WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — With a little more than a week passed since police cracked down on their McPherson Square location, Occupy DC protestors turned their sights on the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday.

The group tried to block the street in front of the Marriott Wardman Hotel where the conference was being held.

Joined by union workers, the group also tried to gain entry to the establishment, but police promptly marched them back down the hill.


All the while their signs continued to wave and their cries and shouts continued to be heard loudly.

Metropolitan Police were prepared for today’s protest with uniformed officers at the ready.

Those attending the CPAC got into verbal arguments with the protestors, but no incidents of violence were reported.

“Sit down, talk to us and let’s work on changes we can agree on,” one protestor told WNEW’s Kevin Rincon. “If not this country is going to get a lot, lot worse before it starts to get better.”

Attendees of the conference said the protestors’ frustrations were misplaced.

“They have a reason to be upset at bailouts, but they’re putting all the pressure on capitalism. . . They’re attacking capitalism,” one CPAC goer explained.

Unlike the protests that have continued in McPherson Square, Friday’s event was lasted only about two hours. Protestors and union workers began congregating around noon and dispersed around 2 p.m.

  1. Hart Lewis says:

    Radical leftist ASTROTURF lunatics. Oh yeah, “astroturf”…the unions are paying them to protest and they have no idea what they’re protesting about.

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