10,000 Students To Be Bused In For First Lady Exercise Event

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBSDC/AP) — Thousands of students, several well-known athletes and a number of politicians are expected to join Michelle Obama for an event in Des Moines that will promote exercise and healthy eating.

Besides the first lady, participants at the Thursday event include Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, gymnast Shawn Johnson, figure skater Michelle Kwan and NASCAR champion Carl Edwards.

About 10,000 children will be bused to the event from 45 schools in the Des Moines area.

It will be Obama’s first stop on a three-day national tour marking her Let’s Move initiative, which promotes physical fitness and healthy eating for children. She’s been drawn to Des Moines by Iowa’s Healthiest State initiative. That program aims to make Iowa the healthiest state by 2016.

Last month, the First Lady made a stop in Alexandria, VA when she and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced new guidelines for school meals.

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  • Mark Wright

    My Gawd!!!

  • ObamaSucks

    How much CO2 will that put into the atmosphere?

  • Bob Lippert

    Two things—-how much is this gathering cositing the taxpayers—-the children would be better off staying in the classrooms.—-do I dare mention HIlter’s youth agenda?–oops just did

    • Carol Dunbar

      Glad someone put to words what I was really thinking.

      • Jenny

        You are an excellent wirter even if I have thought your writing seems sad sometimes! I am so glad you are honest! The truth will set you free, is true! I love you and I am so blessed to be your Mom!

      • Pat

        same here!!

    • Patty

      In this day of vast communication there is no reason not to broadcast into the above mentioned schools.. Kids attention span is better for TV than in a stadium.. Think of the traffic tie ups, the bathroom use that will have to be monitored, etc. If I had a children in any one of those schools I’d keep them home .

      • Props

        Traffic tie-ups? It’s Des Moines! Yeah tv is better than a field trip! Must be home schooled.

    • Midge Martin

      “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

      —— http://911essentials.com

  • Carol Dunbar

    Another form of grandstanding…more Hollywood!

  • bserius

    I am one Angry White guy right now

    • Tom McCartney

      I don’t care who you are…now that was funny.

  • alanwillingham

    What a shame they have to admit there were so few who would attend unless forced by government at taxpayer expense

    • ant

      Hey, who needs to bus in school kids? Just announce free amnesty and WIC benefits are going on in Des Moines and she’ll have 100,000 Mexicans to work with.

  • Kat Bax

    who is covering the cost of this event????I hope it is the Obama campaign…..as we KNOW this is what it is! Disgusting! Why not spend that money to give a working family a moment of relief. Dinner on the table! Too common I suppose.

  • Jeffrey Niven

    And who will pay for all of this activity?

    • Pat

      that would be US…

    • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

      It’s not real money, it’s just government money, the purpose of which is to:

      1) Perform social engineering;
      2) Buy votes;
      3) Give rebates to people who contributor to Dem politicians;
      4) Enslave minorities on the Democrat Plantation, and;
      5) Spread the wealth so that we all suffer equally (except for the Dem elite).

  • FED UP

    Maybe Patrick Ewing will inform all thos kids they will be for ever in debt thanks to her radical socialist illigit thuggish husband!!!!

  • noreaster

    What about the carbon footprint by busing in 10k students to promote Michelle Obama’s agenda…. “do-as-I-say-not-as-do”.

    • Bob

      Average school bus, I am guessing 50 kids, thats 200 buses converging on one place, talk about one hell of a carbon footprint, and where are they going to park them, not at the event center. De Moines does not have a event center that could handle that many bus’, so they will drive back to where they came from, wait and then go back to pick the kids up. Hell why not hold it in Hawaii and fly all the kids on C-5 transports, that would be so much easier. These people are such jokes, and anyone who supports them deserves what is coming, the total collapse of our society. Get ready for out house’s again people, because it’s all about to fall apart!!!

      • Gurn

        That\’s really thinking of the hhigest order

      • Mary

        Two new art exhibits at the Covey Center in Provo, UTDo Dinosaurs Dream of Electric Sheep?Sculpture by Tim Little and Prints by Carolyn NicitaSecured Gallery, Freeuntil March 29.Related: Paintings by Linnie Brown and Marinus WolfEccles Gallery, Freeuntil April 26.

  • Johannah Bruggeman

    Marxist proganda at its worst. These people and their Marxist Czars must be forced out of the Whitehouse in the November election. Anyone but the Obamas!

    • Skipper

      Our military ought to remove the lot of them and also put the fear in Pelosi, Reid, etc., to shape up or you may be next.

  • Ed

    Wow, and here we are getting ready to lay off 620 teachers due to a budget shortfall.

  • RP'12

    We are a fat a$$ country. Many of us need to eat better and exercise. If kids listen to this message, we will be a stronger country.

    We are also 16T in debt, so maybe she could just take out an ad somewhere?

    • gobnait

      You must believe that Obama has magical powers if you think that a one-shot field trip will be enough to change their behavior for life.

      • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

        If you have any kids in a public K-12 school the odds are that you know that they’re exposed to liberal propaganda on a regular basis.

  • Pag in Holmes

    If they want to be healthy, why not run to the event?



  • Vincent

    What is going on? What is with the colossal wastes of money by this White House, for either recreational or political purposes? It is like a massive party paid for by us.

  • Jack LaLane

    Those busses better be electric or powered by natural gas or used cooking oil. Wouldn’t want the little darlings have their asthma and ADD exacerbated by the hydrocarbon waste.

    • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

      pssst – natural gas does indeed produce hydrocarbons when it is burned.

      One of the funniest things Nancy Pelosi has said was that what she likes about natural gas is that it’s not a fossil fuel.

  • Mike

    Get mad and vote! If this or any of the other things these cretins have done don’t motivate you to get out and vote then you deserve to stew in cesspool liberalism is creating VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  • guest on this planet


  • Pat

    PLEASE leave our kids out of all this!!!!!

  • John Patrick Ryan

    This appalling, coerced Moochelle ***-kissing is an obamanation of the first rank !

  • Monty

    Another costly photo op for the Obamas.

  • maxtor

    Moooochelle needs to run to the even from DC….might take off some of that butt of hers…she is guilty of being big herself!!

  • Jim in Houston

    And just who is picking up the tab for this boon doogle?

  • YankeeI

    I believe that the forced busing to the event Makes Moochelle personally responsible for the health and safety of these kids. Should, God forbid, any of them get hurt on the way to or during this Photo-Op, I hope the parents of these kids sue the living be-Jesus out her. Maybe that will put an end to this manipulation!

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