NFL Network’s insider Jason La Canfora joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan and in his opinion, he cannot see Peyton Manning as a Washington Redskin.

The only logical selling point, according to La Canfora, is if Snyder offers Manning an absurd deal that he’d be unable to turn down.  But even with such a deal, there are many downsides for the for him to come to Washington.

“I don’t see why Peyton Manning would want to go [to Washington].”  LaConfora said.  “I mean you’re still rebuilding an offensive line.  There’s question marks up and down the roster.  There are no skill players right now of any merit.  I mean, Fred Davis is the game-breaker on offense and the next time he gets caught smoking pot, he sits down for a year,” he elaborated.

For those who think playing under Mike Shanahan is a strong selling point from Snyder, the NFL Network insider claimed playing for him could cause more headache for Manning.

“You’ve got Mike and Kyle Shanahan who have micro managed everything there,”  he said.  “Are they really going to turn it over to a 36-year-old injured Peyton Manning there and say ‘Yea, call all the plays at the line of scrimmage.  You run the offense, you know, take over OTA’s, it’s all you Peyton, we’re just going to sit back and watch.'”

Listen to the full Jason La Canfora interview with “The Sports Junkies” below:

  1. felixfrijoles says:

    Yeah……After his horrid run on the Washington Post where he was universally hated and beaten out for every story before being driven out of town to the NFL NETWORK…….I am supposed to trust anything JLC says. LOL….you have to be kidding.

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