Reiterating that he’s in no rush to play him, Manager Davey Johnson says he hopes to get Adam LaRoche into the lineup by Saturday. LaRoche maintains he feels great as Johnson assumes he has to be chomping at the bit; while Johnson appreciates that amount of eager he’d much rather be cautious with him.

Being cautious translates to minor league play for LaRoche who’ll get as many bats as he wants on the field adjacent to Space Coast Stadium. Johnson’s as curious as anyone to see how he comes out of that but adds that it’s a long Spring. Even if Wednesday’s session goes especially well, don’t expect LaRoche in the lineup Thursday as Johnson would hold him for at least another day.

Luckily Johnson can do so with confidence as he says “they’re lining up at first base” in LaRoche’s absence. Johnson mentioned Chad Tracy specifically who said has been making up ground after an uneventful year in Japan.

Davey also used the word uneventful when it came to the injuries that haven’t been accumulating. He expressed relief at only having to address tweaked ankles and tight forearms which, incidentally, are currently bothering LaRoche and Jayson Werth. Neither are of a concern to Johnson.


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