Can you believe that conference tourney action starts tonight? Yep. The Big South has two games and after tonight it’s full fledged mayhem.

Best time of the year in my opinion and like the hoops geek that I am, I try and pick the NCAA Tournament field every week or so which include the dreaded “bubble” teams.

Last week I tried to narrow it down to 68, but after about 52 teams I really couldn’t justify getting to 68. I had to resort to teams like Arizona, Oregon and Xavier. Three teams that, in my eyes, don’t deserve a bid. Does Purdue get in? Probably, especially after the win over Michigan. Does St Louis get in? I’m not that impressed and they just lost to a horrible Rhode Island squad, but they probably get in.

How bout Northwestern?  They are 1-7 vs the top 25 RPI and they have never been to the tournament, ever, but they actually have a shot because of the depth of the Big 10. Some of these teams, in fact, most of them will get in because the brackets have to be filled and since the tournament was expanded to include three  additional at large teams the field is about as deep as a baby pool.

I don’t care if some of these teams get hot and make a run and turn into Cinderella, they don’t deserve to play for a National Championship because the body of work says so. If NC State gets in I think I may vomit all over my computer keyboard. They are 1-8 vs the top 50, but they may get in. Colorado State  probably gets a bid because they have strong power and schedule numbers, but I have no clue how because 10 of their 16 wins are outside the top 100.

I know I sound like an old man when I say the teams of the 80s and 90s would execute the teams of today because they were older and better fundamentally. I think most fans who saw the ’85 Gtown team or the ’89 Illinois and Michigan teams or the ’93 UNC would agree with me. Do you know what the ’83 Houston team would do to Kentucky? It would be obscene. Do you know what the ’87 Syracuse team would do to Fab Melo and Scoop Jardine? It would be a felony in most states.

I love college hoops, and I love it today.  I have followed it religiously for 30 years, but the product is watered down and so is the tournament. And just think there are some who want to see the field get to 96….The Terps would be in….gross!

Jason Lunardi


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