NFL Insider Charlie Casserly joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan after his trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and thinks it’s going to take more than two first-rounders to leapfrog to St. Louis’ second overall pick.

“I hate to say this, but this could be three number ones,”  Casserly said.  “Okay, now how does Washington beat [Cleveland’s offer]?  Cleveland, to me, is the team to beat in this.  And Cleveland has one other advantage, and I don’t know if St. Louis will play this card, because I would:  Keep him out of your conference,” he said.

Casserly added that he would play that card if he were in this situation and would even take the Browns’ offer if it were relatively the same as Washington’s since  he would only have to face Robert Griffin III once every four years since he’d be playing in the AFC North.

St. Louis has said that their second overall pick is on the market and are currently fielding offers from teams around the league.

The former Redskins GM said he anticipates a deal to be done before the draft because the Rams want to capitalize on RG3’s combine performance and also take advantage of the uncertainty of Peyton Manning’s next.

Listen to the full interview with Charlie Casserly below:


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