Reporter for and NFL Network, Steve Wyche, joined the Sports Junkies on Monday to discuss the Washington Redskins trade up for the #2 pick, and said the Redskins got a good deal in the trade that should land them Robert Griffin III in the draft.

“The one thing about trading away future draft picks is you can always recoup those in one way, shape or form either through free agency or through other trades. Or that Robert Griffin develops into your franchise quarterback and you’re not even thinking about those.”

Wyche also said the Redskins had no choice, but to go after Griffin.

“They had to make a move if they wanted to upgrade at quarterback. This is the move they had to make since it didn’t seem like they were were going after Matt Flynn, or another type of free agent.”

Not only did Wyche not think the Redskins overpaid, but he thinks the Cleveland Browns should have offered more for Griffin.

“Look, if you want to get your franchise quarterback, if you want to create a buzz…you got to be bold…You have to kind of wonder what they are thinking.”

Click Below To Listen To The Interview:


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