Georgetown takes on the #14 seeded Belmont Bruins Friday afternoon and Hoyas head coach John Thompson III took some time Tuesday to talk the Junkies about the tough match-up in Columbus, Ohio.

JT3 said the team is working on ways to figure out how to stop Belmont, who average 82 points a game. “We got to guard them, they put you in difficult situations.Coach Byrd has seen everything there is to see in this business, he’s not going to be surprised by anything.”

Asked about getting the team mentally ready for the tournament, especially for an early round game against a double-digit seed, Thompson said “getting our guys geared up, if they can’t get excited, fired up, they need to hang up the sneakers.”

Thompson also said the Hoya seniors have done a good job of explaining to the younger guys how painful losses in the NCAA Tournament are.

“They have done a pretty good job in the locker room, up in the dorms of explaining, making sure everyone understands how much it hurts, how hard it is to lose this time of year. Just the pain they have experienced.”

Tip-off is at 3:10 p.m. Friday on CBS.

Click Here To Listen To The Full Interview


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