WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Primary elections in the conservative swing states of Alabama and Mississippi are already underway. And recent surveys taken by Public Policy Polling reveal that close races are anticipated in both states.

But that isn’t all the polls revealed.

Data from both states shows that significant portions of right-leaning voters do not believe in the validity of either interracial marriage or evolution.

Of some 600 likely Republican primary voters asked, 60 percent of those responding in Alabama said they do not believe in evolution, and 21 percent from the same state said they feel interracial marriage should be illegal.

In Mississippi, a reported 29 percent said interracial couples should not be legally permitted to marry, and 66 percent do not believe in evolution.

Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center released the results of a study that indicate a record number of interracial marriages, with a reported 4.8 million mixed race unions found throughout the country.

Since 1967, interracial marriage has been recognized as legal, after a Supreme Court decision in the Loving v. Virginia case that ruled laws prohibiting it to be unconstitutional. Many states had chosen to formally recognize the unions before this decision.

Like interracial marriage, evolution was not accepted socially – or as part of a secondary biology curriculum – for the first part of the 20th century in the United States. In 1968, the Supreme Court ruling on Epperson v. Arkansas gave evolution legal protection, while simultaneously disallowing creationism as an alternative theory.

The public study of creationism and campaigns for legal definitions of marriage have been significant conservative rallying points during the past few elections. 

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  1. Patrick Young says:

    What the hell is this? How is under 30% considered many?

    It also is not clear from the press release how the sample was chosen in the first place…poor source material leading to a poor article.

    1. J says:


  2. Chamnan says:

    I am a black male that is married to a white woman. And I am born and aersid in south central. Have i ever dated AA women YES have I been in love with AA women YES. But I don’t understand how can looking past racism and color cause you to be a disgrace to your race? Should a black man forfeit his happiness just the prove that he is a credit to his race? I found someone who loves me and all my flaws who is educated and is perfect for ME. SOB I took her to the Manual Arts alum game and she was the only white person in the building and I was proud to have her there with me even with all the eyes rolling and gum smacking. And just to let everyone know I am as black today as the day I was born.

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