CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Presidential contender Mitt Romney is fighting to win over social conservatives in Tuesday’s Republican caucuses.

Romney, who previously supported abortion rights, has struggled to convince some cultural conservatives that he’s conservative enough. And rival Rick Santorum hopes to use those voters to score strong finishes in Colorado and Minnesota on Tuesday.

In recent days, Romney has emphasized his social conservative credentials at campaign events and in interviews.

In a radio interview, he said he supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to strip funding from Planned Parenthood. Komen later reversed that decision.

In a rally near Denver, he said the Obama administration is forcing religious institutions to distribute “abortive pills.”

Romney will spend Tuesday meeting with voters in Colorado, before turning to Georgia and Maine.

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  1. Sam Osborne says:

    One might have thought that former Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney would by now have learned that the God of Christianity does not reliably ordain winners and losers and that not all of His followers are of like mind. To wit, the most conspicuous Christian pro football player, Tim Tebow, didn’t appear to have the Holy Ghost whispering the right plays in his ear when they played the Patriots. And then, victorious QB Brady got let down and the Patriots lost to the boys from . . . oh my . . . Gotham City.

    But you know, if Mitt were to put on tights, a cape, a mask with ears, and assume Tebow’s gargoyle crouch—Holy Batman! Thus empowered and with two Robins at his side, the robin’ Koch brothers, Mitt wouldn’t need any inconsistent godly favoritism.

    It could give Caped Crusader Mitt the edge that some of the earlier followers of his faith could have used when they were being persecuted because of their beliefs by folks who considered themselves real Christians and Americans. Maybe they would not have suffered the Mormon War of 1838, the murder of their founding prophet, Joseph Smith whose 5 assailants were acquitted by a sympathetic jury, and continued assault during their long flight west. With Mitt now standing up for us Catholics it does make me wonder where my ancestral members of the faith were when his Mormon people were being put on the run for their lives.

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