Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock joined The Mike Wise Show Wednesday and discussed his remorse over a racial tweet Friday night that made light of the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American.

Whitlock, who is African-American, first played it off as a joke but realized the damage he had done on Saturday morning. Watching Tiger Woods golf at Pebble Beach, Whitlock had an epiphany.  “I’m a huge Tiger Woods fan, and I’m siting there going, Oh My God, this is what Asian-Americans felt like watching Jeremy Lin Friday night. He’s putting up 38 points against the Lakers…and I think it’s the appropriate time to start cracking jokes?

Shortly later, Whitlock gave a contrite apology to those he had offended including the Asian-American Journalist Association.

Whitlock feels this controversy undermines what his entire career has been built upon. “I’m really strongly against unfairness as it effects any person regardless of color…religion…sexual orientation.”

The public challenged Whitlock over his tweet, and he does not want one tweet to undo all the work he had protecting athletes on social issues.  “I don’t want to lose my ability to attack these issues and to speak in defense of the Duke lacrosse players or to speak in defense of the Miami football program…this could have undermined my entire media platform, and I had to take it very seriously.”

To hear the entire interview, click below:

Comments (16)
  1. James Lee says:

    Biggest softball interview I’ve ever heard. Especially when you were drooling over him like a young schoolgirl on going to his Dad’s resturant. Just another attempt to salvage Mr. Whitlock’s credibility.and loose sight of his orginal offensive comment.

  2. angler says:

    Even dumber epiphany since Tiger also has an Asian parent ?

  3. joe says:

    Many blacks are jealous of Lin, they hate Asians because they have achieved success thru hard work, whitlock is running his racial mouth just like all the other uneducated blacks, he should be FIRED, if a White guy said this in a racial way about blacks, watch out, he’s fired

    1. noSECfan says:

      I agrees with you Joe. If some racist Bubba (Rush Limbaugh) or Uncle Tom (Ward Connerly), would’ve said this about Lin, they would’ve been ridiculed by the same hypocrits who complained about Whitlock.

  4. James Lee says:

    All I can say is that my Asian friends are outraged, my African American friends are embarrrassed and my Caucasian friends are shouting double standard.

  5. Cherie says:

    Did Whitlock apologize to Jeremy Lin? What an awful thing to say, immediately takes your mind into the gutter, and trying to take away from the accomplishment of this yourng man. And blah, blah, blah, I’m sick of hearing excuses like Whitlock’s dumb “epiphany” (who cares?) and was out with friends when he tweeted, does this make it any better?

    Should get out a measuring tape and do Whitlock’s, both before and after erection. Oh, firmness and angle matter too, let’s get that as well. If you are reading this Jason Whitlock, see what it feels like to have readers of these comments get a mental picture of you like this, that’s what you did to Jeremy Lin.

  6. KDog says:

    Apology accepted Mr. Whitlock. Now step down from your job and serve your punishment. Somethings can’t be forgiven with words alone. I hate to do this, but you must be sacrificed. You can always work your way back if you use your very big mistake as motivation. I will try to contact advocate groups to put pressure on your employer to either reduce your role or dismiss you entirely.

  7. Edgardo Prestoza says:

    I will never accept your apology, ever. Jason Whitlock, you are unremorseful and pathetic. You are not a comedian and never will be. I am very sure you always like making racial jokes and sexist jokes in your lifetime. I am sure you miss the good ol’ days when discrimination and racial bias are accepted. I bet you miss your high school and college days when you sexually harass women and make racial slurs, as well as slurs against women. It will be a travesty if Jason Whitlock stays in ESPN. You have something in common with Rush Limbaugh and David Duke.

  8. AAM says:

    I used to look forward to listening to 106.7 the fan. I’m utterly disgusted. You just lost a listener. Lavar mocked an Asian caller on the subject of Lin saying there are Asians with swagger like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Maybe most blacks, and especially black athletes (black + dumb jock) really are ignorant after all. You lost a long time listener.

  9. KM says:

    Considering the writer who wrote the “C@#$K in the Armor” headline was fired, Mr. Whitlock should be also. Why did i have to work so hard to find this story? Could it be because Mr. Whitlock is black?

    1. JoeBlows says:

      Wow, no outrage about the millions of racist comments Whitlock has made about other black athletes. Oh yeah, they are black and not worthy of respect so it’s ok, right? Grow up. This is what happens when you allow idiots like Whitlock to feed your own bigotry.

      Selective bigotry is the practice of celebrating Whitlock with his non-sequitur, racist insults against black athletes. And then being outraged when his racist remarks are directed toward people you actually like. The fat blob of an albatross that is Whitlock would have been taken care of years ago if idiots like you did not revel in his EQUALLY racist attacks on others.

      But, since it stoked your bigoted flames. It was fine. You dumb racist a$$holes fed this fat wildebeest. It was only a matter of time before it followed you home and pooped on your front lawn.

      Attack racism whenever you see it.

      Or accept racism whenever you see it.

      But you can’t have it both ways.

      1. km says:

        The topic wasn’t the history of Whitlock and why he is still employed. The topic was somebody getting fired for a racist comment about Lin but Whitlock walking away without a scratch.

        I don’t watch Whitlock and honestly haven’t ever seen him anywhere but the SportsReporters so I couldn’t tell you his history of being offensive. I can tell you that he should be fired for this the same way the other guy was. If he’s not fired for his comment I’d call that a double standard and giving somebody a pass because of their color is just as bad as not giving somebody a pass because of their color.

        As for me being a racist. If you can tell that from two lines on paper well then you’re a better man than I

  10. RN says:

    Whitlock is a pitiful racist that must be fired so he no longer resorts to such antics to gain attention. He’s just a sad thing trying to hang on to a career he doesn’t deserve. It’s just as much his employers fault for giving him a venue to do so. He’s clearly too ignorant to be given the responsibility associated with a media outlet that reaches any substantive portion of the public. Just irresponsible.

  11. JT says:

    Uh, Tiger Woods is half Asian and Obama is half-white. However, Mr. Whitlock is a full idiot.

  12. ethnicmuse says:

    Absolutely pathetic ‘interview’

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