Plaxico Burress, who caught eight touchdown passes for the New York Jets last season, joined Lavar and Dukes on radio row in Indianapolis today and made a big forecast for the upcoming NFL offseason.

“I have a strange prediction for what I believe is going to happen.” Burress said. “I believe that Drew Brees is going to land in Washington.”

Burress was asked if he would be interested in playing for the Redskins if Brees was here. “I don’t think you have to ask any receiver that question,” Plaxico laughed.

Burress said that he can’t figure out why the Saints would even let a player like Brees test the free agent market. “Everybody knows that guy Daniel Snyder, how he feels about spending a little bit of bread. I just got a hunch Drew Brees is going to land in Washington,”

However, last month Brees did tell New Oreleans media that he would be “beyond stunned” if he didn’t resign with the Saints.

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  1. Barbieri Anthony says:

    Drew Brees & RG III Skin’s will load up @ QB for the Next Decade III Skin’s can Afford Two marquee QB’s because of thee rookie salry Cap which get this Rams maybe trying to unload Sam Bradford Like Colts Unload Peyton Manning

  2. "Újra Tanulok" TÁMOP-2.1.6-12/1 pályázat says:

    Az Újra Tanulok TÁMOP-2.1.6-12/1 projekt keretében támogatásban részesülhetnek azok a tankötelezettségüket teljesített, de a rájuk irányadó öregségi nyugdíjkorhatárt be nem töltött személyek – foglalkoztatási helyzetüktől függetlenül – akik az alábbi kimenetű képzésekben való részvételt vállalják.

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