ALEXANDRIA (CBSDC) — A third person is in custody for the murder of Alexandria activist Lenny Harris.

Prince George’s County Police announced 26-year-old Tyrone Lewis as the third suspect during a joint press conference with Alexandria Police Monday afternoon.

Authorities believe he is the actual trigger man in the case.

Lewis, of Fort Washington, has been in custody in Fairfax County since last October on an unrelated auto theft charge.

He is being held on detainer for first-degree Murder, robbery and reckless endangerment.

Police identified Lewis as a suspect in the case early on in the investigation thanks in large part to ATM camera footage that showed him using Harris’ debit card hours after he went missing.

He lived in the neighborhood where Harris’ body was found at the bottom of a well and police believe he is the mastermind behind the murder.

He is the third person and final person to be charged in the case.

“I just think that [police] have been fantastic,” Deborah Harris, the victim’s wife told WNEW. “I’m proud that they’re doing this and I’m thankful and grateful.”

Police previously arrested 49-year-old Linwood Johnson and 20-year-old Ivan Newman for Harris’ murder.

On Jan. 26 at approximately 12:07 p.m., police received an anonymous call that a body was in a well in the 11900 block of Old Fort Rd. Two days later the body was exhumed and later positively identified as that of the missing Harris.

The arrests in the case came shortly thereafter.

  1. Joe Zingher says:

    The best data available indicates that 3 to 6% of all murders in the US involve a forced ATM withdrawal. That’s roughly 500 to 1,000 murders per year just like this one. That doesn’t include people who are misclassified as missing, foul play suspected, as Lenny Harris was OR people who are attacked in the mere hope they have an ATM card but don’t have one. That could easily double the number of victims. Everytime the police call for the problem to be tracked, the legislature looks the other way. Funny how the banks don’t mention that when they hand out those ATM cards,

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