Study Finds Heart Disease Drug Combats Racism

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Could a heart disease pill be the secret to combating racism? According to one study it is.

Researchers from Oxford University released a new study in the international medical journal Psychopharmacology showing that taking propranolol reduces “implicit negative racial bias.”

“Implicit racial bias can occur even in people with a sincere belief in equality,” Dr. Sylvia Terbeck, author of the study, told The Daily Telegraph. “Given the key role that such implicit attitudes appear to play in discrimination against other ethnic groups, and the widespread use of propranolol for medical purposes, our findings are also of considerable ethical interest.”

Thirty-six white people were used in the study, with half getting propranolol and the other half getting a placebo. Researchers then used a feeling thermometer to rate how “warm” they felt toward different groups.

Researchers found that the heart disease drug “significantly lowered heart rate.” They also found that there was no significant difference between the propranolol and placebo groups toward religious or sexual prejudice.

“The main finding of our study is that propranolol significantly reduced implicit but not explicit racial bias,” researchers concluded.

Scientists behind the study call for further examination whether this positive effect could work in clinical treatment.

  • richhenk

    36 people huh? So 18 got the drug and 18 got the placebo. That’s an amazing sample space this group took. Let me guess, they’re all from Oxford Univ and happened to be in the library the day this study happened. This sounds like the study I did for Statistics class, only difference is I knew my study was bs and these folks have yet to figure that out.

    • mark

      they only treated white people for racism ? where is the diversity or the results on other groups.
      Sounds like a modern version to find a way to dose whites via the water system like the nazis did with jews to keep them placid feeding them flouride, these academics believe in CRT so I would not put it pass them.

      • Wakjob

        Mein Kampf is now the best-selling business book in Mumbai, India. A new Nazism is rising in Asia. Why weren’t they included in the “study”. The media loves to portray all white people as “racists”, when in fact, most of the rest of the world is far more racist.

      • StudyFindsPropaganda

        If only there was a drug to battle made up news stories. Much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • Kid S

        I thought they fed then plouride to make them flacid

    • QuackAttack

      Just one more made-up story, to deflect attention away from obamma’s failed economic policies, another daily head-fake. Notice how there are at least a dozen of these made-up stories each and every day? It will continue like this, and get worse, right into November.

      • the study is racist

        Hello. It’s the State that is racist. That’s the definition of State. Whether Britain or Amerika. Learn to “hate the State”, before it’s too late. BTW, Britain was playing the “Communism Game” longer than Amerika. (Since the early 19th, instead of the early 20th.) God is great, and so is Al-lah

      • Cam

        Oh, you ray-sis!

    • R Galutia

      Thirty-six white people …..if it were a true study the there should have been a broad spectrum of race and ethnic people studied …. just covering white people smacks of racial bias in the study…

    • yankeemofo

      Why just white people? Blacks are just as, if not more, racist than whites!

    • PC-Not

      What I find amazing is the last sentence of the article — “… whether this positive effect could work in clinical treatment.” What? So does that mean we’re planning clinical treatment of ideas now? Where’s the ACLU on this? I can understand (somewhat) legislating rules on civility to punish those who go too far, but since when do we need to control people’s thoughts clinically… This isn’t a mental illness or brain damage we’re talking about here, this is an idea.

      Think about it — little kids learn how to see differences from a young age and how to separate into groups because of it. Does that mean little kids are racist? Should we all be on some drug so we can all be little PC zombies that follow what Big Brother tells us?

    • Ralloh

      Yeah and read that part again. It said there was no significant difference. That means the drug did not work. This has got to be one of the most whacky articles I have read in a long time.

    • heather

      It does seem particularly interesting (being that I specialize in such topics as stereotypes and intergroup behavior) that any scientist would see as evidence For decreased racism lowered heart rate in this case as the drug itself lowers heart rate. Or to imagine that the drug itself has no effect on temp or arousal is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the reasoning from temp shift to group dynamics. It is a bit strange that so social and cognitively fundamental a matter such as the categorization of humans (objects, events) can be so easily remedied. SKEPTIC, with reason. I am glad to see that we agree.

    • D Hume

      The researchers only tested white people. Therefore one can only conclude that the researchers do not believe folks of other skin hues are capable of racism and that only white people are racist.

      Such a team of lousy researchers makes me suspicious of how “blind” the study truly was (it’s not uncommon in these sorts of things for the researchers to convey to the study group who’s getting what – been done before…and to draw such a conclusion from a group of essentially 18 people is ridiculous.

      Oxford once produced folk like Isaac Newton, David Hume…now it’s reduced to producing racist anti-white bigots with lab coats substituting for hoods.

      • Wakjob

        In India there are LAWS on the books specifically making it illegal to hire white people there. And they call whites racist? Go to Asia if you want to see real racism. Oh – and Asians have already TAKEN OVER CA and NJ and have excluded everyone who is non-Asian.

    • A. Levy

      Have you noticed how the goofiest so-called “scientific” studies all come from Britanistan? I’m sure the radical Muslims will put a stop to that when they take complete control of Britain, not just the major parts they control now.

      • CHRIS


    • sylvie

      This study shows insignificance due to the small sample size. I am shocked it is even being shown publicly. Obviously they want funding for more studies on it. They need to take great care on looking for moderators in this study. Those with high blood pressure due to stressful situations that cause aggravation emotionally may be falsely portrayed as biased or racist, when in fact they have stress caused high blood pressure that is relieved by this medication. Giving heart medication to people for this study could be breaking the standard of first, do no harm, which is another concern. I would draw no conclusions from this test, regardless of the correlation score due to the small sample size.

  • _Maverick_

    Unfortunately it also made them drool.

  • Karl K Kraft

    They need to repeat this on 36 blacks to see if it works in reverse.

    • doubter

      36 blacks in the midst of a flash mob, that is. Bet the drug doesn’t work. :)

    • CommonCents

      Need to test it on Jews first, since they are the most ethnocentric of all groups.

      • Juditha

        Yes for sure, they are very racist.

  • Steve

    Did you test it on Black people? I bet the placebo group still votes 97.6% for Obama

    • Bob

      hahahaahahhah now that is funny

      AND TRUE!

    • Bob

      hahahaahahhah now that is funny

      AND TRUE!

    • _DOH_

      They should test the Occupy folks. They will still vote for Obama, too. Funny, no one can stand those that make something of themselves without handouts, it is a lost mentality of self-worth and this nation needs to grasp the individualism ideals again. The very fabric of American ideals has gone to the lazy folks. Encourage, motivate, take away Welfare.

    • Cali

      BINGO. Hit the nail on the head!

  • K.P.Williams

    the study it self is racist and so are the idiots that did these BS tests
    only testing it on whites proves that the study is racist from the start
    the only fact that this study proves is The Researchers are the true racist.

  • TomS

    Incredibly stupid. This whole emphasis on racism makes me sick, and it was aimed solely at white people, when most overt racism today is practiced by non-whites.

  • merphisellis

    Quick give some to Holder & Obama!

  • lolatauthor

    Thanks, i now feel dumber after reading this article.

  • abe vigoda rules

    Oh, man. This “study” was priceless, and likely funded by hundreds of thousands of taxpayer yuan… I mean, dollars.

  • Rob

    So now they’re going to drug us all into giving away our countries.

    And who says that racism is a bad thing anyway? It’s completely natural just like you would defend your family and property against strangers.

    When will the madness end.

  • Lee Reynolds

    This article looks like something plagiarized from The Onion.

    These researchers are working off of a profoundly flawed, yet unstated premise. Namely that relatively cold feelings towards indiduals of a different ethnicity has a biochemical foundation. One that can be treated through psychiatric medication.

    Racism, when it exists at all, stems from individual experiences and the attitudes they inspire.

    • womanwithin

      I had to smile when I heard this. I began taking Propranolol because of chronic headaches. When it was discovered that I had MVP, nothing new was added because it “works” for that also. Finally, many years later I have slightly elevated blood pressure, but not to worry, because I am already on a beta-blocker, (you guessed it.) But they ARE right because I am not racist, as a matter of fact, “some of my best friends are black.” :)

  • roamin

    Now people who are deemed to be “racist” or “insensitive” can be forced to take a prescription drug to fight these feelings! What a boon to the pharmaceutical industry! Line up, Whitey, and get out your pocketbooks…there’s a pill you need to buy and eat as part of your probation for being White!

    • NoBama NoMore

      This will be the latest mandate from big brotha along with birth control

  • J.S.Roof

    So, does that mean that racism is a chemical disorder? If so, how long before it is labeled a mental illness, given a diagnostic code and turned into a condition that might warrant mandatory hospitalization for those whose racism is evident by virtue of their voting for conservative politicians who want to end racial preferences?

    • Chris, Kentucky

      Fortunaltely ‘mental illness’ puts you into a protected status.

      Did you just say the N word?
      Yeah, but it’s ok; I’m Racist!
      Ahh, okay. Had me worried for a minute, I thought you might be racist!

    • Morris

      Either mandatory hospitalization or increased gub’mint bennies. All depends on the race of the victim!

  • Crusader

    What else do you expect from white liberals these days? Certainly not an unbiased opinion about non-whites!

  • ulysses

    It’s a hoax. Don’t get fooled again.

  • Mike0oSS

    I wonder how much money the pharmaceuticals paid CBS to promote this nonsense? Why didn’t Blacks and Latinos get the pill too? Or God forbid, a few Muslims……They are at the center of hate in the world at this point.

  • biggoofer

    Mandate all the insurers that they provide FREE coverage to all WHITES (non-Blacks).

    Blacks have barely begun to walk in our free society.
    They are exempt.
    They don’t have to swallow this bitter pill.

  • Big Bear

    More nonsense likely funded by Stimulus funny money.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I sure hope they give Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson a prescription to this drug.

    I would have included Calypso Louie, but I think he’s beyond help.

  • Redfish

    Does that mean that all white people have a mental disorder and therefore qualify for a government disabilty check? I’ll be waiting by my mailbox. Just sayin.

  • Lori

    Very Very funny.If true though,they could use some of these in the grub at Louis Farrakhan’s place

  • JustAGuy

    Michelle Obama needs to start taking this drug.

  • Jerky Miester

    I just read a study on how more CO2 in the atmosphere makes you fatter. I thought I had heard everything after that article. Now this? How do people make this chit up? We’re living in the twilight zone, folks. God help us.

    • JustAGuy

      Did you read the article that they want to start genetically modifying humans to compensate for Global Warming?

  • mojo

    Best laugh I’ve had in a LONG time.Some part of America really IS stuck on stupid! A happy pill for racism.

  • jgdp

    If this is so, send a truck-full to the odumbo

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