‘We Are Stronger’: Atheists To Hold Massive Rally On National Mall Next Month

By Candice Leigh Helfand

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSDC) — Thousands of atheists are expected to attend the Reason Rally next month in Washington, D.C., an event that organizers hope will unify a large part of the secular community.

On March 24, the National Mall will be populated by those who sympathize with atheist perspectives, generally defined by an absence in belief of deities or other religious icons.

The website for the event states that organizers aim to encourage participants to claim their identity as what they call “secular Americans,” to dispel stereotypes, and to rally for legislative equality.

David Silverman, a chair for the Reason Rally Coalition and president of American Atheists, said that participants are motivated by positivity.

“We’re not going there to complain, we’re not going there to fight,” he told CBSDC. “[We want to] celebrate the fact that we are growing, we are stronger, and we are taking our place in American society.”

The idea for the rally was born several years ago, from a national meeting of similar minds and their desire to help their movement grow in both strength and number from their current standings.

“There are 40 to 50 million atheists [in the United States]. About 40 to 50 thousand are involved in the movement,” Silverman said. “That’s one-tenth of 1 percent [of the movement actively participating].”

Bookending that weekend are other initiatives to further engage those in the secular community and beyond, including a national lobbying day before and a national convention afterwards, all in the hopes of maximizing the impact of the weekend.

The location and timing of the rally are not coincidence – the Reason Rally hopes to make its own impact on the 2012 elections by injecting a discussion of separations between church and state into the national dialogue.

“We need people to ask the tough questions, and they’re not. What’s more important: the Bible or the Constitution? Do they want theocracy? Do they want Christianity as the official religion, and if so, which version?” Silverman stated, adding that despite his Republican affiliation, he feels himself without a candidate that supports his beliefs. “Hopefully what we’ll do is get people talking about what … atheists and secularists think.”

Superseding the importance of political activism, though, is the movement’s passionate desire for true equality.

“There are more atheists in the country right now than Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists combined and doubled – that’s a lot of people, and we are the most hated … for no reason other than pure and simple religious bigotry, spurned by ignorance,” Silverman said. “Ignorance is killed by awareness … we want to put many faces to [atheism], so people will understand us better and tolerate us more.”

  • jim

    You will find that it is very hard to get thousands of people to rally based on a negative belief. Really. Rally because they do *not* believe a thing?

    • brad

      its not a negative belief. Atheism is a religion of its own, with its own zealots.

    • regulas

      Maybe they will create a graven image of their god, Darwin. They could look up to the statue of Persephone (goddess of the underworld) on top of the capital building for re-assurance that DC is pagan and not Christian.

    • BFC Cpl Jack

      Yeah, It’s sorta like the NEGATIVE rights that obambi was talking about, though I confess not to bothered to commit them to memory. Just the concept of negative rights was enough to stir my bowels and sphincter.

    • BFC Cpl Jack

      Yeah, They are sorta like those negative rights that Obambi was talking about. Fortunately I forget what they are. But I know that he will tell me again how lucky I am to have him for president.

    • Elliot

      It’s not that they believe in nothing, but that they just don’t feel the NEED to believe in a “God” figure belief. They DO believe in values, science, morality, etc. They also believe in the individuals rights, and personal freedoms Not be dictated to them from others predetermined judgemental predudices that come from a man interpeting the meaning of a book (the bible) written by men over 1500 years ago.

    • American Man 2012

      That’s the point I always make, that their religion is nothing, which by forcing religions of belief of something, to be removed, makes their views of nothing, the new established religion, forced on all of us, which violates the separation of church and state. I am being forced to abstain from faith, and practice their faith, of nothing.

      • Mat B

        You guys claiming to be atheists are not consistent and making logical errors, what you are describing a lot is the belief system of an agnostic, if you are an agnostic atheist, then be clear about it.

        Jesus H – if theories about something were like tv channels then by definition you cannot have one that is a channel ‘tv turned off’. If you say, “I don’t know if there is a God, and I don’t spend a moment thinking about it.” Then THAT would be a closer analogy to turning the TV off, but if you say “There is no God” then you are promoting a theory which is like any other “tv channel”.

        RationalAsh – you are describing agnostic atheism, but it is interesting because lots of atheists seem to say this more and more. One could say that more appropriately in describing somebody else who never spends a moment or has a thought considering God, like if you were describing an ant or a squirrel that definition would apply, but as soon as you discuss it as a theory and consider – and as soon as you form an opinion that ‘there is no God’ – you are drawing a conclusion that cannot be proven, and you no longer fit your own definition.

        M1 – You are doing the same thing, call yourself an agnostic atheist to be honest, or don’t form any conclusive opinions. Your totally subjective and unprovable claims about why “Gods were invented” and “Religions were invented” makes you sound more like an antitheist as the late Christopher Hitchens described himself.

      • Larry

        I’m an atheist and I think this rally is actually a good thing. I made my decision to lose my religion when I was about 20; many of my friends, coworkers and family still assume I’m a christian. I keep it to myself because I know that they would ostracize me for my disbelief. To a religious person, non-religious people have no morals, ethics or faith. They assume we’re all rapists, pedophiles, liars and criminals. I think a rally like this will help educate the public that you can be an atheist and still be a good person and make it easier for people like myself who live in heavily religious areas to be honest about their beliefs.

      • Tuber

        No, American is correct. Atheists have a faith (look up the definition) – their belief in nothing becomes a belief in something when they use it as a foundation for limiting the worship and beliefs of others. TRUE atheists would not care what others believe or where they observed their practice.

      • JBSPuddintane

        Makes sense.
        Religion: that set of rules by which I know I’m ok…and you’re not.
        I’m left wondering why this rally isn’t scheduled on thier special day, April First.

      • JBSPuddintane

        Religion: that set of rules by which I know I’m ok…and you’re not. Their religion really is SOMETHING.
        Why isn’t the rally scheduled for April First, their special day?

      • Tellthetruth

        What you want to believe is your business, the problem is that atheism wants to restrain Christians from their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of worship. You only have less than 100 years on the earth, if you’re healthy and lucky, then you will find out the truth that there is a creator and then you will say , “it was true and i chose to reject the creator”. I would rather be on the side of belief that there is a God who will be the judge of all, then risk the eternal consequence of rejecting. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom! The fool has said in his heart, there is no God!!!!

      • RationalAsh

        Miguel Saavadera: You have no idea what atheism is then. We don’t “believe that there is no god”. We “don’t believe that there is a god”.

        It is the absence of faith. Atheists don’t have faith, they simply accept those facts that can be proved.

      • Jimbo

        So Mr Rational, how can you be sure that what you are experiencing is real or a hallucination? You could be the dream of a tick on the butt of a dieing dog. But ten again you just can’t believe that an Almighty God chose to make you in their image and create an environment that supports our existence.

      • RationalAsh


        You can’t prove your religion or impress us by quoting from the bible. That is like trying to find out if a person is a liar by asking him if he is a liar. There is no independent verification for any religion.

      • Jimbo

        Religion is a practice of ritual. If you want a proof of God’s existence. Stand still in one place, with your eyes and ears open, turn around and observe what you see and hear.

        Now ask yourself is what you observe real or fantasy? If its a fantasy go see a doctor. If it it is real, ask your self how can that be and how does it stay together. Was it man made or a creation of an Almighty God.

      • Lynne


      • M 1

        Claiming that atheists have a belief system is like claiming that people who don’t believe the sky is made of red Jello have a belief system. The absence of something does not imply the existence of something to replace it.

        “There is no rain today,” doesn’t lead you to assume the observer believes the sky must be full of snow, or tornadoes, or a plague of locusts, does it? And there is nothing inherently “negative” about the statement. It is simply an observation based on the absence of reliable evidence to the contrary: there is no rain today.

        If you choose to believe there is rain today, or supernatural beings wringing their hands over your every activity, or that the sky is made of red Jello, more power to you. But someone who doesn’t hold that belief does not require a “replacement” belief.

        Belief systems are not zero-sum games, and in fact, that shoehorning of your way of thinking is precisely the reason atheists feel the need to “demonstrate” at all: because most religions are established with a built-in intolerance of anyone who refuses to prostate themselves to the system. Gods were invented to explain things which seemed, at the time, to be inexplicable. Religions were invented to promote one belief system over competing systems. They are control systems — the first governments, in effect. And the time for both has passed.

      • American Man 2012

        You are rationalizing this to fit your denial of your faith. You can belief you as a person is perfect, or a failure, or beautiful, or ugly. Atheists believe that they are not attached or dependent on a creator, and distance themselves from organized groups that believe in a creator with the same rules.
        So does Atheists organized now to evaluate the non connection to God

      • Jesus H

        Not exactly. You’re viewing Atheism as a faith, where it is an absence on faith. If religions were TV channels, Atheism would be like turning the TV off. It is not a matter of belief.

      • Larry


        Assuming you’re a Christian, think of it this way:
        You believe that by accepting Christ as your savior, you can be forgiven of your sins and accepted into an eternity of bliss. If this is what you really believe, you want to “share the good news”, right?

        As an atheist, I believe that religious dogma is suppressing our science and dumbing down our school system. I feel that people can live their lives without fear or superstition and should never take a moment for granted because they assume that this life doesn’t matter. This is why some atheists are as vocal as their religious counterparts; they want to share the good news too. Everyone’s trying to do a favor around here!

      • Miguel Saavadera

        Jesus H:

        You are dead wrong Atheists, members of faith of null believe there is ‘none,’ that is their faith.’ They can not prove it either way … they believe in that philosophy, Hallelujah! I’m free, free at last! There is nothing there except blind stinking random chaos… what will be will be …

        only an idiot or one who see no order in this process would believe that.

    • Jackie

      They are ralling 8 days too early. They should rally on April 1, their national holiday.

      • Ladyjane

        My thoughts exactly! Q. What does a Christian and a dead atheist have in commeon? A. They both believe in God.

      • Scott

        Very good!

        Psa 53:1 The fool has said in his heart, There is no God! They have done corruptly; they have committed abominable wickedness; there is none doing good!

      • Canof Sand

        Haha, brilliant!

      • exposeevil

        Good point besides the one on the top of their heads April fools day would be the perfect day

    • Lee

      Atheism is not about “negative belief” it’s simply not believing in a god or other deity without evidence. All reasonable testable evidence points towards a godless universe.
      This does not mean the atheists don’t have morals though. Atheists have the same morals as MOST religious people (respect fellow man) but atheistic morals are there to create a functioning society that is beneficial to all where as religious morals are imposed by the church by fear of hell and the devil. I have more faith in my fellow man than the church.

      • stelar

        All the evidence does NOT point toward a godless universe at all. All questions are still very much unaswered and pointing toward the existence of a CREATOR. The good thing is to know God’s existence you just have to look in your heart. Atheists don’t get it and a lot of Christians don’t get it either . Once you find him you will see him everywhere. SEEK and you shall FIND :)

      • gina

        I am a Christian but I agree with you Lee. My friend is a non-believer and I’ve never met a person who is more honest or kind than her. I don’t try to shove my beliefs down her throat but I do talk about my faith with her. She listens but then I show her respect by listening to her as well. She actually let me take her son to Church because he told her he believed in God. She may not believe in Christ but she’s willing to let her son make up his own mind. How cool is that! And yes, I have faith in God but I also have faith in my fellow man.

    • Norton

      Your premise is flawed. These folks do believe; they just don’t believe in what you do. Nothing wrong in that, right? That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla!

      Just because one professes to be religious doesn’t mean much. In my experience many people are just plain old hippocrites…always judging others…looking for the worst in others (in some religions looking to kill others, should they believe differently). Some of the saddest, looniest, bigoted people on this planet go around spouting their beliefs about something they haven’t got a clue about. They have no way of knowing! How can one know the unknowable? All they know is what some other man as told them. Yet with that information in hand, they stroll through life believing that they are somehow above the rest. It’s a cruel joke! It’s a game I won’t play. Somebody forgive me!

      • gobnait

        For someone who condemns others for being judgmental, you seem to be doing a whole lot of judging yourself. And you call THEM hypocrites?!

      • jasperddbgghost

        Norton is just mad because non-atheists are correct for reassuring him that him and his boyfriend will never be able to have a baby from the butt.

      • Kevin M.

        The silliness though is that you are doing the same thing in claiming that it is a cruel joke. You don’t know. And really…all you know is what some other man told you. It is hypocritical for you to judge them, which you are doing.

    • dl tomten

      They have great faith that if they can gather enough like minded liars and fools together, they can will away the truth.

    • Greg

      Jim I bet most of them are followers of the Church of Big Government though.

      • Jimbo

        Might you be referring to the “Zoo Crew” [aka the Donkey-crats and RINOs]?

    • JDub

      Consider this atheists…in a universe that is expanding and contracting into infinity an infinite number of times there exists the infinite probability that either all exists or all will exist at some point in time.   If it is not now then it is simply a matter of when.  The probability of god outweighs that of non-existence of god by an infinite number.   It is held by the People of the Book that God is the Alpha and Omega… He is infinity and all probability except that of 0 probability.   He is any number x that approaches the limit of y.

      • Sally

        Quote,”…in a universe that is expanding and contracting into infinity an infinite number of times there exists…”

        Except that it isn’t, dope.

    • Woodrow

      Atheists are a huge factor in the moral decline of our society.While Christians and God fearing people do nothing to effect an atheists life,atheists are in fact effecting ours.Our once great nation will be judged for its murder of unborn babies,and all the abominations that have become common place in our way of life.I will pray for these people and hope that they find God.What is their hope for me?That I not care for the sick and lost?That I not donate to missions and feed the poor?That I believe that I will one day enter a grave and be no more?That would be unbearably depressing.

    • Rich

      A belief in the apocalypse this December is just another reason of why this rally is called the “Reason Rally.” Honestly, folks, does anyone actually believe the world is going to end in December?

    • jasperddbgghost

      Gays are bound to be there. Lock up the little boys.

      • Mat B

        That is just wrong… I shouldn’t have laughed so hard.

      • Brian

        lemme guess ,your a catholic priest?

    • El Loco

      You profess belief, i.e. “faith”, in god, for which, there is absolutely no objective evidence. This blind faith is based on a book of myths, allegories, superstitions, contradictions, vagueness and falsehoods. And when logiical, reasonable, rational, ojbective people reject illogical, unreasonable, irrational, subjective “faith” in a nonexistent god, you get your panties all in a wad. Get your bible-thumping out of your self-richteous butt and try to wake up.

      • Mat B

        Loco seems like an antitheist, not an atheist…you are right on eagleone, if they believe something came from nothing, then they believe in a miracle. I like this quote that illustrates their position “`Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people.”

      • ealgeone

        El Loco,

        I believe God created the universe, the planets, etc.

        Here is what you believe:

        Something came from nothing
        Life comes from lifelessness

        Now, which belief is illogical, unreasonable, or irrational?

        If you believe those things, then your faith is greater than mine.

    • J.E.Stump

      CBS Really? Massive? This the way mass communication works in a country of about a billion to report what a possible thousand people collect about nothing reasonable. here is a headline for you “CBS squanders opportunities to report on relevancy” Hey I’m just saying!.

    • Isaiah

      First, Atheist believe in self creation, which is completely stupid! How can inorganic matter come from nothing, which is a must if you believe in no Creator? Next, how does inorganic matter magically become organic? Spontaneous generation? No! Atheist magic fairy dust I guess.

      Only a fool would call themselves an atheist, so Washington DC is a great place for them to go…Go hang out with the rest of Americas liars, thieves and nasty lowlifes…BKA…Politicians.

    • Joe

      Atheists are very religious people. Their belief is atheism. Some may even die for it.

    • bossman

      Hey this’s one good of an atheists


    • Jamesb

      Ha, true. They’ll have an empty altar and cut out cardboard figures of Christopher Hitchens to – ummmm, – “observe” with “due reverence.”


    • bossman
      • Canof Sand

        The age of Bigotry.

    • bossman

      atheists are right. Here’s is the proof:

      • exposeevil

        Christians are right heres the proof…Bible…God talking to man you are not listening

    • JOHN

      What a bunch of stupid people. What if we did not make ourselves like they think
      and they have to meet who created them? I think the creator would to say the least not be happy with them. So what they have is a no win and a less win
      situation for them. No gain at all with what they are doing.
      Taking a risk with no reward that is insane.

      • stesse

        To dog: The One who is Almighty and All Powerful has no ego problem. He created everything that is. And, He will put an end to all of it, just as it is written. Don’t think that He doesn’t show up. He does, as he did with Paul, a murderer of Christians. He struck Paul blind for a time and then Paul underwent a serious attitude adjustment. I pray our LORD will show up to introduce Himself to you, too. Read Ezekiel 38-39, which predicts a regional war in which a number of nations attack Israel. This is one instance in which the LORD promises He will show up. Look out for that! It may seem to you that this event is getting ready to happen in this day if you follow the world news. And dog, please, especially note Ezekiel 38:23. The Most Exalted One does all of this why? So that many will KNOW that He is Lord over his own creation, even you, dear dog. Get on board. Come join us in that next dimension which is an unbelievably beautiful place. God’s peace be upon you, dear brother or sister.

      • Canof Sand

        @dog I thought your ilk’s big “proof” that there was no God was that bad stuff happens to good people, yet according to you, the fact that He helps people live their lives in a way that will make them happy is only because he wants people to admire him cuz he’s got a big ego! Well, gee, then why doesn’t he intervene and make it so there’s no bad stuff any more! That’d surely win over many more worshippers to inflate his ego even further! Sure, that’d damn us all to never actually learning anything, voiding much of the purpose of life (a fact that your ilk blind yourselves to in order to make that “bad stuff happens so there’s no God!” argument), but why would he care since he must be oh so selfish according to you?

        There’s no winning with you people. And you claim to be the reasonable ones!

      • exposeevil

        God calls them fools should of had it in April 1 heres three great verese for the Atheist …
        Psalms 36:1 The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.
        Psalms 50:22 Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.

        Psalms 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

      • Brian

        here’s one i like, numbers 31:17-18, Moses commands his troops to kill every women and child in Midian, except young virgins who the troops may keep for them selves. and this from the guy who brings down the 10 moral divine dictums down from the mount, no hypocrisy? peace

      • nifongnation


        He is on TV often. He is our Supreme Leader.

      • Christian

        @dog He showed up in person. What? You want encores???

      • dog

        Why would god care if people believe in him?
        Is an omnipotent beings ego that fragile?

        If he REALLY cared that people knew about him, he’d show up on television or something.

    • charles Morgan

      Nice picture of ANOTHER rally. What morons run CBS?

      • JBSPuddintane

        I think that might be the Stand In the Gap Promise Keepers assembly from 1997.
        I will bet any athiest that they can’t leave the Mall as perfectly clean as we did that day.

    • John S

      I’d like to agree with you, but the darkness and delusion of evil is very strong.

    • Earl Eakin

      Atheism is liberating. I have never felt so free since I discarded the baggage I was saddled with as a child growing up in an evangelical church.

      • brad

        so is anarchy and general disregard for laws and social mores

      • Mat B

        Earl Eakin – “Atheism is liberating”

        In a similar fashion, there is nothing more liberating than allowing yourself to go insane – only then can you truly believe whatever you want.

      • Griffin999

        To respond to the lengthy, contrived, and complicated comment of “Darwin’s Predator”, of why atheism is supposedly liberating. As Albert Einstein said, “Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.”

      • Vince

        Liberated? Or Dust in the Wind?
        Now Listen to … Kansas – Dust in the wind 1977

        The Question of Free Will.

        Albert Einstein, “I do not believe in Freedom of the Will.” Stephen Hawking, in The Grand Design, explains Free Will is an illusion. All matter (including the brain) is subject only to the laws of physics. BF Skinner, “Any man who thinks he is free, is merely ignorant of the causes of his own behavior.”

        We are dust in the wind means we are simply matter in motion, blown around by forces of Nature, we have no Choice — Human behavior is a physics problem.

        Free Will is a Miracle A gift of God … if you believe you have been liberated … you Must also believe in God.

      • ealgeone


        Be careful what you are saying. Consider the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:28-32

        And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, insolent, arrogrant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

        Now the Good News is that God provides a way for our salvation through Jesus Christ. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whosoever believes in HIm should not perish, but have eternal life.

        That’s my prayer for you and anyone else reading this.

      • Tuber

        It seems to me that atheists take on A LOT more baggage as they get older. The ones I know sound and behave exactly like the orthodox of ANY faith- intolerant, smug, holier-than-thou. I see absolutely no difference- atheists do believe in something – even if it the belief in nothing- and thus they become marooned in the same social and cognitive dynamics which humans use to protect the ‘truth’ of their ideas and perspectives. Really, this fad will pass- the fad where people pay attention to the atheists- because once you speak to them you realize that you have had the VERY SAME conversations with really conservative pompous members of any faith. Atheists are the ultimate let down- they seem so ‘fun’, the new ‘rebels’ , but they are actually very boring….zzz….

      • Travelassie

        One does not have to attend church services, or belong to an organized religion to believe in a Supreme Being. I’ve been reluctant to join an organized religion, but that does not preclude my belief that there is such a Being out there that’s greater than all of us, that’s beyond our capacity as mere men to comprehend. We all see it differently, but I’ve always thought that any belief was a good one if it gave the person comfort and meaning in their life, and made them better for it. As I see it, we all have the right to believe as we wish, and the right NOT to be hassled or persecuted, or ridiculed for our beliefs. I wouldn’t try and force my beliefs on anyone else, and I’d insist on my rights not to have anyone try to force theirs on me.

      • Scott

        2Pe 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
        2Pe 2:20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
        2Pe 2:21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
        2Pe 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

      • Brian

        written by men who seek to control and wish you to be dependent on them

      • The Truth

        John 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

        Atheists are all doubting Thomases you have to be shown before you will believe and then your feeble minds come with excuses to try against.

        Revelations 13:8 .Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
        Listen so that you might hear.
        The beast is lucifer his number is 666.
        You find the beasts’ number by adding 9 (satans number)
        A=9,B=C etc. lucifer= 666
        3=6=9 (satans number)
        The first 36 digits in the numerological order 1+2+3….+35+36=666
        Yes I do know the lawless one (some say antichrist which is not scriptural)
        It is through the Lord God Jesus Christs’ Holy Spirit you receive wisdom to know this.
        Atheists are being readied to receive this mark.
        This knowledge has been sealed until the last days which are now.
        The atheists are fullfilling a prophecy that says in the last days apostasy(turning from the truth).
        The Christians love all people because we are all Gods’ children but to be Sons of God you must have faith and believe in the one God sent to redeem your sins and through faith this shall be.
        These are the last days.
        This is the last generation.
        The “Day of the Lord” is rapidly approaching.
        I am here to show you the proof you have asked.
        It is and always will be mans decision to be saved.
        The truth is the truth!
        You or any atheists’ disbelieve will not change this.
        Peace be unto you

      • Brian

        every generation seems to think that the end is near and all are disappointed,there are several passages of the bible itself that indicate that it should not be taken literally, corinthians 3:6 says pf the new covenant, “the letter kills but the spirit gives life.” corinthians 9:9-12 says that one of the laws of moses is figurative,not literal,Galatians 4:24 says the story of abraham is an allegory.There are failed prophecy in the bible such as, Ezekiel said that Egypt would be made uninhabited wasteland for 40 years(29:19-20) and nebuchadrezzar would plunder it . neither happened, the bible also says you should kill your child if they strike you,Exod. 21:15 , if you work on the sabbath you should be put to death,Exod. 35:2-3, if you curse you should be stoned to death,Lev. 24:14-15, happiness is smashing children off the rocks, Ps. 137:9, , this book was written by me for men to control them with fear, I could go on and on, but I won’t, peace

      • The Truth

        Dear friend

        The Bible is the truth what you are saying has been interpreted the wrong way.
        You have got to be filled with the Holy Spirit to discern what the words are saying.
        Do you doubt the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ?
        There have been many more blessed than me that have
        dreamt of living in our age, the “Day of the Lord”
        But sadly the veil of lies and delusion is being spread to where if possible even the elect would be deceived.
        This IS NOT possible.
        I cannot tell you who the antichrist (lawless one)is for even though I know it has to come from wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
        The lawless one will reveal himself very soon this is the way he will be known.
        Every generation before us had not the first prophecy fullfilled to begin the clock of the Last Days.
        Israel became a Jewish state in 1948.
        !967 Israel won the war against the Arabian Countries including Egypt.
        The 6 day war or the Arab-Isreal war gave back to Israel East Jerusalem and the Sinai Desert in Egypt and also Gasa and West Bank etc.
        What I am saying is when the armies of Irael won back Jerusalem this started the countdown to the “Day of the Lord.
        I don’t want you to be deceived Brian.
        We all must have the precious name of our saviour our Lord God Jesus Christ on our lips lest we be deceived to accepting dark for light.
        This is the Truth.
        We have the “false prophet” Yes I know who he is.
        We have the lawless one. Yes I know who he is.
        All we like is the beast and he will appear around the time of 12/21/12.
        This date was never set for the end of the world but for a new ruler of the world satan.
        Man loses his rule of the world on this day.
        SO truly you can say it is the last day of man.
        Pray to the Heavenly Father talk to Him ask Him questions. He loves you and if you come to Him with humbleness and of pure heart and call His name “JESUS” He is just to do as He says and save you and fill you with His precious Holy Spirit so that you may grow and mature into what the Father wants you to be for Him not what the world(satan) wants you to be.

        Peace be unto you

      • The Jimmy Z Show

        True freedom comes from Jesus Christ. The irrational thinking – that one can know there is no God – is unnatural.

      • Earl Eakin

        It appears to be unnatural because of the way our brains work. We have evolved to rely on false positives to survive. God is just another false positive.

      • Dee

        There are a lot of weird churches, but that doesn’t keep me from having a relationship with God. It’s not a good enough excuse. It’s like saying you had a bad experience with money so you ignore it now.

      • James

        Wouldn’t that mean your thinking is unnatural?

      • Leroy

        Choosing to live without responsibilities is always liberating.

      • Will

        God doesn’t believe in athiests.

      • SusieNJ

        Threw the baby out with the bathwater. One baggage-laden church does not invalidate God.

      • Jeff

        That’s exactly what the statists and secularist want you to feel. You are in their Utopia. Good for you…..weak sheeple…

      • John B.

        You may have been saddled with man’s religion, but you have never been saddled with a relationship with God. It’s a mistake to think that the churches represent God. I am a born again believer but I quit church ten years ago, after more than twenty years in different churches. I wanted more of God and less of man’s religion, and I got it. Don’t give up!

      • mmboys07

        Of course you feel free; nihilism is liberating unto death.

      • Darwin's Predator

        I find atheism liberating also. When you realize there is no God (god?) no Ultimate Judgment, and that we are simply accidents of Darwisnism – just another predator species, it totally liberates you. You realize there is no RIGHT or WRONG – just compacts constraining behavior entered into by the weakest of our species to protect them against the stronger of our species. For those of us willing to fully embrace this insight, we realize its not us against a God (god?) who metes out Ultimate Justice, its simply us against these arbitrary constraints (called “laws”). Justice becomes just a common agreement of retribution between members of a species – again in a feeble attempt to constrain the behaviors of the strong, and that retribution is nothing more than a salve for weak minds who find it difficult to embrace this ultimate epiphany of atheistic belief – its not a worldly reflection of some moral system of a Supreme Being. Subsequently, if one of us who is strong decides to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, its not RIGHT or WRONG – it just IS – it is what predator’s do – defend their territory or take over another’s territory by driving the adversary out or killing them. Since there is no GOD, we get away with whatever we can get away with without fear of any ultimate judgment. Isn’t a great world we live in?

      • George

        People who feel the need to proclaim that that they DON”T believe something by demonstrating are the very definition of oxy-morons.

      • RobertT

        I’m sure the idea of not being held to account for actions committed in this world can be very liberating. I am the exact opposite of you. I was raised in a home that was not just critical of the idea of God, but was downright vitriolic to those that believed. I grew up in an environment that preached the “live in the now’,”if it feels good do it” atheist liberal mentality. I found a contentment and stability in my faith that physics and the sciences couldn’t fulfill or answer. In fact, it was my pursuit of physics that ultimately led me to my faith in God. The odds don’t support random chance when it comes to our existence in the universe.

      • krp

        There is a difference between atheism and arreligion. Discarding a church is liberating but it is not the same as discarding God.

      • Adam Laurie

        Earl, with all due respect please read what you just wrote: “Atheism is liberating. I have never felt so free since I discarded … church.”

        I truncated that because I am with you man, the church is NOT the Bible and it is certainly NOT Jesus Christ. There is nothing gained or lost from me telling you this other than just a friendly gesture like offering soemone driving directions, but please do not make the two synonymous if you are going to choose to reject Christ. Give the Bible a thorough reading, ask all the questions you can, ALL OF THEM AND HOLD NOTHING BACK, then HONESTLY seek out the answers you find from Christians who have asked the same things. Then choose man. If you choose Christ that is cool, if not, have fun at your rally, be safe, and try to respect us as I tell myself to respect Atheists. We’re all in this together! :)

      • LORR

        The god of athiests is mammon
        If you deny the Lord Jesus Christ He will deny you your rightful place beside Him.
        It doesn’t depend on what you believe Jesus Christ is the Truth!
        I have His precious Holy Spirit dwelling inside me to prove it!
        And I do pray a miracle of appocolyptic measure engulfs the whole lot of you!

        Peace be unto the ones with wisdom to hear what the Spirit is saying..

      • DJ

        Adam, I did just that and the complete honesty part made me come to the personally unwanted conclusion that my faith was cultural and my bible primarily hearsay. It was awful… but being blinded by the “light” was worse. Will you be able to be so honest as you ask of others, or are you simply saying it knowing there is safety back in the Sunday school and home fellowship groups where you can always here of someone who must somewhere know the answer to that particular problem of scripture?

      • nifongnation

        Our brains are wired with a religious part and a sexual part. Are they false because they are chemical and electrical responses ?

      • gobnait

        While you may fancy yourself so very enlightened, the fact is that you have no more proof of your convictions than do people of faith. Why do you and your ilk find it necessary to attack those people to bolster your own position? In this cruel, bitter world there are billions who take comfort in their faith. It’s too bad if that doesn’t work for you but it does for them.

      • steve

        It is liberating to cast off the notion that we are answerable to God, because then we don’t have to worry about how we have lived, the Ten Commandments and all that. But that does not prove God does not exist. Two good books are recommended: “Dismantling Evolution” by Ralph O. Muncaster (a former atheist) and “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Athiest” by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler.

      • Darwins' Predator


        Well said – apparently no one picked up on my sarcasm. You said:

        “I would not trust you any further than I can see you, and then only in direct line of sight … for you have no outside judgment, no unseen restrictions, no second judgment to prevent your malfeasance. What are your restrictions – your life experience, your code? Life is yours for taking, if unseen you can get away with anything, never mind you see ‘no’ personal codifiable restrictions. Man’s laws, which are based upon the very deity that you abhor or deny … you can break any law because you are an outlaw …. an anarchist.

        These are the members of moral decay, members of the religion of zero….”

        Precisely right. There are three types of people in this world: Those who hold to a moral standard that is outwardly focused – based on a objective standard defined outside of our human existance that is unchanging for all time. Second, there are those whose moral code is inwardly focused – I look out for myself and no one else. And finally those who have NO moral code – their “code” is relativistic – applicable only to the “NOW”.

        Of the second, you can “trust” them because they will always act in their own interest and in their own interest alone – they have in effect a moral standard that says “ME FIRST” before all else. You can plan and compensate for this. The first, having a moral code defined outside of human existence by an Ultimate Being also have a defined moral code that makes them predictable – and trustworthy – you just have to know what their religion teaches. But the latter – the true Atiheist – who has no moral code can never be trusted because their moral code is based on their perspective and their perspective relevant to the particular time, place, and context.

        Miguel – you of all the posters here truly understand the horrible potential of atheism. You “get it” and understand why Hilter, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot could casually murder millions of people without a second thought You “get it” when understanding how atheism permits the most horrible depravity a human is capable of committing and casually looks the other way.

      • James Barringer

        “We have evolved to rely on false positives to survive.” That makes no sense. You rely on things that at a minimum have real effects to survive. An atheist sociologist. The Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) have survived for centuries. While this does not prove correctness, it does demonstrate that these faiths introduces SOMETHING that has real benefits to it’s practitioners, otherwise, reason holds, they would have died out by now. Secularism and Atheism are on the rise in the materially developed economies, but accompanying that increase is an increase in infertility. It could be that the developed people simply “tune” out the signals that are there in the real world. The same way, if you don’t exercise a muscle, that muscle gradually becomes weaker and eventually becomes useless to you.
        I don’t doubt that there are some great Atheists – Penn Gillette is one of my favorite popular characters, who is phenomenally fair-minded and clearly intends to enlighten and not insult. But people to tend to focus on the most offensive people. And so I don’t mean this with ill intent, but I believe Atheists are people who have essentially “lost one of their senses” due to a lack of use. Many believers, too, lack this “sense” but believe the witness of others.
        So explaining faith to an Atheist is like explaining sight to a blind person. The blind person can come to understand sight if he wants to and is willing to believe it exists, but if he decides to deny sight exists, you’re going to have a tough time convincing him of it.

      • ECH

        Earl, actually your “freedom” is being free to explore your limitations, indulge your prejudices and remain captivated by a restricted rationalism that insists on living in a closed system. Further, you are going to assume that your reason is somehow set above your carnal desires. Atheists do not live by reason, which makes it so artifical and isolated, but by their murky desires and fears and pride that informs their reason. However principled they are, they have no justification for a universal principle. It is all subjective and individualistic in the end. That is why this rally will dwindle and come to nothing. Atheists, like any other false belief or disbelief system, intentionally suppress truth elements in this universe they do not want to hear, or what impinges upon their conscience to convict them of sin. They insist on their own dogma of “fairness” like others but cannot justify what standard or higher norm ought to justify that so it is applied to others equally as to themselves. Atheism is hope within a vacuum.

      • ECH

        Earl, as to your evangelical beliefs, a belief is just that until it becomes embraced and internalized to bring transformation. There are evangelicals all over in name only or by tradition because their parents never taught them rightly, deeply or thoruughly. Or, they are really legalists that never understood or experienced the grace of forgiveness and acceptance through faith alone (but not faith that stands alone). Evangelicalism is not moralism or some performance trip based on worls like hyper home-schooling or how to get rich. That kills the soul. over time like anything else. You need to explore the doctrines of grace carefully and fiocus on the teachings of Jesus in light of what He did to back it up, and not judge based on one church experience or two where the teaching may not have been accurate or complete or loving or well-communicated. Most people exposed to the gospel and come away dissatisfied are those that were given a watered down version, or a divided version of its truth, or were blocked by other turmoils in life, or never experienced the grace of God by true kindness.

      • Smitty77

        Abolutely right! To cling to foklore of centuries ago is so stupid that it’s hard to imagine. When our telescopes that can see for thousands of lignt years finds heaven I may have to become a believer but not untill!

      • ScarletLetterA

        “The Truth”- Everything you just said is so nonsensical that I quite literally have a hard time telling it apart from something like a John Nash-esque schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder. You are one of the reasons why atheists shy even further away from religion.

      • George

        Earl is blaming his parents and the church for his ‘baggage’? What baggage? Being scared of your peepee?

      • Ryan

        You call it liberating? Many people have tried to pretend there is no God but they are only hurting themselves. The evidence is all around you. You look at a watch and think “there must be a designer”, but you look at a person and think there is none? Interestingly Dawkins believes there is a designer. He believes it is aliens from outer space which tells me he just hates God, its not that he doesnt believe in him.

      • Atheist

        Atheism is liberating but you must not force your ideology on others even if it is liberating. Militant atheism is just as oppressive as militant religiosity.

      • Miguel Saavadera

        Glad you feel free – but it simply another religion. One of null, naught, nothingness, the void.

        You have no moral code, no conscience, or restrictions – there is others here that have stated there simply is no right or wrong (only unthinking and undefinable grey) – I would not trust you any further than I can see you, and then only in direct line of sight … for you have no outside judgment, no unseen restrictions, no second judgment to prevent your malfeasance. What are your restrictions – your life experience, your code? Life is yours for taking, if unseen you can get away with anything, never mind you see ‘no’ personal codifiable restrictions. Man’s laws, which are based upon the very deity that you abhor or deny … you can break any law because you are an outlaw …. an anarchist.

        These are the members of moral decay, members of the religion of zero. Remember there are several religions who have no deity, or God … only a philosophy …in which there is no God … how does it feel to reject a God of religion, only to have many which equals a void? Why should the religion of naught tell another religion they can not … does not seem equal and just to me…

    • jimalso

      Hitler did pretty good with that one.

    • vel

      seems that someone has forgotten the rallies against segretation in his desperation to try to make fun of freethinkers and atheists. Tsk.

      • Kyle

        Those rallies were in OPPOSITION to segregation, not in support of a negative belief. Unless this rally is in opposition to theists, your analogy is flawed.

    • Kevin

      It will happen once, but not consistently. People of faith generally have a much more locked in belief (i.e. they’ll die for it). If an atheist can go to DC and turn it into another occupy tent party with plenty of drugs and sex, they’ll be game for it.

    • ted

      Yes really. “Negative” beliefs and doubts are great motivators. I am not sure if that if even framing it correctly. There are pro-gun laws that people disagree with and demonstrate against. These people in a way dont believe in gun rights. All that matters is if the laws and reasoning behind the laws are bad or not.

      • The Gemini

        And so what will the slogans on their posters be: “WE DON’T WANT ANYTHING!” and ‘WE’RE HERE BECAUSE IT’S A LOVELY DAY AND TV IS BORING”? Please! As it is with gay marriage — witness every few gays actually do marry — it’s nothing but an egoistic, self-centered tantrum and a case of ‘IN YOUR FACE!” to both believers and upholders of what is admittedly something new in history, having been around for only thousands of years without challenger, the sanctity and usefulness to the race of the traditional marriage bond. Both

      • Tuber

        Most atheists I know are VERY negative people anyway. The most joy they get, and their main focus socially, seems to come from belittling the beliefs of others. I can imagine that attending this event will seem very exciting to them!

      • Brian

        atheists’ are free and joyous people ,because they are honest and marvel at the wonder of the universe ,they may not have all the answers but they’re certainly not going to be shackled with whack unsubstantiated dogma,peace

      • ScarletLetterA

        Hmm, annoying that they don’t let you reply to replies to replies…

        …but really, people? We have every right to congregate with like-minded people, especially when there’s no regular get-together for us like Christians have every Sunday.

        There has been plenty of legislation passed with unequivocally religious intentions in mind. What would our secularist founding fathers say? What would atheist Thomas Jefferson say, who could never get elected today since nobody seems to trust atheist legislators?

        We don’t want to oppress anyone. We just don’t want any one belief system elevated over another. This isn’t a theocracy, and we were not, contrary to popular belief, founded as a Christian nation. Keeping religion out of politics is important for true freedom of religions… all religions… and freedom FROM religion, for the increasing proportion of us that is nonreligious.

      • nifongnation

        Bad or Good ? Moral terms.

      • Good Egg


      • iamfuryus


      • Brian

        if there is no god, how could you hate him?

      • Hamilton

        Well I hope all these atheists are ready for the apocalypse this year. I wish they weren’t so militant in their beliefs they remind me of born again christians. Hopefully jesus comes back and kicks some ass on December 21st and he brings Mayans lol and those Mayans get amnesty and they can vote for president in next election and they vote for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon and Jesus came to America in Mormon religion to hang out with the Indians so it is all coming back around.
        Sigh…. http://how-to-survive-the-apocalypse.blogspot.com

    • Jimm

      Why does atheism have to be negative, because you have false hope.

      • Lance Montgomery

        Ryan, based on whose concept of, “compassion, empathy, logic, and reason”?
        Who will be brought forth to dictate to the rest of us the meaning of those terms?

      • Larry

        If I’m wrong, I lived a relatively good life – no harm, no foul. If you’re wrong, I wouldn’t want to be you for eternity.

        Actually, if you’re wrong, and Islam is right, you go to hell. “Good” atheists go to heaven.
        If you’re wrong and Judaism is right, you go to hell. “Good” atheists go to heaven.

        Christianity is the only religion that specifically sends good non-believers to hell. The odds (population of believers wise) are actually stacked against you.

      • Ron

        “Christianity is the only religion that specifically sends good non-believers to hell. The odds (population of believers wise) are actually stacked against you.”

        The God of the Bible – the only true God does not send people to Hell. He allows people to make their own choice. Chose Jesus Christ and live for eternity in Heaven, or chose to reject Jesus Christ and you get to go where you chose to go. God created Hell for Satan and the angels that rebelled and followe him. Hell was not made for man. But man also rebelled – those who seek forgiveness will find it in Jesus the Christ. If you wind up in Hell it’s because you chose that location for all eternity.

      • Joe Schlabotnik

        There is no way in hell (real or imagined) that there are 40 million atheists in the U.S. 4 million, maybe. Seriously, that’s worse than the 1 in 10 people are gay myth (probably more like 1 in 50).

      • siylencedogood

        If atheists were right, then why would they waste their limited and unpredictable span of time on earth trying to convince others of the inherent hopelessness that is life according to atheists instead of simply “eating, drinking and being merry for tomorrow they die and cease to exist?”

        If atheists didn’t believe in God, then why is He always on their minds?

      • Ryan

        Obviously, this rally is already creating a lot of discussion, which is good. You can dispute the numbers, but undoubtedly, the number of non-believers in this country is skyrocketing. People are realizing they don’t have to believe in myths to live a good life. Why are we rallying? The primary reason (at least for myself) is to make sure my voice is heard when it comes to policy decisions. Somewhere between 10-25 percent of this country now identifies as atheist, and yet we have only one openly atheist congress person. I am tired of hearing my country’s leaders praying to god about decisions…I want them to use compassion, empathy, logic, and reason…not faith in a god that doesn’t exist.

      • billyk43

        License is not liberty.

      • Dan

        Uugghh! Without God there is no “compassion, empathy, logic, and reason…” If there is no absolute right and wrong, then all you have is Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Hitler, etc…If atheism and evolution are true, then these men were right in what they did; only the strong survive. We wouldn’t want to get rid of these evil men, we would only strive to replace them with ourselves, as we would wish to be the strongest.

        Apparently you can’t see how your argument eats itself….

      • Greg

        Natural man find God and the word Foolishness, Atheists are natural Men, They cant see it or understand it, More then likely never will but they feel it, They know its there, Like a itch they cant scratch

      • ryan

        Lance, believe it or not, there are pretty well established guidelines for logic and reason. As for empathy and compassion…who needs someone to dictate? We all have a decent idea of what those things mean; we are a nation of 300 million, of course there will still be discussion and disagreement. What would you suggest though, just refer to the bible to answer these questions? If that’s the case, you do realize that the god of the bible tolerates, encourages, or engages in deplorable acts including psychological torture and the murder of children and babies, right? I am not spreading lies about the bible; I can point you to these passages if you don’t think they are in there. Sometimes I wonder if people really, honestly think that the bible is a good source to refer to for morality and/or any sort of rational decision-making?

        And for those saying that atheists are negative, pessimistic nihilists, I can say that the vast majority are not. We love this life, we recognize that it is fleeting, and we suspect that this life is all we are going to get, so we try to make the most of it. We are in awe of humanity, of nature, and all of reality. We are good, intelligent people that are willing to question the stories we’ve been taught. And yes…we want our opinions to be heard.

      • ScarletLetterA

        “Dan”- There is no absolute right and wrong because the notion of right and wrong has changed over time. It used to be OK to openly oppress women, black people, and gays. The first two have radically changed, and the last is changing quickly.

        As for Stalin, etc… they didn’t do the terrible things they did because they were atheists. They HAPPENED to be atheists. In a lot of those cases, the state really was a sort of religion, anyway. Also… Hitler was a Roman Catholic; In 1941, he said “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” By the way, in 1936 he also said “I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.” So by your logic, should we get rid of all Christian people in power because they might start killing people? (Source: http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2006/08/list_of_hitler_quotes_he_was_q.php)

        Next issue: You equated atheism and evolution. Catholic and Anglican bishops even believe in evolution. It’s a scientific fact, as solid as gravity. You should do some reading on it; it’s fascinating stuff. And, while I wouldn’t agree with it as an atheist, there are plenty of ways God *could* have been involved in evolution. But evolution itself is an uncontroversial scientific fact.

        As for only the strong surviving in a society, I think most atheists are against social Darwinism in that sense. In fact, that would be a very right-wing society in which the rich dominate the poor and the sick go unaided. The opposite of what most liberals want.

      • Jeremy Bullard

        Why does our hope have to be false? Isn’t that just as negative?

      • Christian

        If I’m wrong, I lived a relatively good life – no harm, no foul. If you’re wrong, I wouldn’t want to be you for eternity.

        Jesus believes in you.

        I’m praying he performs an undeniable miracle at your rally.

      • ScarletLetterA

        “siylencedogood”- Some atheists do try to actively “convert”… but in no greater proportions than Christians trying to convert non-Christians. You should re-read the intention of the rally. This is not a mass conversion or even a protest.

      • ScarletLetterA

        “Christian”- If I’m wrong, I’ve lived a good life caring about the wonderful people in the beautiful world that I live in, sincerely believing it’s the only one we get. By most definitions of the Judeo-Christian God, that is sufficient for getting into heaven without belief. Your God values treating others with love more than he values a belief in Him. After all, wouldn’t you say that He gave me a questioning mind? And yet if I’m right… I become unconscious and rot in the ground. That’s it. And if both of us are wrong… well, maybe we should study other theologies to find out what will happen to us.

      • The Truth

        You are wrong.
        You are living ina world which satan and his devils are the ruler.
        You are not able to see the Spirit world of our Father because you have not His Spirit inside you.
        I have beenbaptized by our Fathers precious Holy Spirit when I called for Jesus to take my soul.
        No church no preacher no one but me and Him.
        He is faithful and rightious and will do as He says He will.
        Once you receive the Holy Spirit and have Jesus Himself come in and sup with you you will see why all the Christians love the atheist enough to tell them of the Gospel and the Truth of Jesus Christ our Lord God and His Love.

        Peace be unto you

      • Larry

        Ron, you didn’t even read a word I typed, did you? I just told you that the god of the bible (new testament) sends good people to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus. The god of the old testament didn’t use hell as a threat. The god of the Qur’an generally wants people to be nice to each other.

        Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, think about this:
        If you were born to different parents in a different country, would it be possible for you have a different religion? Why?

        A little critical thinking won’t hurt you too badly.

    • David

      If you are born only once, you die twice. If you are born twice, you only die once. God only gives knowledge to understand to those God chooses. At least ask God to give you the knowledge to understand, if you don’t want what he has to offer, at least you looked. If you truly put your ego aside, and for a moment, assume that there is a Creator, and open your mind to that idea, you will gain the knowledge to begin to understand that there is a God that loved you before he even created you. God wants you to enjoy an eternal life with him. A life without pain, sorrow, worry, or fear. Try it. If I am wrong, you have lost nothing. If I am right, you have gained eternity.

      • Skepticus

        “Assume that there is a creator”. Aye, there’s the rub.

  • Rick

    Awesome. Just what this country needs, another demographic to march and carry signs and whine about how unfairly they are being treated and how nobody likes them.

    • Joe Byteme

      This is more of an anti-Chrisstian rally, than anything else. They are just cloaking it in ‘correct’ language, typical of the left in everything they do. Now why do I get the feeling that the occu taards have something to do with this?

      • Tuber

        One day, Can of Sand, you will heal from your anger and when you do, you will FEAR making ‘sweeping statements’ and creating stereotypes, not because it gives everyone permission to do the exactly same to you, but because it violates an internal creed where truth actually matters. That is the day when you feel truly free.

      • Jerad the Thinker

        Joe you are wildly missinformed. The leader of this rally is a republican and is on FOX news regularly. this has nothing to do with occupying anything, and has everything to do with being able to show that we are not just a small group of people who will not be ignored any longer. It is also to show that we are your friends and neighbors. we are not miscreants, we are not devil worshipers, we are people who have shed the binds of religion, we take responsibility for what we do with our lives and are held accountable. we dont just say it doesnt matter what i do because i get down on my knees at night and say im sorry so the man upstairs forgives me for what ive done.

      • Canof Sand

        “we are your friends and neighbors. we are not miscreants, we are not devil worshipers, we are people who have shed the binds of religion”
        “we are your friends and neighbors. we are not miscreants, we are not devil worshipers, we are BIGOTS… so, scratch that bit about ‘friends’ if you’re religious”

    • Earl Eakin

      We know you like us, Rick! LOL

    • Bro Mack

      Just like your whining here on this forum.

      • Canof Sand

        You people are impossible to reason with because you don’t seem to have a basic grasp on logical arguments. To make your ridiculous comparison work, you have to first characterize his post as “whining” (trollish to begin with, but for the sake of argument we’ll go on), assert that his “whining” is about how unfairly he is being treated and how nobody likes him (it isn’t, but again, we’ll go on), and then stipulate that people “whining” on forums are a “demographic” that marches and carries signs.

        You can’t make a logical argument because you don’t have one.

  • Ferb

    “I believe in nothing, so let me fight for it!” What a sad existence. How about: Figure out what you DO believe, and fight for that? Oh, that requires too much work, well then, carry on.

    • nifongnation

      Obama does that, according to Yuri Bezmenov.

    • bossman

      He believes in no-God; And that’s what he’s fighting for..Isn’t that obvious to you?
      If you believe in an existence of a God and another dude believes in the non-existence of a God , what is your worry? Moreover believing something doesn’t doesn’t automatically qualifies it as a fact. Belief is just belief.: It a means not an end.

    • bossman

      He believes in no-God; And that’s what he’s fighting for..Isn’t that obvious to you?

    • JR

      This, like jim’s comment above, is simply incorrect. It is not that atheists do not believe in any particular god. Atheists affirmatively believe that there is no god. What they do believe is that there is no god. Believe in the absence of a thing is a belief; for example, your belief that you are not a brain in a vat subject to the mirages of a Cartesian evil genius.

      • Earl Eakin

        A deist believes there is a creator who made everything and walked away.
        A theist believes there is a creator who made everything and then has stuck around to tweak stuff that he didn’t get right in the first place, or in response to supplications from believers, who request his assistance.
        By definition, an atheist does not believe the latter. The former is optional.

      • JC

        Because you choose NOT to believe in a deity, why would like-minded people gather “…to dispel stereotypes, and to rally for legislative equality.”? I have never been discriminated against for believing in a God; as a matter of fact, the topic has never come up at a job interview. And, answer – this one for me – why do so many atheists cry to God for forgiveness on their deathbeds? Enlighten me…

      • Derek

        Its a negative belief because someone first has to believe in God for someone to believe that there isn’t a God. If no one ever believed in God, no one would form a group to not believe in God.
        If you want to be comparable to a belief system of religions, then believe in science or that nothing matters (or some other philosophy), not “I believe others beliefs are wrong”.

      • JBSPuddintane

        There IS a giant poodle orbiting Saturn.
        Well, given enough time, there WILL BE.

      • miker42

        JC. You could enlighten yourself by reading your own comment. You promote the stereotype that “so many atheists cry to God for forgiveness on their deathbeds”. That is untrue, and it is a stereotype that like-minded atheists want to dispel.

      • Tony

        Do you actively believe there is no Allah? What entitles you to that?

        Atheists disbelief in god is exactly the same as their disbelief in a giant poodle orbiting Saturn. Skeptical until shown a single bit of evidence.

    • J.D. Lees

      You religious nuts define atheism as a negative belief. Not so. Atheists believe the universe we see around us is real, and that reason is man’s route to knowledge. That’s positive! You religious people base your faith on, “You can’t prove God DOESN’T exist, therefore I believe in it.” That’s a negative belief system.

      • Kelvin

        Reason is man’s route to knowledge, so do you ponder big questions like how did the universe begin? Anyone who is a pure atheist is really an anti-theist, which is why I could respect Christopher Hitchens for at least being honest about himself, but if you can’t admit that then you should be agnostic and leave it at that… but getting back to the reason and creation. If you believe that matter sponteously generated from nothing during the big bang, then you are essentially admitting that something came from nothing, which is impossible according to scientific principles… what was the cause? If you admit you don’t know, then at least you are honest, but if you believe that we will one day have a scientific explanation they you are putting just as much FAITH in science as a theist does God.

      • gobnait

        Why is it necessary for you to demean people of faith to make your point? Name calling merely serves to diminish your credibility.

      • Earl Eakin

        By the logic of the previous posters, Christianity is a negative belief because it preaches that Zeus doesn’t exist.

      • Desi Erasmus

        A good read is “I Don’t Believe In Atheists” by Chris Hedges:

        “Hedges is clear from the outset: there is nothing inherently moral about being either a believer or a nonbeliever. He goes a step further by accusing atheists of being as intolerant, chauvinistic, bigoted, anti-intellectual, and self-righteous as their archrivals, religious fundamentalists; in other words, as being secular versions of the religious Right. Like best-selling atheists Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Daniel Dennett, Hedges is disgusted with the Christian Right, going so far as to call it the most frightening mass movement in American history. Even more disturbing for Hedges, however, is the notion, which many atheists and liberal churchgoers share, that as a species humanity can progress morally. There is nothing in human nature or human history to support the idea, Hedges maintains, nor that the flaws of human nature will ever be overcome. He discusses the dark sides of the Enlightenment, Darwinism, consumer culture, the justifications for America’s wars (including in Vietnam and now Iraq), and obsession with celebrity, among other equally hot topics. His purpose in this small, thought-provoking book is, he says, to help Americans, in particular, accept the limitations of being human and, ultimately, face reality.”

      • JBSPuddintane

        Christianity DOES NOT preach that Zeus does not exist.
        Christianity acknowledges all manner of gods…

    • Greg

      Hey Ferb, I hear you.

      A famous philospher once said, “It is easy to die for something you belive in. Live humbly for those you love.”

      Can’t remember who though :)

  • Joe Schmoe

    They should start the meeting with a prayer.

    • Earl Eakin

      Mark Twain’s war prayer is frequently quoted.

  • John

    I am going.

  • John Galt

    Stop shoving your secularism down my throat.

    • Jesus H

      Well you see, there’s this thing called the US Constitution…

    • J.D. Lees

      You dishonor the name of John Galt.

    • ted

      Stop embedding religion into government just so you can shove your religion down people’s throats.

      • citizen

        Yeah, so embedded. That’s why the Catholic church is preaching right now against the latest Obamacare fiasco.

    • blissfully_informed

      This is hilarious coming from someone co-opting the name of John Galt. Are you aware that the Objectivist philosophy espoused by Ayn Rand was a staunchly Atheistic philosophy? Not only did she not believe in God, but she felt religion had no value in society.


    • Earl Eakin

      As soon as your friends stop knocking on my door LOL.

      • bossman

        You mean the Jehovah wittness?lol

  • ken

    So is this sponsored by the DNC and Soros?

    • Earl Eakin

      Yes, it’s a conspiracy.

    • farmerjulia

      I think the New World Order is behind it too. Better let Alex Jones and Glenn Beck know!

  • Neo

    Speaking as a life long Atheist…go home! nobody cares. To a true Atheist, religion is a non subject. I resent when someone tries to push their beliefs on me, we would be no better doing the same

    If you are an Atheist, shut up and be an Atheist. You have nothing you need to prove.

    • Bob

      Accurate comment!

    • gobnait

      Hear, hear! You have hit the nail on the head! WHY is it important for these non-believers to address a non issue?

    • F Drennan

      Very well said, and as an athiest, I agree.

    • abe vigoda rules

      Excellent comments, Neo. Sounds like you took the red pill.

    • Ted

      That is the whole point. Atheists are sick of having Christianity forced down their throats, and are standing up to resist the aggressive advances of the conservative right. Your apathy to being pushed around and having your liberties threatened is not an admirable trait by the way…

      • Jesus

        According to your reasoning, somebody can’t be ‘anti-gay marriage’ since gay marraige doesn’t exist.

      • citizen

        How is Christianity being forced down your throats? What are the aggressive advances made by the conservative right?

        In what ways do you think Christians are more apathetic than anyone else on threatened liberties?

        I’m asking because I’m truly curious.

      • exposeevil

        As a Born again believers in Jesus Christ we force nothing down your so called throats you willingly reject God..You are in some sort of sin and love it more than the Saviour.God says the fool has said in his heart there is no God..You have the liberty to or free will to reject God..We as Christians warn you of an impending hell you have the right to go there

      • krp

        Here’s the point.
        The earliest settlers were first the Separatists that landed at Plymouth colony. They went to the New World as religious outcasts. They first tried a form of Communism and when they nearly starved they began to install private property and rights of ownership and production, Supply side economics. This enabled the colony to thrive and as a result it attracted more colonists.
        The next wave of Colonists were the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritans built on the example set by the Separatists and they also had mandatory education for the children of the colony – which was not the case for children in England. The point of education was so that the children were literate to be able to read the Bible.
        Between the free enterprise model and the well educated population, naturally the colonies thrived even more. In barely a 100 years, British America was the envy of all of Europe. The colonists were two inches taller than Europeans on average because their diet was better.
        This was the mindset that led to the additional colonies and which was the spirit that the colonies and the Founding of this country were based on.

        What we see is the erosion of the bedrock of the character that led this country to its greatness and taking that away will led to the destruction of the greatest nation in history when there is no reason for it.

      • Chris

        So your answer is to push atheism down everyone else’s throats? What’s funny to me is that this rally proves that atheism is as much a “religion” as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

        What’s really funny to me is the thread in this rally which seeks to convert others to atheism, much like the Mormons who go door-to-door seeking converts to their Church.

        No, atheism is not the absence of religious beliefs. Atheism is a religious belief.

      • Michelle

        And yet the authors of the Declaration of Independence stated that men are created equal that they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unailienable rights…..yea, they didn’t believe in God.

      • Wilson

        Typical athiest. Those evil Christians are trying to take over the world again. Funny how you people NEVER say anything about Islam or Bhuddists or Hindus.

        Nope. You only hate Christians. And based on most athiest posters, HATE is the appropriate word.

      • Neo

        I don’t feel pushed around one bit. I’m quite happy. Not threatened, not bugged by anyone’s beliefs. How I feel about religion is my personal belief, how anyone else feels is their business.

        Most rebellious Atheists I know of came about it after leaving a church…sort of like intolerant ex-smokers.

        Live your life, believe what you want, or not, and be happy. Life is too short (unless you think you will have an afterlife).

      • Derek

        Who has been pushing you around, Ted?

      • Rick

        Hypocrite. Why are you doing the exact thing you are against.

      • Richard Brown

        The Constitution says that there will be no state religion established OR infringment by goernment on a citizens pursiit of that religion. Ted, you must be “stupid, stupid, stupid.”

      • Ted

        Let’s see, anti-abortion (even for rape victims or when the mother would die), anti-gay marriage, how to teach my children in schools and what they need to recite, how I should live my life… shall I continue?

        The Christian religious agenda is the one forcing their opinions on others… I don’t see this from Buddhists, Jews or Muslims.

      • Mike

        Atheists are the most under-represented group in Congress (1 atheist in the house, compared to 50 million atheists in the US).

        Atheists in the US complain about Christians because Christianity is the dominant religion in the US. Atheists in the middle east would complain about Islam, if it weren’t for the fact that they’d get killed over it. Thanks for that improvement, by the way – doesn’t mean we couldn’t make things even better.

      • (the other ted) ted

        Ted is really disappoints me how you fail to recognize when muslims forces their religion on the state. The middle east is filled of theocracies and sharia law is starting to be embed into British law. Dont be so blind.

      • Earl Eakin

        One of the reasons I have rejected religion is because it constantly stands in the way of scientific progress, it abuses children and women, and it justifies violence. You cannot pay someone to fly planes into buildings — they won’t be around to spend the money. The only way you can get people to fight to the death is by promising them something in the hereafter – something you conveniently never have to deliver. Religion is a force of superstition so dramatically counterproductive to the evolution of the human race (and yes, we are evolving) that it is indeed important to actively denounce it.

      • Ted

        Well Richard Brown, I had to chuckle at your childish attack that I must be “stupid, stupid, stupid,” since a giant red squiggly line appears below the words goernment and pursiit indicating they are misspelled yet you plowed right through regardless to attack my intelligence.

        I have no problem with Christianity as long as they don’t dictate how I should act, think or enjoy my life in this great country of ours. When they start pushing their values and agendas on me is when I push back… it really has no bearing on what they choose to believe in, and I certainly don’t try to push my beliefs on others contrary to the general accusations here. This march is about awareness… people saying we are here and we are unified. It is no different than the tea party movements or the million man march.

        P.S. Other Ted, we are talking about the U.S. Not the Middle East or England. If that was even remotely happening here, I would have a problem with it as well.

    • jimtx

      Thumbs up from a Christian. I only resent those atheists who go out of their way to belittle, offend and generally interfere with people who adhere to Christianity or any belief in a higher power or deity.

      • Leroy


    • Karl Quick

      Amen! From a long-practicing Catholic! The Constitution gives me the right to BELIEVE and you the right NOT to. Just don’t try to use government to split us into waring factions for the political gain of greedy, power-hungry politicians.

      In the 1950’s I was taught in very conservative Catholic schools on the Mississippi Gulf coast that it is not for man to judge who goes to heaven, but God. I specifically was instructed that people who never heard of Jesus Christ or who have no religious beliefs or knowledge can still be judged worthy of heaven. Even those of us that look like the worse sinners or the most blessed saints here on earth will be judged in the context of the gifts we were born with, the opportunities presented and how well we satisfied God, knowlingly or unknowingly.

      Above is what I was taught in the ’50s by St. Joseph nuns and Sacred Heart brothers as well as my parents and siblings.

      Below in my opinion, not necessarily Catholic church teaching.

      IMHO, it was a violation of Church and State long, long ago when government stepped over its bounds and started regulating “marriage”. marriage is a natural law and a religious law “sacrament”. The civil and criminal laws should be free of sexual bias; tax laws may favor children and by indirection the care takers of children, but should not be tied to the biological parents.

      Goverment’s duties end with the protection of each of us from each other in regard to the rights to life, property, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      Legislatures should rewrite their laws to replace “marriage” with ‘civil union’ or similar language, remove sexual bias, and restrict the law only to health, safety and property sharing issues. Child welfare laws and laws against violence should apply directly to those aspects of law that now address child and spouse issues, independent of the “marriage”.

      I recognize this will offend the sensitivities of many. But it should only impact their desire to strengthen their faith and their participation in their churches, including the expansion of their participation in the sacraments of their religion. Then the social wars and debates can be held without the heavy hand of government bening called in…. except to prevent violence!


      • Leroy

        Excellent description.

      • Leroy

        Earl, you need to understand the word ‘symbolism’

      • nifongnation

        Obama wants to tell us how to believe. Is he the new Christ

      • Earl Eakin

        Were you taught that the cracker and wine really turn into the flesh and blood of a deity-man? And were you taught that not eating fish on Friday was a mortal sin (and then taught that Jesus changed his mind)?

      • Toady

        How about we just get the government out of marriage and civil unions altogether?

      • Derek

        Agreed. Had similar teachings as a youth, though from the Evangelical side in the 70s.

  • Lynn Field

    It is interesting that there is a quote that Atheists are the most hated. I believe they think they are and they spew hateful rhetoric but as to the most hated, it is only themselves they hate the most.

    • JR

      Nope. What you are saying is a sort of rationalization that religious people like to assume rather than provide an argument for because it coheres with your narrative that people cannot be happy without god.

      I stand with Neo on this. This group is the “get your religion out of my face” crowd, when it really isn’t in anyone’s face. I am an atheist and I think the Pledge of Allegiance should retain the reference to god.

      • Derek

        Nope. What you are saying is a rationalization that religious atheists like to assume about those that believe in God. The truth is that people no matter what religion will hear most the hate toward their own. As such, everyone thinks the opposed groups are full of hate.

  • abe vigoda rules

    “There are more atheists in the country right now than Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists combined and doubled – that’s a lot of people, and we are the most hated … for no reason other than pure and simple religious bigotry, spurned by ignorance,” Silverman said.

    — “Hate”… I’m not sure about that. I have nothing against Athiests. They can, and should, believe what they want. It just seems like Christians, and especially Catholics, catch a heck of a lot of derision.

  • windriver

    This is all well and good as long as they don’t bash those who DO have religion in their lives. I don’t think that will be the case though.

    • Earl Eakin

      Moderate religion is the foundation for extremists.

    • JustAGuy

      Bashing Christians is the whole point of their existence.

  • M4L

    So if he’s for separation of church and state, I’m assuming he’s a vocal opponent of the government forcing faith based organizations to buy things that go against their beliefs. Wait … you mean this is just a liberal shill group? I’m shocked!

  • Truth on the march

    The atheist movement is almost exclusively a Jewish secular atheist marxist conglomeration. Can’t fix a problem if we are afraid to identify it.My Orthodox Jewish friends are not the issue, this again is seculars.

    • Earl Eakin

      Wow, all this time I never knew I was Jewish LOL.

      • Tom

        And I didn’t know I was part of a Marxist conglomeration. Well, it is what it is, Earl. I just want to say that it is very nice to meet you, comrade. L’chaim! :)

    • Tom

      Have you ever even read Ayn Rand?? Author of Atlas Shrugged?? One of the most influential writers of the 20th century? Hard core suporter of Capitalism and Republican politics, and staunch atheist. To suggest that atheism is a marxist conglomeration is to be laughably, pathetically ignorant. You do have a brain, don’t you?? Wait. let me guess. You believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, that God destroyed all life on this planet except for Noah and his family, and that humans lived side by side with dinosaurs.

      • Tom

        @ Anita: Never said I agreed with Ayn Rand. I pointed her out because she has millions of “followers,” was an atheist, and was decidedly anti-communist. “Truth on the march” believes that nearly all atheists are Marxists. I destroyed that idiotic opinion, and, apparently, you are not bright enough to understand my point.

      • Anita

        Yeah Greenspan was an ardent fan of hers only problem is it doesn’t,t work, great theory though. Guess some rules and regulations work. Sounds so sophisticated and elite. Just didn,t work. Even Greenspan admitted he was wrong. Guess the time proven works. He LOVED Ayn. T oo bad she was wrong.

  • JustAGuy

    This Reason Rally appears to be a gathering of people who proudly proclaim their absolute conclusion that there is no god, even though there is insufficient evidence to draw such a conclusion.

    Logically speaking, that is quite an unreasonable position to take.

    • Earl Eakin

      What is your evidence that Zeus does not exist?

    • Earl Eakin

      Prove there is no Zeus.

    • Betrand

      Google “Russell’s teapot”. The burden of proof doesn’t lie with those who don’t believe; it lies with those who do.

      • JustAGuy


        NOPE! Atheists are certain in their belief that there is no god. Just ask them! Agnostics are the ones who will say they don’t know. But when asked a few more questions, most agnostics reveal they’re actually atheists but don’t want to commit themselves.

        And your tooth fairy scenario is a bit silly. It is easily learned that the one who placed the coin under the pillow is the parent, unless the parent chooses to lie to their child. And what good parent lies to their children?

      • Betrand


        Critical thinking demands that we don’t make blind assumptions. You cannot make an assertion with no proof and posit it as truth. Where is the proof of an interventionalist god? Atheists would, in fact, say that they do not understand the origin of life or of the universe. But they will argue with anyone who demands that there must be a god because there is no better explanation.

        The idea behind the tooth fairy analogy was to expose your rhetorical question (“Could it be…..God?”): you offer “God” as an explanation for that which you don’t understand, instead of admitting that you don’t understand.

        And as to “what good parent lies to their children?” I have to wonder if you’re referring to the church here…

      • Earl Eakin

        If JustAGuy cannot prove that Zeus does not exist, then Zeus must therefore exist.

      • JustAGuy

        @Earl Eakin

        I never posted anything about Zeus. betrand said that critical thinking demands that we do not make blind assumptions, Are you an atheist given to making blind assumptions?

        @betrand, I’m fully aware that atheists are more than willing to admit they do not understand the origins of the universe. However, I’ve communicated with plenty atheists who have arrogantly proclaimed there is no god. So, your leap to suggest I made a blind assumption is without any facts to substantiate that leap.

        And your query if I’m referring to a church is odd. I commented on your tooth fairy scenario by mentioning parents, not churches. Odd, odd indeed. :-/

      • DJ

        Betrand, I wish you were there to talk to me back when I knew everything. The Josh McDowell school of strawman logic prevents one from even comprehending the point of the “tooth fairy” analogy, insulating Christians from quite a lot of logical arguments that demolish their belief system. I was the “go to guy” for a lot of people when I was an evangelical. Now I see all of the wasted years and cringe at the dollar figures my naivety imposed upon me and my family.

        I once heard Linus Pauling state that “god made it.” (We were related by marriage.) It bothered me for years because I knew darn well he not only was an atheist and humanist, but held the church and its doctrines in great contempt. Only now, 18 years later, do I understand the fallacy of the Unseen Mover and realize the implications.

        Of course the proper response for those I left behind will be the wagging of the head, the down-turned face and the declarations of Satan’s deception as they bow their heads in gossip….er, I mean prayer.

      • gobnait

        Faith, by its very definition, requires no proof. It’s the atheists who are hung up on that notion.

      • JustAGuy

        I’m amused by these statement by the BRILLIANT!!!!!! Stephen Hawking, noted atheist.

        “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.”

        He added: “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.”

        Law of gravity? By definition, a law is created by an intelligent mind for a specific purpose that introduces a degree of order. Science merely *discovers* physical laws and gains understanding of the implementation and effects of these laws. But we humans create other laws that our abilities enable us to create. Physical laws are beyond our pay grade.

        If we choose to be logical about this matter, we would have to consider the likeliness of an entity that can create these laws we observe that is within that entity’s pay grade. Could it be…..God? (This is where the militant atheist is expected to abandon reason with the goal of refuting this logic)

      • Toady


        No one has ever proved that conscious complex life forms can arise out of unconscious nonliving matter. Atheists also have a burden of proof on this one.

      • JustAGuy

        I don’t care if you don’t believe in God. That’s your choice. I’m just amused with all the proclamations of absolute certainty that there is no god.

        That takes a mighty heap of hubris. Arrogance is in abundant supply at any gathering of atheists.

      • Betrand

        Toady: Atheist does not equal adeism. I don’t care to argue about the existence of a deist god (see the Watchmaker analogy), because deism cannot be proven, nor can it be disproven. Furthermore, the existence of or belief in a deist creator is inconsequential. It is when people start spouting about interventionalist gods that I have to speak up.

        I’ll grant you that absence of proof is not equal to proof of absence, but that works both ways. I can’t prove that conscious matter can arise from unconscious matter (except for the fact that my dog was asleep this earlier today and is now awake…oh, wait, he’s asleep again). But neither can anyone prove the existence of an interventionalist god (theism).

        JustAGuy: “Could it be…..God?” This is analogous to a child wondering who traded a quarter for the tooth he left under his pillow. The child doesn’t understand how the quarter got there, nor does he know the fate of his old tooth. But, someone told him that it was…..The Tooth Fairy! So, he believes it must have been The Tooth Fairy after all. Wiithout evidence to the contrary, the child goes on believing what he was told. No need for proof, just rely on hearsay and don’t demand any further explanation.

        People love to say that atheists are arrogant, but it is the atheists who say that they DON’T KNOW THE ANSWERS, but that the ansers offered so far make no sense. It is the “believers” who arrogantly claim to KNOW THE ANSWERS, because it is written in the book that was handed down to them.

    • Karl Quick

      If you believe in an Almighty God that gave us “freedom to choose” as a basic right, certainly it is logical that that God would have created an entire Univers in which his existence and potential coersion would be perfectly hidden!

      As a student of science, He seems to have done a masterful job of launching this place with a big bang that evolves effortlessly on his part into a self sustaining explosion of life and energy and now THOUGHT… all without revealing his hand in a scientifically proveable or dis-proveable way.

      Hold out YOUR hand in front of you. See it? Believe it? Recognize that it is 98% or more empty space between particles of energy the most brilliant of us can only fathom as vibrating strings of energy and “forces”. Plenty of room there for what we “don’t know” is’t there?

      So keep unraveling the onion skins of creation. My bet is He will maintain his “deniabiliy” as long as he wants us to choose rather than be dictated to.

      In any case, the discipline does me (and a lot of other people) a great deal of good. It is hard to be an egotist when you are reminded daily of how far you’ve fallen short of your intensions.

      • Betrand

        I would argue that the same humility applies to the atheist, who gazes on the sky and admits that he doesn’t know all of the answers…unlike the evangelical who has the answers in his little book.

  • GD

    The joke’s on them; God doesn’t believe in this.

    • Earl Eakin

      I am always happy to debate believers, because deep down, they are searching, trying to justify their beliefs, working the arguments their preachers have worked on them, but this time to an audience which believes in reason. Remember the Bible is a collection of miscellaneous “books” (hardly books by the modern definition) voted into the current Bible by a bunch of superstitious, power-hungry men in the Dark Ages. This was a time in which God punished everyone in a village for the actions of a single witch. And when the holy men would do God’s work by burning the women of an entire village at the stake to ensure that no witches would survive. That is the origin of what believers believe today. I was brought up to believe it and 20 years ago, I though that atheists were wacko. Today, it’s like I have woken from a bad dream. I can’t believe I ever swallowed that garbage! It is so ridiculous, it’s really beyond belief. To think that the creator of the universe had to implant himself in the womb of a Jewish virgin to be born as a man and tortured to death because that was the only way he could figure out how to forgive ME for something “Adam and Eve” did? (And they ate a piece of fruit LOL) Absolutely, positively PREPOSTEROUS! So believers, keep searching, and one day, you will be liberated! May I suggest as a first step, read the book God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. See you at the rally!

      • ic2much

        Rally on wrong day 4/1/2012 RIGHT one. The pic they used was probably Tea Party gathering

  • Durazac

    I’m an atheist, and if the rally were in my town, I would go if I felt it would be positive. The rally would help provide the simple pleasure of being with like minded people. They are not rallying because they “don’t believe” they are rallying because they believe in one another.

    Looks to me like their hope is to illustrate to people, people like Jim and Jak, that atheists make up a varied population of people. Most I know are conservative republican business types like myself. The atheists that irk religious folk are the secularists: An atheist doesn’t believe in god or gods while a secularists wants you to not believe in god or gods.

    • Earl Eakin

      Hear, hear!

    • JustAGuy

      I can accept your position. Live and let live.

      I’ve had many on-line debates with those you call secularists. I’ve referred to them as militant atheists. It doesn’t take long to start seeing holes in their logic. These debate have been enjoyable for me.

      To me, every belief system is based on faith. You must exercise faith to embrace something that you have insufficient evidence to draw absolute conclusions about, that include atheism.

      • Tom

        Holes in our logic? Your Bible says that the world was created 6,000 years ago, that the earth was actually created a day or two BEFORE the sun, that if you discover your wife wasn’t a virgin you should stone her to death on her father’s doorsteps, and we have holes in OUR logic?? Thanks for the belly laugh.

      • krp

        @Tom, that was hardly restricted to the Bible. In those days, (actually really up to about 100-150 years ago) in ALL cultures, not just the the Hebrew culture, a man’s wife and children were considered his property. No different than a sheep. So needless to say, if a man would discover that his wife was not a virgin then it would be tantamount to being defrauded by a merchant and sold defective property.

      • Tom

        @KRP that’s alll well and good but wouldn’t God know better??

  • Jim Shoe

    I don’t know about being the most hated but they quickly beat out televangelists on my list of annoying people.

  • Lobo

    Yeah, Atheist is not a religion. Nope.

    • JustAGuy

      Atheism is a belief system, just as theism is also a belief system. The disconnect is, theists know they practice a belief system. Atheists don’t.

  • Big Jos

    Atheists probably wouldn’t feel so hated if they believed in a God who loved them.

  • Larry

    So they are saying 1 out of every 6 americans are atheists??? I despise these people, what a blatant outright lie. Thats what these people are all about, tearing others down because of what they believe in. I am half tempted to go to DC when they get their 8,000 to 10,000 strong crowd and protest it.

    • Earl Eakin

      To all those who say atheists are not despised, please read the post above.

      • Kelvin

        I don’t think any honest person here says they are not despised AT ALL, its just not appropriate for the guy to claim atheists are ‘the most hated’… the statement needs clarification, hated by whom? The most? Really? Its overly dramatic and subjective, there is no proof for that, so therefore you should not believe it.

    • Toady

      The percentage of atheists (in the US) is in the low-to mid single percentages. Many atheists tend to lump in the non-churchgoers and non-affiliated into the atheist category in order to inflate the statistics. This is specious.

    • JR

      I think you are conflating religious affiliated individuals, or people that a culturally Catholic/Jewish/etc., and actually religious people. 30% of my closest friends maintain their cultural religious identity because they think it would disappoint their family to admit they do not believe in god. And these are people with whom I attended Catholic high school. I feel no such burden, but don’t see a reason to have a rally about it, particularly after paying lip service from grades K-12 to what strike me as childish fairy tales.

    • Ted

      I hope you appreciate the irony of your blind rage.

      “I despise these people” due to their beliefs differing from mine.

      “Thats what these people are all about, tearing others down because of what they believe in” as I tear them down for their beliefs.

      “I am half temped to go to DC where they get their 8,000 to 10,000 strong crowd and protest it” because I disagree with their beliefs.

      Oh wait, I epitomize the exact qualities I claim to despise them for having… I am a hypocrite.

  • Rupert Pupkin

    Gee, do you think Candice Leigh Helfand is somewhat of an advocate of this movement, as opposed to an objective journalis? It seems that she wanted to underscore the idea of a “Massive Rally” by including a photo of “participants in another rally” according to the caption. What’s the matter, couldn’t get a stock photo of a previously “massive” atheist rally? I wonder if that “other rally” was a Tea Party rally?? hmmmm.

    • Richard Lane

      A 2008 Gallup poll showed that 6% of the US population believed that no god or universal spirit exists. That is about 18 million people, not 40-50 million. 18 million is a lot of people, but the numbers were definitely inflated in this article.

  • FutureUser

    I respect the atheists for their willingness to speak up. In America, everyone has the right to be wrong. Nobody has a monopoly on ignorance, and nobody is omniscient. At least that makes a good starting point for a discussion.

    BTW evolution in the Darwinian model violates the laws of genetics as discovered and formulated by Gregor Mendel. You can’t get a being with 23 pairs of chromosomes (human) by starting with zero pairs of chromosomes (pre-life). The great apes with 24 pairs of chromosomes also could not start from zero pairs, either. This is a good reason to consider the creation model.

    Not the -ism part, however!

    • Brian Bower

      Mendel’s experiments on pea plant allele inheritance were done in a single species, whereas evolution concerns (amongst other things) the genesis of new species. These are separate games, they are played by following different rules. The rediscovery of Mendel’s works at the turn of the 20th century, along with the discovery of the chromosome as a unit of inheritance, let to the development of the the Sutton-Bovieri Theory, which provided a mechanistic explanation of the rules of Mendelian inheritance. It was not until much more recently that it was discovered that genomic rearrangements had occurred throughout evolution causing speciation events (paleopolyploidy occurred in Poaceae and Eudicots), though mankind has taken advantage of these method of speciation in agriculture before (e.g. the development of Triticale wheat in the early 20th century).

      • Earl Eakin

        FutureUser gets his science from his preacher. He’s not interested in reality.

    • Tony

      A magical being who lives in the sky snapping his fingers is a more plausible explanation than natural selection?

      • Earl Eakin


      • gobnait

        That’s YOUR perspective. Doesn’t make it the the only one or the right one.

      • Anita

        . Christ said The kingdom of God is WITHIN you. You are looking Out there?

    • JIm

      Evolution in the Darwinian model doesn’t explain how life was created, just that organisms evolve through natural selection. And no, it does not violate the laws of genetics.

  • Karl Quick

    And they should receive precisely as much attention as the Catholics “Right to Life” march got from the Main Stream Media….. zilch! ….in spite of 10,000+ on a very cold/rainy day!

    Actual fairness requires this!

    NEXT year, if the Athiests want coverage, they had better make sure the MSM covers the Right to Life march properly. Less than 500 Occupy DC foks got weeks of coverage in the national media, but zilch for Catholics and other Christians marching to express their heart-felt moral outrage at the disdain currently give to respecting lives.

    And I’m not talking about just Abortion! Consider Ms. Houston, Mr. Jackson, and litterally millions that die of drugs around the world. Some overdose, some are poisoned, many children are abused, many are killed raining, buying, trading and the rest of the organized crime wars the drugs feed!

    Respect for human life and freedom extends to raising generations of people who WILLINGLY choose to avoid situations that kill needlessly.

    We don’t need to jail addicts, we need to educate them. We need to shame those in the media and entertainment worlds that endanger those poorer and less successful than themselves every time the play down the dangers involved in risky life styles!

    Freedom of choice? Indeed! Balanced freedom of choice… YOUR freedoms end where they start taking away from the freedoms of OTHERS.

    • HannMo

      Please don’t refer to it as the Catholic’s “Right to Life” march. The annual March for Life attracts people from virtually ALL denominations and religions, including Evangelical, Lutherans for Life, Jewish, Baptists, etc. Also, please don’t just say 10,000 +. It was WAY more than just a plus. The estimate I have heard is approximately 500,000. Of course, the 12 pro-aborts who were there were the only ones to really make the news. I just hope that next year we have a real reason to CELEBRATE ( a new, pro-life administration), and MUCH better weather!

      • MJ Potter

        Please don’t suggest that only religious people oppose abortion. Religious institutions provide much of the organizational resources used in the fight against abortion, but one need not believe in God to believe that killing another person in order to avoid the inconvenience of a pregnancy is a terrible thing.

      • DJ

        ^5 MJ

  • Thomas Jeffery Egleston

    The atheists have turned their dis-belief into a religion. I hate religions, even theirs.

  • HannMo

    I wonder if they are praying for good weather?

    • Earl Eakin

      If they are, it will have the same effect as not praying for it.

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