Casserly: Rex Signing Lowers RG3 Pressure

Former Washington Redskins General Manager Charlie Casserly joined the Junkies on Monday and was positive about Rex Grossman re-signing with the Redskins.

“To me you want to have a veteran quarterback there, who understands and knows the system that Griffin can look to him and model himself after as far as work habits and understanding the system.” Casserly said.  “You don’t want the pressure of playing the guy on opening day.”

Casserly also mentioned that Rex brings more to the team than John Beck. “You have John Beck, I’m not sure anybody in your office or me have any in faith or belief John Beck is the answer at quarterback. I think Grossman’s a better quarterback than Beck.”

“So from a simplistic point of view, if you want a veteran, let’s sign Grossman back to a one-year-contract cause he’s better than Beck.” Casserly said. “We all know where we’re going to end up. Griffin is going to start at some point, but we don’t want to have the pressure of having him start from day one.”

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  • TMachizzle

    There’s no chance RG3 doesn’t start on day 1. He’s instantly the best option at quarterback.

    • Belly Kilmer

      Griffin IS going to take over the starting role at some point THIS season. But the coaches will NOT start him before he’s ready. They will NOT put that pressure on him. The most reasonable ASSUMPTION is that he will be inserted a few games into the season, rather than game 1.

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