Profootballtalk and NBC Sports’ Mike Florio joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan while at radio row in Indianapolis, IN during Super Bowl week  and spoke candidly about the direction he thinks the Redskins are going.

When asked point-blank if he thought the Skins were heading in the right direction, Florio responded immediately with, “No.” Asked if he though the franchise was treading water he replied, “treading water would be a compliment right now.”

Some fans and pundits think Peyton Manning could be the remedy to cure the mediocrity that has been ailing D.C.  Florio predicted it could make matters worse.

“Peyton Manning’s not going to want to play quarterback in an offense where the guy that’s running it has a joystick in his hand and wants the quarterback to do exactly what he wants the quarterback to do,”  Florio said.  “Peyton Manning would strap Kyle Shanahan to a goal post with Duct Tape within a week,” he added.

Listen to the full Mike Florio interview with “The Sports Junkies” below:

Comments (9)
  1. Deevee says:

    fuc Mike Florio!

  2. Switch123 says:

    Mike who?, Toilet Paper and Forio are the same remove waste and flush it down the toilet

  3. Veteran says:

    hahahahahahah Mike Florio being listed as an “NFL Expert.”
    That’s a hoot!

  4. jerry says:

    It would be a freakin disaster if peyton came to the redskins period and he would set our team back 10 more years on top of it . We need a long gterm QB not everyone elses garbage , therers a reason why they are getting rid of the guy . Why should we pay his huge ass bonus ? he played for efin indy not the redskins why should we pay him when his good years was in indy not in redskins park ? if we do not get RG3 i will start thinking about losing my loyalty to our team , if they pick up manning i am done with this team for good . See if we get him we would be paying him more money than it would cost to draft up and get rg3 and RG3 does not have a neck problem . We have had more than 23 QBs in 20 years we keep getting these effin loser year after year , they need a dam QB not no broken ass one so stop this effin merry go round and draft a good QB or you are going to lose a fan period .

    1. SkinsFan says:

      They wouldn’t pay Manning’s bonus. They would only be on the hook for that if they were to trade for him. There is no need to trade for him because he will be released, due to the afore mentioned bonus. The reason he is being released? Because their franchise has the opportunity to draft the “best prospect since Elway” and the team cannot allocate that much cap space to one position. (i.e. a first overall pick salary along with the large bonus due to Manning) It is not performance based at all.

      1. jerry says:

        See the redskins need to keep building from the draft and that means giving a few extra picks to get RG3 it would be well worth it not to mention if they got RG3 they would pay the rookie salary , but if they got manning or flynn they will be paying a salary way to much like lets say they get flynne . He would be expecting a salary somewhat the same or more like cassel got and flynne is not worth it , he has only played a few games and not to mentioned he played behind a very good offense that has all the pieces in tact . Rg3 in my opinion is as good if not better than Andrew luck by far . This is going to be one of those rare occassions were we are within reach to get one of the best player at the QB spot and if the redskins do not get him then be prepared to be a so so team for another 20 years .

  5. Steve Norris says:

    Who is Mike Florio?

  6. Chris Kavanagh says:

    Hey Jerry, I don’t think anyone would consider Manning ‘everyone elses garbage’! The guy LED his team to the Super Bowl just 2 yrs ago. Look what that team did without him. I don’t think it would the best move for the Skins, but I sure wouldn’t complain either.

  7. losntina69 says:

    I love how everyone keeps saying to get RG3 because we need to continue to build through the draft. UM to get RG3 we would need to give up 3-4 picks for this guy. You really think St Louis rather get two of our picks instead of two first round picks from the Browns? The browns have more ammo, so for the Skins to get RG3 we would probably have to give two first picks a second and possibly a third or a fourth within the next two years. So is that what everyone wants? arent we supposed to build through the draft? If we dont get RG3 then so be it, we can draft Tannenhill or Weeden and still build through the draft and if not those guys we can go get Kyle Orton or some other QB. Next year there’s going to be a good QB draft class as well. Shanny is not building this team to win now he is building an organization, something that is foreign here in DC since Cook was the owner. So if RG3 falls to the 6th spot great if not then oh well, this past season they showed that if we had a competent QB that we could of won several more games. Getting Kyle is not a bad idea getting Manning is not a bad idea, in the last 4 or 5 weeks of the season the Skins gave up only 9 sacks and that was to the Jets, Pats, NYG, Vikes, and Eagles. Seems a lot but all of these teams except the Pats are good pass rushing teams and they didnt do that well against the Skins. Again with a good QB those sacks are reduced. If we get Peyton we will still have the picks to continue to grow, by signing Peyton we are not going to stop building. So skins go get Peyton, go get Brandon Carr, Calais Campbell, Tyvon Branch and Landry, and Grubbs or Nicks and then use your picks to fill the other holes. Signing these FA’s there are 4 less spots that we have to waste a draft pick on.

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