enter into the public arena by giving her voluntary testimony? Both subjected themselves to the public spotlight voluntarily. Furthermore, I would suggest to you that Bristol’s brother has not voluntarily entered the public arena at all, and that Maher making fun of him is well beyond the pale.

        I am hardly condoning Limbaugh’s comments. I found them tasteless and totally uncalled for. I also found Bill Maher’s comments about Bristol Palin equally appalling as they attacked someone who only had notoriety because of who her mother is. Had she not been the daughter of Sarah Palin nobody would know of her.

        To suggest that either Limbaugh or Maher gets a pass while the other does not is sheer rationalization, which is self-deception to justify one’s personal biases.

  5. dano says:

    Sandra Fluke is a put up job looking for a target.

    I am neither Conservative nor Liberal.

    I am simply calling a spade a spade.

    The truth offends those who live and breathe lies.

    Fluke is not simply a private citizen. She is a political hack.

    Ignorant statements?

    A 30 year old who advocates for pure and simply lies; that is beyond ignorance.

    Last time I checked target Walmart and CVS there in Georgetown all could handle her promiscuous appetites with ease at a far cheaper price than the 3000 dollars she named in her idiotic rant.

    So, don’t tell me she is some innocent waif, being beset upon.

    She is a hard core hack.

    Welcome to the jungle.

    1. Yankee1314 says:

      Well spoken Dano. I’m trying to figure out if we knew each other from Chisman Hall???

    2. Bob says:

      Well, put, dano. Anyone who bothers to read read up on Miss Fluke knows she purposely tageted Georgetown with the intent of making herself into a public figure. The democrats did not pick her name from a phone book; they chose her because someone, somewhere, with influence suggested she be allowed to tesify. This idea that she is some innocent bystander victim is ridiculous. What is most distrubing about this, is that this is about Obamacare and rules forcing persons of faith to bow to the state and allow the government to dictate their religion to them. The democrats who set up this mock hearing are traitors to the First Amendment.

      1. OIFvet78 says:

        Ms. Fluke was supported by former Md Gov Townsend, and is now being repped by the progressive PR agency SKDKnickerbocker where Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director, leads. Fluke is a 31 yr old, liberal advocate of democratic agenda items and is a sham to the notion she was an innocent student being abused by Rush’s language. Not.

      2. JMA says:

        Sources please reliable respectable sources that are not Brietbart, Drudge, or Limbaugh because those guys most likely have fecal matter on their information considering where they pulled it from…

      3. Blanca de la Nieve says:

        Me thinks JMA has a congenital malady, common in Regressives, called Analphilia. It seems to resort to awkward poopshaft references, when logic and factual reasoning have abandoned it…Typical!

      4. JMA says:

        Blanca. what is this obsession I see here with things anal? First you comment on my genitalia, now you are seemingly obsessed with things anal. Are you attempting on coming out to all of us here, or are you trying feebly to be comedic?

      5. Tacitus Talks says:

        JMA: Drudge is a portal that connects to news sources both liberal and conservative. Your dismissal of Breitbart and Drudge reflects your stupidity and the fact that your TRUE ANUS is your mind. It was such bastions like the NYT and WAPO that covered up the escapades of John Edwards and ACORN, while Drudge and Breitbart exposed them. Your problem is that you are corrupt of mind and soul (if you really even have a soul).

      6. JMA says:

        JMA: Drudge is a portal that connects to news sources both liberal and conservative. Your dismissal of Breitbart and Drudge reflects your stupidity and the fact that your TRUE ANUS is your mind. It was such bastions like the NYT and WAPO that covered up the escapades of John Edwards and ACORN, while Drudge and Breitbart exposed them. Your problem is that you are corrupt of mind and soul (if you really even have a soul).

        Drudge is a slimy most time inaccruate portal linking mostly to conservative pundits, hardly a respectable multi sided journalistc view. Most of the things they report on are from a conservative point of view, right now there is a picture of the president with the caption underneath “got your birth certificate”? This is real journalism keeping alive a lie? Hmmm And Brietbart? Brietbart who lied more times than he told the truth, lied got a good woman fired from her job. Brietbart who used idiots to try to expose ACORN who only issue was the support of the poor. Granted some of the people who worked for ACORN were questionable , however attempting to paint the entire organization because of the actions of a few is like calling the entire GOP racists when its proven that only a certain percentage is. That would be unfair and wrong. But hey if that is how YOU form your opinion, more power to ya. And once again what is the deal with the anal fixation? You guys seem to always go there when you are losing the argument. Let it go because its really looking suspect

  6. Russ says:

    Laugh at a liberal. It drives them crazy. But don’t ask most Democrats “who’s your daddy.” That’s just cruel.

  7. JMA says:

    What is really interesting these conservatives come out at night.. Almost like other creatures of the night that are sinister in their purpose, mindless in their doing, and careless in their actions. Caring little for those it affects, and, all the while hiding behind a plastic jesus who looks nothing like the real one..

    1. Miller Man says:

      What a curious alliteration. In case you haven’t noticed JMA the liberals in this administration have done more backdoor dealing than a ghetto pusher. The most transparent and ethical administration in the history of the US has been exactly the opposite. Palin’s blog was thoughtful and well written and it was her opinion like it or not.

      1. JMA says:

        As is Sandra Fluke, are you willing to admit that?

    2. Kevin says:

      JMA(Just my ass) Talking…..and haten on the Jesus!

      1. JMA says:

        LOL nice one Kevin unfortunately I am not, that is something your side on the political discourse are masters at, and I count you among them , and as far as haten on Jesus, never that, I just cannot stand the thing your party puts up as jesus and thinks that those of us in the faith will simply bow down and recognize your twisted view for the authentic

    3. Blanca de la Nieve says:

      Ooooo, aren’t YOU the Christophobe, JMA! Typical of ALL THE MENTAL MIDGETS ON THE LUNATIC LEFT: JMA has his/her/its genitalia in a positively twitterpated state over ANYTHING PALIN! How entertaining to watch their helpless and hapless DIGITAL MELTDOWNS in the comment sections…As usual (and JMA is no exception), Leftwing Regressives bring in unrelated and unsubstantiated information, and present it as rational thought and cogent argument; always ending their discussions with a gratuitous denigration of Christ or Christians. There’s a scientific formula to best describe their prosaic madness…Give me a moment, and I’ll present it!

      1. JMA says:

        Wow Blanca you really are ignorant aren’t you? A christophobe is someone who is afraid of Jesus, lol that is true comedy. Secondly pointing out that the GOP is nothing like the Christ they claim to follow is not being a christophobe it is pointing out the truth based on the example of Christ. For example, Jesus would not lift up the rich at the expense of the poor, nor would He attempt to take away free choice because after all it is a gift from God that we have been given. But hey you go right on LYING about statements that you clearly have no understanding of…… WHAT A MAROON (a la Bugs Bunny)

      2. Blanca de la Nieve says:

        JMA: Rather pathetic–your belated attempt at a lame save “…a la Bugs Bunny.” As to your bizarre statement: “..Jesus would not lift up the rich at the expense of the poor, nor would He attempt to take away free choice because after all it is a gift from God that we have been given…” WHAT? How disjointed and jumbled is THAT rambling statement? I can only assume that you are ascribing the “lifting up the rich at the expense of the poor” definition to the Regressives in the Democratic Party…But you seem to show impairment when you try to connect federally funded “free birth control”, to biblical and God-given “free will”. BTW: you confound the archaic feminist term “FREE CHOICE” with FREE WILL . LOL!

      3. JMA says:

        Ok son, apparently you have never seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he refers to a moron as a maroon… I was attempting to be kind but it appears that your idiocy begs that I treat you as the idiot you appear to be. Giving tax breaks to the rich is not something that Jesus would do,nor would He do it at the expense of the poor…You truly are an idiot, You either do not pay attention simply sucking down the swill that either Rush or Faux news give you. Have you ever wondered why Fox is not in Canada, its simply they have a truth in journalism clause in their laws, and Fox does not meet that litmus test. As far as being a jumbled mass of anything seems that only you did not get it I am sure that there are others here who totally understood what I meant. Choice and will are equations with the same outcome.. We all have choice, we all have that right under heaven. Sad thing when man thinks that he can take away something that God gives, and thinks that God somehow will make a fool of Himself and back the idiots

      4. Blanca de la Nieve says:

        Ok Girlie (tit for tat, in that you must needs call me “son”)! First Honey: Use punctuation, pleeeeze! It’s rather tiresome to decipher where one of your nonsensical statements ends, and the next one begins. (Hmmm, kind of like literary cacophony.) Anyhoo JayDubster, Christ detested taxation AND the Taxman, PERIOD! Ipso facto, ANY TAXES would be anathema to Him, IN ANY ERA! But I digress at YOUR odd digression…Marxists and socialists are FOREVER taxing the productive and competent (businesses and the middle-class), to benefit the lazy and incompetent (governmental oligarchs and their varied parasitical constituents). Perhaps YOU should avail yourself of the plethora of data available on the following U.S. Government websites: IRS; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; and the U.S. Census. Once you’ve actually taken the time to inform yourself and digest the data, an astonishing pattern emerges: the richest 1 percent pay 27.5 percent of the combined tax burden; the top 20 percent pay 72 percent(!), and the bottom 20 percent pay just 0.4 percent(!!!!) One reason that the disparity in tax shares is so large is that Americans in the bottom quintile who have jobs, get reimbursed for some or all of their 15 percent payroll tax through the earned-income tax credit (EITC)! WOW! THAT IS an efficient poverty-abatement program, but hardly FAIR…

      5. JMA says:

        Ok Girlie (tit for tat, in that you must needs call me “son”)!

        Ok I had planned to ignore your ignorant comment but since your boy Diego wishes to instigate here is my response to your simple minded diatribe.
        1. I called you son because your musings seem to be that of a child, a petulant child at that but a child nonetheless.

        First Honey: Use punctuation, pleeeeze! It’s rather tiresome to decipher where one of your nonsensical statements ends, and the next one begins. (Hmmm, kind of like literary cacophony.)
        2. I am not your honey… as far as my writing stylings keep in mind one thing son, they are accurate in their pronouncement, and on topic in their points, the one thing that is required is that unlike you I tend to make people think.

        Anyhoo JayDubster, Christ detested taxation AND the Taxman, PERIOD! Ipso facto, ANY TAXES would be anathema to Him, IN ANY ERA!
        Here you truly show your ignorance, did you ever attend Sunday School? If you did you would most likely would have been exposed to the fact that even Jesus PAID HIS TAXES!!! On one occasion He performed a miracle and paid both His and Peter’s (Matthew 17:24-27), On another occasion he even said to render the things that are Ceasars to Caesar, and the things to God to God, He was referring to taxes in this instance (Matthew 22:15-22 ) , apparently you missed these lessons in Sunday School And sadly you are not alone it would appear that those on the right have a nasty habit of taking scripture out of context to serve their own twisted purpose. You guys are not the first and sadly will not be the last to do so, my only thought is that at least understand the true context so at least if you have a conscience you can at least deal with it.

      6. JMA says:

        But I digress at YOUR odd digression…Marxists and socialists are FOREVER taxing the productive and competent (businesses and the middle-class), to benefit the lazy and incompetent (governmental oligarchs and their varied parasitical constituents).

        Wow and you complain about me doing run on sentences… It appears that you are a fan of that sad little paranoid man Glenn Beck, an individual who is in much need of anti anxiety drugs. Both groups while their ideas of governing are questionable are also forms that have been adopted by federal, state, and municipal..(Ever hear of the police and fire depts., both are government controlled)

      7. JMA says:

        Amazing so you are so worried about the top wage and you are complaining that they are paying less than 40% in taxes while the middle class pay almost 90% in taxes?? And you call yourself decent? You call yourself rational
        According to Kiplinger’s (http://www.kiplinger.com/features/archives/how-your-income-stacks-up.html) you sir are a liar…. The top 25% of wage earners pay 87% while the top 1% pay a paltry 37% which is why Buffett says that he pays less than his secretary and even he has enough of a moral compass to know that is not right. Meanwhile you somehow have missed that mark. The top 50% the middle class pay upwards of 90% in taxes. And what is really thoughtless of you is that you complain about the poor paying 0.4%, these are people who make less than 35K a year, some of whom exist on 2 dollars a day, the very poor and you complain about their tax rate.

      8. JMA says:

        Calibri (Body)

      9. JMA says:

        You appear to be well read I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, you give the appearance of one who has at least a cursory knowledge of literary classics..

      10. diego says:

        I don’t see any reply after calling you out for nor understanding your own source that you cited. Here, let me cite your quote “Amazing so you are so worried about the top wage and you are complaining that they are paying less than 40% in taxes while the middle class pay almost 90% in taxes?? And you call yourself decent?You call yourself rational” Are you standing by your assertion that the middle class pay almost 90% in taxes? See the quotation? That is was cut and pasted right from one of your comments. Just curious. Sorry it has taken to so long to get back to you as I am clearly illiterate. Again, more name calling when one can’t even make a simple point. Or makes a point that is clearly out of the bounds of common sense. IDIOT. Hey, name calling does feel pretty good. Maybe I should switch to that instead of arguing with a complete meathead.

    4. BigDaddyDK says:

      Perhaps it has something to do with those of a particular political persuasion working for a living. Less time during the day to crawl around on message boards.

      1. JMA says:

        Or it could be that those who post late at night simpy lack the one thing that most of us have….A LIFE

    5. Diego says:

      You seem to spend a lot of time trying really hard to get everyone off the topic of the article. Are you paid to do this or do you just have a bunch of free time.

      1. JMA says:

        no the time of the responses is linked, sad you cannot see the correlation. But some people it appears cannot walk and chew gum and blow bubbles at the same time.

      2. Diego says:

        I can do lots of things at the same time. Walking and chewing gum are just a couple. Just curious when I see people post like you do. Like they have a need to take on everyone at once to prove that they are the smartest person in the room. Unlike you, I’m comfortable with my intellect and don’t feel I have to prove it in the comment section of an innocuous story. You’ve strayed so far off topic so many times that I find it and you amusing. And yes, I see that every comment has as a time stamp like virtually every other comment on every other story.

      3. Diego says:

        Hey JMA – why didn’t you respond to Blanca de la Nieve’s post. Were you confused with those pesky things people use when arguing? They are called facts. People who cannot use them resort to insults. You know like: moron, idiot, simple minded, etc. By the way, are you a 12 year old girl? I ask be cause of your repeated use of LOL. Who laughs at their own jokes anyways. LOL. ROTFLMAO!!!

      4. JMA says:

        Just did Diego you may want to sit down and read it, you may want to actually THINK before responding.

      5. diego says:

        JMA check your facts before responding. The middles class pay almost 90% in taxes? Really?

      6. JMA says:

        Hey Diego unlike you I posted a llink to the site where I got my information from, its called citing your sources. Unlike you guys I have no problem doing that, is called backing up ones facts with proof from a reliable source. You should try it sometime as opposed to regugitating talking points from FAUX

      7. diego says:

        Good job posting a link that you clearly could not read. Are you aware that the chart on Kiplingers is a RUNNING TOTAL and that the middle class DO NOT pay 87% of income taxes. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2011/0415/Taxes-and-the-rich-How-much-do-they-pay-now

      8. diego says:

        hello? JMA? Where did you go? Are you out citing more sources?

      9. JMA says:

        I guess you are illiterate as I left you a response on yesterday

  8. thomas says:

    well lets change subject …why is out tax dollars paying for the Presidents daughter and 25 secret service agents to be in Mexcio for spring break…dont even tell me he is patying for 25 secret service agents…

    1. JMA says:

      Were you equally upset when the Bush twins went on a drunken rampage in Agentina, so much so that the country asked them to leave?

    2. BossLadyLOLA says:

      It’s funny noone has ever complained about past President’s children having protection on trips but now we should send President Obama’s children on vacation unprotected? Wow come on people get a grip!

  9. m lauckner says:

    Why should Obama and his family be denied the secret service protection that previous presidents have had?
    Why don’t the complainers try to do something for their country rather then just complaiin and not even taking time to check out their facts?

  10. Be'Be' says:

    Bristol Palin, Your fifteen minutes are up. (POOF!!) Be Gone!!

  11. Tacitus Talks says:

    What is more important to this discussion is the fact the Obama called Sandra Fluke after that “horrible verbal assault by Rush Limbaugh”., but DID NOT CALL ANY OF THE FAMILIES of the 6 soldiers MURDERED in Afghanistan AFTER he SMOOTHED things over with his groveling apology to Karzai. This in itself shows the true nature of the man. He is a user and he practices what is referred to as Micro Inequity Discrimination. If you are not part of his “group”, you are not even a human being as far as he is concerned. That BIG character flaw should be enough to send him back to Chicago permanently.

    1. JMA says:

      How bigoted you are, how small minded you must be. Obama apologized for our soldiers burning the Koran. What’s more is that if they had burned Bibles, you and those of your ilk would be screaming still even after an apology would have come from the Afghan president, and there would have been one, make no mistake. Your idiocy is that you are one of those that believes that the US can do no wrong, tell that to the natives that were swindled out of their lands and murdered at the hands of the US government in the name of “manifest destiny”. Tel l that to the slaves upon whose backs this country was built whose descendants cannot walk down the street without being stigmatized and possibly murdered for no other reason than just the color of their skin. Tell that to the Japanese American citizens who were interred simply because they were of Japanese descent, oh wait they got an apology, the other two have yet to receive an official apology..

    2. JMA says:

      By the way if the President called the families of all the service members killed he would not get a lot done and you would be here whining about how he is not getting anything done.

  12. Gene Tracy says:

    Here’s the problem with Bristol Palin’s argument: the comments from Bill Maher were NOT meant to be considered “satire” or “in jest” … they were the TRUTH !!! Get back down on your knees, Bristol Baby, and start SUCKIN!

    1. diego says:

      Wow. You are very clever.

      1. Tristam says:

        DAMN you got that right! SUCK IT CONSERVETIVES!

      2. diego says:

        Well I can’t argue with that. Were you up all night thinking of that reply? I LOVE the strategically placed CAPS. I bet you graduated at the head of your class.

    2. diego says:

      Maybe some kind soul will get you a dictionary for you. TRUTH!!!

  13. Baracks Obama says:

    Bristol I am sorry.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go feed Michelle some carrots and change her water

    1. JMA says:

      Wow and I suppose this is a lame attempt at humor, its funny to me how you people screamed about respect for the president when he was called a chimp, a moron and an idiot, Dumbya and the like. Now when it’s a president of a different party, you wish to bring in offensive humor, not against him but his family..Wow that holding the high moral ground if ever I saw it.

      1. Diego says:

        JMA please cite a source for your outrage. Oh yeah, do you still stand behind your idiotic claim that the middle class pays 90% of the income tax in this country? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from you. Weird. I don’t think you have much room to talk about moral high ground. All you do is insult others and offer up facts you can’t back up and cite websites you can’t understand. You sir are a donkey. Have a nice day!

      2. JMA says:

        I sure will as soon as the moderators approve my postings in answer to your original question of course the fact that it has been almost a week leads me to believe they are like you.. right wing tools

      3. diego says:

        Yeah, the “moderators”. I get it. You are awesome. Please tell me where I can find more of your enlightening posts. I have learned a great deal from you already.

      4. diego says:

        HEY! Right wing tools. Please release JMA’s thought provoking posts so we can all be as learned as he is. Thank you.

  14. Sandra Fluke says:

    Well if the truth be told I am a huge slet.

    I want the taxpayers to pay for my con doms.

    Does anyone want to watch me stuff this frankfurter down my throat like a jezi belle

  15. garmin nuvi 1300 says:

    I do not even know the way I stopped up here, but I thought this put up was good. I do not realize who you are however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger in the event you are not already. Cheers!

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