WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Rex Grossman joined the Mike Wise Show Monday morning to discuss the details of his new contract and what his role will be if the Redskins draft a quarterback.

Just days removed from signing a new contract with the Redskins to remain in D.C. for one more year, the streaky quarterback remained confident in the pocket of the interview, asserting himself as a man who will continue to fight for the starting role, despite the circumstances.

While not directly coming out and saying the Redskins would draft Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III, Grossman now entering his 10th season in the NFL,  did acknowledge that the team will be using the 2nd pick to select a quarterback, and suggested what each of their roles will be coming into training camp.

When repeatedly pressured to state what his role would be in the Skins’ 2012 campaign – starter or backup – Rex Grossman did not directly acknowledge he would revert back to being a 2nd-string quarterback in the NFL this year, but certainly said a lot to suggest that was the plan, at least for now.

“They gave up a bunch of draft picks and they’re very excited about getting that player in and I think the main goal for the organization is to make sure that quarterback is extremely successful for the next 10 years.”

Grossman was then asked how he thinks the team would have fared in terms of overall record had he remained the starter last year instead of being benched temporarily for John Beck, but he gracefully tip-toed around the question. “You never know. That’s a hypothetical that doesn’t need to be answered. There’s really just no reason to go there.” Rex continued, “Obviously, if you’re in the NFL you’re a competitor and you’re probably confident as well. So you can read between the lines as far as that goes but there’s no reason to rehash any of that.”

Also brought up was how many potential suitors were around as Grossman tested the waters of Free Agency. Grossman’s said there was one other team that showed interest in him to his agent. Although he would not reveal which team, he did say it was “pretty much the exact same scenario”. Rex added that with everything being equal it was a “no-brainer” to return to D.C. and finish what he started.

Perhaps the toughest question Rex was asked in the interview was about his potential new status as a backup quarterback. He was asked specifically if he was comfortable being a backup at this point in his career.

After a failed attempt to get Grossman to admit how many quarterbacks Mike Shanahan would keep in the upcoming season, hinting at maybe a return of John Beck, Mike Wise and Holden Kushner decided to have a little fun the ever-confident quarterback, and Grossman jostled back.

He was asked to verify that his father was a ‘Jr.’, making him Rex Daniel Grossman III; a fact that he confirmed, and if he thought about going by the same nickname as the Baylor QB the Redskins are expected to draft in late April:  “RGIII”.

“I never thought of calling myself RGIII but it works. Yea, I might as well. RGIII is in the building first so we’ll see what happens in April.”

Clearly joking, but if you want to examine the overly sure-of-himself nature of the audio for yourself as he calls out Robert Griffin III.

In total, some hot-button questions were answered and some remain in obscurity. Without knowing 100% that the Redskins will draft Robert Griffin III, we do know for instance, that it is highly likely and that Rex is planning to live out the life of his new contract as the backup quarterback. The question remains however, of whether or not Coach Shanahan plans to start Griffin right away, or sit him under the tutelage of the aforementioned Grossman. And we do know with 100% certainty, ladies and gentlemen, that Rex Grossman is back…


  1. belly_kilmer says:

    “Overly” sure of himself?
    You understand he’s an NFL QB, right? Do you want RG3 to have any less confidence?

    You say he “called out Robert Griffin III” How could anything Rex said be construed to be calling out RG3? Can you please tell me?

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