Jason Whitlock Addresses Insensitive Lin Tweet

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock joined The Mike Wise Show Wednesday and discussed his remorse over a racial tweet Friday night that made light of the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American.

Whitlock, who is African-American, first played it off as a joke but realized the damage he had done on Saturday morning. Watching Tiger Woods golf at Pebble Beach, Whitlock had an epiphany.  “I’m a huge Tiger Woods fan, and I’m siting there going, Oh My God, this is what Asian-Americans felt like watching Jeremy Lin Friday night. He’s putting up 38 points against the Lakers…and I think it’s the appropriate time to start cracking jokes?

Shortly later, Whitlock gave a contrite apology to those he had offended including the Asian-American Journalist Association.

Whitlock feels this controversy undermines what his entire career has been built upon. “I’m really strongly against unfairness as it effects any person regardless of color…religion…sexual orientation.”

The public challenged Whitlock over his tweet, and he does not want one tweet to undo all the work he had protecting athletes on social issues.  “I don’t want to lose my ability to attack these issues and to speak in defense of the Duke lacrosse players or to speak in defense of the Miami football program…this could have undermined my entire media platform, and I had to take it very seriously.”

To hear the entire interview, click below:


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