By: Brendan DarrBy Brendan Darr

So in the span of about an hour we got a report from NBC 4’s Dan Hellie that Maryland Quarterback Danny O’Brien and Left Tackle Max Garcia are transferring out of the university, then something resembling a denial from O’Brien himself via twitter.  A spokesman from the athletic department said “We can’t confirm or deny that report at this time.”

Here are the tweets from Hellie (@DanHellie)

And the tweet about Garcia:

And now O’Brien’s post saying he is “Still a Terp”:!/DannyOBrien5/status/167359882029305857

Now, as EB from the Junkies pointed out, this is by no means “I am not transferring” it just means, for now, he’s a Terp.  It doesn’t mean he is not transferring at all.  Obviously this could go on into spring practice and see where he is on the depth chart and then decide.

O’Brien is set to graduate in May and could therefore transfer after graduation and do post-graduate work at another University (Vanderbilt, possibly?).  As of now there is no response from Garcia on twitter, but stay tuned for more updates.

Losing your starting quarterback and left tackle is a serious issue, but one thing that cannot be understated is the fact that O’Brien hosted 5-star recruit Stefon Diggs (Good Counsel) on Saturday for his official visit to the University of Maryland.  Diggs is deciding where he wants to attend school this Friday night on Comcast Sports Net at 10 p.m. and as of now says he hasn’t decided where he wants to go.  Is this move potentially bad since O’Brien hosted, yes, but is it an absolute deal-breaker, probably not.

That said, Diggs was a long shot at-best to attend Maryland and having the player who hosted him even rumored to be transferring two days before his decision is, quite simply, not good.

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