Violent Math Problems Add Up To Teacher’s Termination

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A math teacher at Center City Public Charter Schools’ Trinidad campus lost her job after sending her elementary school students home with a worksheet filled with violent word problems.

Dr. Beverly Wheeler, CEO of the charter schools, told WUSA-TV that she was distressed by the content of the homework assignment.

“It doesn’t follow anything we do,” Wheeler told the station. “We are about character, excellence and service and I found them to be violent and racist.”

She added that the school provides resources for printable work, and that the teacher’s decision to use alternative options not previously approved by the schools was an exercise in bad judgment.

The offending sheets came from a website called Homeschooling Paradise.

“Green aliens landed in Chicago and rounded up 1479 math teachers. The bloodthirsty aliens then sucked the blood of 828 teachers and left them for dead,” the first problem on the sheet reads. “The aliens tied up the rest of the teachers and marched them into 3 UFOs. If there were an equal number of poor math teachers in each UFO, how many teachers were in each UFO?”

From there, the questions become increasingly bizarre and violent.

One question, featuring a fictional character named Tilda Tiger, alluded to catching and baking Africans, Indians and Americans in large ovens.

“How many desperate people were in each oven?” asks the question young students are meant to use math to answer.

Next to the problem is a clip-art image of a blank-faced tiger sitting atop a frightened African-American man.

Parents were outraged by the content of the worksheets.

Said one parent to WUSA-9 in relation to the oven question: “It’s the Holocaust. It’s horrific.”


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