KENSINGTON, Md. (CBSDC) — A memorial of flowers and notes can be found at the site where 36-year-old Heather Lynn McGuire took her last breath on Tuesday.


Police believe her husband Philip Joseph Gilberti shot McGuire in the head in his minivan, before discarding her body in the street at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Knowles Avenue in Kensington at 9:39 a.m., where she eventually died.

Montgomery County Police said homicide suspect Gilberti was found dead Tuesday.

After launching a massive manhunt, police received information that the Gilberti may have been hiding inside of a residence located in the 800 block of Fordham Street in Rockville.

Around 10:30 p.m. authorities made entry into the residence and located Gilberti deceased as a result of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities obtained an arrest warrant for Gilberti Tuesday afternoon, charging him with first degree murder. Investigators believe Gilberti and McGuire were in a relationship.

Gilberti has a history of violence with a long rap sheet. In 1996 he was charged with attempted murder in Nevada.

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  1. Ima Dunn says:

    Would the following be considered a service impact to county employees or citizens of Montgomery County? DTS mainframe is the reason that was used to RIF nine employees last March by the former DTS Director Steve Emanuel, however most employees in DTS believe it was retaliation for filing several grievances against there supervisor. The story is that all the servers went down on Sunday night, March 11th because the temperature in the computer room hit 130 degrees. It would have taken several hours for the air conditioning units to be down to reach that temperature. These are the type of problems that will continue to happen when you don’t provide the appropriate coverage needed for a computer room providing support to a county as prominent as Montgomery County. DTS management said that there would be no service impacts when they… let go nine ” Essential ” personnel. I’ll let you judge if they were honest and forthcoming.

    No service impact. Tell that to the children of this woman who was murdered. The judge couldn’t access CJIS, which is a mainframe application, that was down for several hours, Sunday night into Monday afternoon. The same mainframe that DTS used as an excuse to RIF several employees. The outage Sunday night could have been held to a minimal if DTS hadn’t of excused these ” ESSENTIAL ” personnel. Very likely with minimal downtime the CJIS system would have been available Monday morning. It was not until these servers went down that the automated emails started going out to the proper personnel. The only problem is, that the several hours between the air conditioners going down and the servers going down was critical this time.

    Also incidentally, DTS has been trying to convert CJIS to IJIS since 2004. A project DTS originally said would take 18 months.

    DTS Management can’t blame this all on the former Director, because acting Director Dieter Klinger was 100% supportive of the decision to RIF the nine employees.

  2. nadine says:

    RIP Heather …miss you tons

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