Former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan and defended former Skins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, saying during his tenure in DC, players put together pots to reward big plays and Williams never put “bounties” on opposing team’s players.

Smoot claimed while in DC, the idea of rewarding players financially derived in training camp and evolved from there.

“This was a thing that I think started in training camp as players.  It started out with who could get the most interceptions, who could get the biggest hit, or who could get the sacks and we took it into games,” Smoot said.  “Gregg never said take out this player or take out that player,”  He added.

In New Orleans, the claim is that Williams would fund the bounty pay-outs with fines for players being late.  Smoot refuted that Williams put any money in while in DC.

“It was never a bounty, it was more or less a pot that all of us players put in.  Gregg never put in a dime, Gregg never said do this or do that.”

Smoot stands by the notion that Williams never encouraged players to injure the other teams’ players, too.

“I know Gregg enough to know he never came in the room and said, ‘Hey, let’s take out, uh, the other teams quarterback so we can win the game.’  Never.  Never.  I know he didn’t endorse it.”

Listen to the full interview with Fred Smoot below:


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