D.C. residents with a need to satisfy a craving for Mexican food: look no further. Below is a list of the best spots serving up the biggest, most satisfying burritos in town. Enjoy fresh salsa, creamy guacamole, melted cheese and a variety of other fillings and toppings at any of these D.C. area locations.

Hours: Mon–Fri Noon–2 p.m.

The Well Dressed Burrito is obsessed with filling tortillas with a variety of meats and toppings. Customers can get burritos in a variety of ways: huge flour tortillas wrapped around a choice of fillings, grilled, fried, extra-large, as a salad and even in platters served with beans, rice and salad on the side. Almost all of the burritos are between $5-7. Burrito lovers have found their home.

pedroandvinnys Best Burritos In DC

(credit: pedroandvinnys.com)

Hours: Vary, check website for details

A local favorite, Pedro and Vinny’s small food truck is revered by many D.C. residents, some swearing that it serves the best burritos in the world. Using fresh ingredients, Pedro and Vinny have the simplest of menus; just choose from small, medium, or large. Each burrito is filled with homemade salsa, cheese, rice, beans (black or pinto) and hot sauce. Hearty and savory, these burritos are sure to hit the spot. The best part is the price: the small burrito is only $4, and the large is $5.50. Just be prepared to wait in line.

Hours: Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–8:45 p.m.; Sat 8:30 a.m.–7:55 p.m.; Sun 10 a.m.–6:45 p.m.

If you like to have control over what goes in your burrito, the Burrito Brothers selection is for you. Choose a size, a kind of tortilla (plain, whole wheat, tomato, jalapeno, multigrain, or spinach) and then go to town with your choice of fillings. Select from pinto, refried, or black beans; corn salsa, salsa verde, or hot sauce; veggies such as corn, tomatoes and spinach; and extras like guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese. Starting price for a medium burrito is $5, but some ingredients cost extra.

alerorestaurant Best Burritos In DC

(credit: alerorestaurant.com)

Hours: Sun–Thurs 11 a.m.–Midnight; Fri–Sat. 11 a.m.–2:30 a.m.

For a burrito in a slightly more upscale venue, try Alero. With four locations in the city on U Street, Dupont Circle, Columbia Heights, and Cleveland Park, D.C. area residents can find whichever Alero is nearest to indulge in one of the huge burritos, smothered in roasted tomato sauce and melted cheese. Choose a filling— anything from shrimp to bean to veggie—and enjoy your burrito with guacamole, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo. The $11.99 is worth it, especially when you eat it with an icy margarita.

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Hours: Mon–Thurs 11:30 a.m.–11 p.m.; Fri 11:30 a.m.–Midnight; Sat 11 a.m.–Midnight; Sun 11 a.m.–11 p.m.

guapos Best Burritos In DC

(credit: guaposrestaurant.com)

With a fun, casual atmosphere it’s no wonder this Mexican joint is always packed. While this eatery features a large menu, diners shouldn’t overlook Guapo’s delicious burritos, stuffed with a choice of fillings such as bean, vegetables, or shrimp and scallops and covered with hot melted cheese. Also choose either a ranchero sauce, a spicy tomato based salsa, or a green tomatillo sauce. In warmer months guests are welcome to enjoy their burritos on their outdoor patio.

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Priya Konings is a freelance writer and restaurant critic in Washington D.C. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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