By Peter V. Milo

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Just imagine JFK riding a robot unicorn on the moon, Thomas Jefferson punching out gorillas, Ben Franklin battling Zeus in the sky, or Teddy Roosevelt hunting Sasquatch with a machine gun. These are some of the magical, weird, and fantastical images that Jason Heuser produces.

Heuser, 26, has been receiving a cult following because of his work with historical figures in science fiction settings.

Heuser currently works as an artist for a video game studio in San Francisco and his work has been making the rounds on popular content aggregation sites such as Buzzfeed and Reddit.

When he started the series he was working as a security guard in Michigan. He told CBSDC he would he would bring in his laptop and “sit down for eight hours a day and draw.”

Heuser chose presidents because of his love for history. His first image in the series was George Washington fighting a tiger to the death in the middle of a hurricane.

“I often draw during lectures and stuff,” he said. “Teachers used to get mad at me when I did that, but it’s like studying. As I’m drawing, I’ll remember what I was watching.”

Inspiration often finds Heuser at strange times. He came up with his latest work, “John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter,” during the holidays.

“I went back home in Michigan and I was playing monopoly with my family,” Heuser told CBSDC. “I looked up and told them, ‘Hold on a second,’ and sketched it out in a notebook. When I was done, I went back to the game. My family is used to me doing that kind of stuff.”

Heuser then finished it the same way he does all of his pieces — he scanned it into the computer, and then edited it in Photoshop.

“I take the rough sketch and then get it into Photoshop” Heuser says. “And then I add the textures and shading until it’s done.”

It’s easy to picture Heuser’s work being political, however, he’s “not a party person.

“I think both sides have good ideas. But I think there are other things out there.”

He told CBSDC that he would not do a picture of any living president “because of politics” or any commander-in-chief more recent than JFK. However, he wouldn’t rule out doing a Ronald Reagan piece.

“I’ve been getting a lot of requests for him.”

Heuser’s Etsy storefront has been selling a couple of prints a day, but he says, “I had days that it was like 100 to 200 a day.”

The work even got Heuser a job at the game studio where he currently works. They relocated him from Michigan to San Francisco.

He has also been getting sales from military personnel, and he sold work in far off places such as Australia and New Zealand.

Although his work deals with the fantastic, it “gets people talking and interested in history.”


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