WASHINGTON (AP) — The No. 2 House Republican says Mitt Romney, despite some setbacks, will emerge from the GOP presidential nominating fight as the party’s standard-bearer against President Barack Obama.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tells CBS “This Morning” that Romney’s ascension to the top is inevitable, saying his two closest rivals, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, “have not demonstrated an ability to do what needs to be done” to lock down the nod.

Cantor says Romney will ultimately be chosen as the party’s nominee “because he’s the only candidate in this race who’s got a plan to turn this economy around.”

The Virginia Republican, who has endorsed Romney, calls the former Massachusetts governor the man who has “outperformed all the other candidates.” He says, “You’re seeing an increasing flow toward Mitt Romney.”


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  1. Pravin says:

    Pudaddle Pirate to Pudaddle Jumper.….…if there were but say two polls or even three and they all semed to change the naradraadtive then I think we might have to look very hard at your conadcerns. But there are muladtiadple polls (5 if I count right rntlecey) and they both supadport the naradraadtive and no so much supadport it. Even RCP averadages don’t seem to reflect some of the change as they are still figadurading in mateadradial ofa0 week ago which is at this point nothading more than ancient hisadtory and quite not reladeadvant. If one looks at the RCP line charts of canaddiaddate trends in SC and else where one will quickly see that we could easadily end up with a chain like look. Up down, Up down and not going up.….and that is jst for Newt.Newt has given a ceradtain eleadment inthe SC elecadtorate what they appear to have been lookading for, Perry wasn’t, Paul does not appear to be sellading as well there and I’m not even seeading the bowel moveadment conadseradvadaadtives and puladpit pounders savading Sanadtoadrum (he may come up a litadtle but not enough to offadset what is going on with Mitt and Newt). No PJ I don’t even see any thing egriadgious in Scotty Ras’s numadbers. Tonight may be the cat fight we have all been waitading for, the big wreck in the 3rd turn, the old Endiadcot buildading finally comading down, then again it may be all played so close to the vest as each tries to lock in what they might see as their votaders. Sowhat shall it be flame throwaders at thirty paces or Nerf balls at 100a0yards?

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