WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSDC) — Former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann called her 2012 presidential campaign “one series of humiliations after another.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bachmann offered her less-than-positive impression of her presidential bid at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday.

“I thought you would be interested in knowing that running for president of the United States is really one series of humiliations after another,” she reportedly told the assembly.

After a poor showing in the Iowa caucus held early last month, in which she only garnered approximately 5 percent of the vote, Bachmann bowed out of the race.

Bachmann drew a great deal of criticism for making controversial and factually inaccurate statements while campaigning, including the assertion that the Founding Fathers ‘worked tirelessly’ to end slavery.

As she addressed the CPAC crowd, she joked about other missteps she made along the way.

“First of all, I learned where John Wayne was born. That’s very important,” she said in reference to a campaign trail mix-up in which she confused the birthplace of Wayne and serial rapist and killer John Wayne Gacy. “And then second, I learned the day that Elvis Presley was born. These are vital issues to our republic!”

Bachmann has yet to endorse another GOP presidential candidate since her departure from the race. As of now, the sitting Minnesota House representative is running for re-election.

  1. DougH2 says:

    Nobody in the Tea Party told her that she is a moron. If someone was just truthful with her, she wouldn’t have embraced herself and her party.

    All you have to do us watch some of her floor speeches in the House and you would know how little she knows. She is a factually challenged flamethrower.

    She’s either lying or ignorant or some combination of the two. Sara Palin must have given her the courage that she need to run. But Republican were even smart enough to learn from the mistakes of the past election.

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