Amidst a sea of catastrophic public relations disasters The University of Maryland finally got one right Wednesday. They relented and allowed Danny O’Brien and his two teammates Max Garcia and Mario Rowson to transfer to Vanderbilt or any other ACC school if they so choose.

While this is clearly the correct decision, they don’t get a ton of credit for this because it should have been done last week when O’Brien
and the others announced their intention to leave.  It was only after a national outcry and ridicule that the school and coach Randy Edsall finally reversed it’s course.

Edsall’s initial refusal to allow these student athletes to transfer to the institutions of their choice only further cemented the perception
that Maryland’s head football coach is a raging egomaniac filled with petty rules and restrictions.  It was incredibly hypocritica
particularly coming from a coach who just last year left his previous job without consulting his players or even bothering to say goodbye in person.

Nobody restricted Edsall’s movement at that time.  Why would he limit a young person who has given, in O’Brien’s case, 3 years of his life to your University.  And who by the way, was such a great student that he actually graduated in 3 years.  This was a no brainer.

And yet Maryland botched it.  Again.

Just as they muffed the dismissal of Ralph Friedgen.

Just as they destroyed any chance of a Georgetown-Maryland basketball match up happening anytime soon with their recent ultimatum.

Just as Randy Edsall ruffled feathers by announcing that a nine win team was a rebuilding situation.

Just as Edsall insisted on a militaristic approach to the implementation of seemingly petty rules like facial hair, hats and
jewelry in the football house.

Or ripping the player’s names off the backs of those ridiculous jerseys.

Anything to strip the player of any feelings of individuality or identity was fair game.  The players at the University of Maryland were
no longer a collection of unique individual personalities and talents. They were now Edsall’s Army.

Really worked out great didn’t it!

They only lost 24 kids to transfer in the last year including the ACC rookie of the year and face of the football team.  Oh, and did I mention they only won 2 games also?  Which is exactly one more game than Edsall has won against a top 25 program in his entire career.  He’s 1-16 in that scenario.  Don’t you feel like the program is in great hands?

Who hired this joker anyway? Oh that’s right Kevin Anderson.  He and Edsall were going to “take the program from good to great”.  Nice work boys.

But wait, I can hear the Maryland apologists already. They signed Stefon Diggs.  Mike Locksley is going to save them.  He’s a recruiting God according to those that follow these sorts of things.

We’ll see.  It’s certainly going to take more than one top 10 recruit to turn this program around.  Who knows if he’ll even survive in this
environment.   The one thing everyone seems sure of regarding Diggs is his unique aloof personality and his embracing of all the media attention.  Plus weren’t those earrings he was wearing at the press conference at Looneys?

Edsall is going to love this guy.  It’s a match made in heaven!

I’m not so sure of Locksley’s Godly qualities either.  But I do know that if they just win a handful of games again next year not even Jesus Christ himself will be able to save this regime.

Comments (3)
  1. Nick Steier says:

    Wow, who knew EB could write?!

  2. Lee from Berryville says:

    But EB, how do you really feel?

  3. R Austin says:

    Please dont forget that Edsall really isn’t allowing these kids to transfer to Vandy. By filing a complaint with the conference he is indirectly trying to do the same thing. So is he being truthful or misleading??

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