’s Mike Florio joined The Sports Junkies on Thursday and discussed the Washington Redskins’ salary cap hit from NFL and possible legal action.

Florio told The Junkies that he doubt’s the Redskins would sue the NFL because it’s not good for business.

“In part you are suing yourself, that’s is the difference if you sue the NFL. And you hurt yourself from a PR standpoint, Florio said. “You’re making your organization look corrupt. Think about the allegations you would have to make if you sue them. We’re being penalized because we know that the league was trying to engage in collusion. You can’t make allegations like that publicly because eventually there is going to be another point in time where the NFL and the union are trying to jockey for position with the expiration of a labor deal, and the NFL may want to collude again.”

Florio also discussed London Fletcher’s contract situation and said once Fletcher sees what else “is out there”, he’ll realize the best deal is in Washington.

Click Below To Listen To The Full Interview:


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