Roseanne Barr Seeks Green Party Presidential Nod

WASHINGTON (AP) — Roseanne Barr said Thursday she’s running for the Green Party’s presidential nomination — and it’s no joke.

The actress-comedian said in a statement that she’s a longtime supporter of the party and looks forward to working with people who share her values. She said the two major parties aren’t serving the American people.

“The Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants — bought and paid for by the 1% — who are not doing what’s in the best interest of the American people,” Barr said.

Occupy Wall Street protesters popularized the “We are the 99 percent” slogan in their fight against economic disparity and perceived corporate greed.

Barr has submitted paperwork to the Green Party for her candidacy. The party’s presidential nominee will be selected at a convention in Baltimore in July.

Barr said she has been fighting for working-class families and women for decades.

“I will barnstorm American living rooms,” she said in a candidate questionnaire submitted to the Green Party. “Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me, but more importantly they will be unable to overlook the needs of average Americans in the run-up to the 2012 election.”

Barr’s hit TV sitcom “Roseanne” aired from 1988 to 1997 and earned her an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She played a wise-cracking mom in the comedy about a blue-collar family. Barr has a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

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  • jumpingpolarbear

    Going to put a dollar on Roseanne. Might end up the richest guy in the world :)

    • Indianapolis

      I love how the last line comes out of nowhere:

      “Barr has a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.”

      Made me LOL.

    • rockytony

      This woman, who once was the epitome of a national disgrace, disrespect and arrogance, is now running for president. This inspires me to amplify where the term “the runs” is derived. She not only induces this condition, she is this condition.

    • margaret

      Don’t waste my valuable time.

      • Paula Abdul

        Obama can sing, and we know Roseanne can sing, now we just have to find out if Romney can sing.

    • NOWAY

      Isn’t she PART of the 1 PERCENT?

      • JT


        I just visited that website and I cannot stop laughing!! I’m not really sure what I could possible say in response…

        Thanks for the entertainment.

      • Tammy Sinclair

        “Marlene Klim” and “JT” are 2 government posters trying to divert your attention and cover up the truth. This is what the government does when the truth leaks out, they cyber bully, divert attention, distract, and discredit.

        Keep covering up and wasting our tax dollars.

      • 4kidsandacat

        EXACTLY!!! Does she not know that she can VOLUNTARILY DONATE more to the IRS?

      • Granny

        No, she is a liberal, and exempt from the 1%, and you can tell she is a liberal, because the A/P story only reports the facts without injecting their smarmy bias into each sentence, as they did in the Rick Santorum story today.

      • Tammy Sinclair

        The daily news, polling numbers, endorsements, and surges are made up. Unelected officials have taken over Washington, are orchestrating the daily news, and are censoring the media from reporting on the truth. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      • Marlene Klim

        Aren’t the insane more than 1%. She certainly qualifies for that group.

        She once was entertaining. Appears she has lost that quality. Now, just a nutcase.

    • Bo Jiden

      A few months ago Mr Warm-Fuzzy himself, Ralph Nader said he was on the lookout for someone to run against BHO. I think we have a winner here…y’know…figuratively speaking.

      A Barr/Nader ticket sounds wonderful…I think every Republican in the country should talk them up. Just don’t get confused when an elephant is our party symbol, but their party candidate.

    • Corn Fed

      Barr is a Talmudic Jew.

      • Xschild

        Salt Lake City Jew. Morman during the week and Jew on weekends,
        How messed up is that. There’s more.
        Thought the Green Party belonged to Nader. Do you think her Kabbalah
        lessons with Madonna helped her make that decision.
        Glad when this woman disappears for ever sickandsick of her.

    • NOT LA

      She tweeted the address of George Zimmerman’s parents house, then deleted it. Hey Rosy, do you live in a house? Many contend It works both ways baby!

      Just sayin…

  • Diane

    Dear GOD!!!!!! What is this world coming to? First, the “Green Party” wanted a Communist, Van Jones, for their President, and now Rosanne Barr? This is just too much to take at this hour of the morning…:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • Bob Billings

      This is great news for the Republicans!!!

      • Pete

        I wonder what Dan will think. Or Martin Mull and Fred Thompson, for that matter.

    • No !vember

      The sane people in this country could not ask for a better development. An Insane Marxist Communist Environmental-Nut Zip-Sh_t-PerCenter, sapping votes away from the other Marxist in the White House!

      • Sandra Johnson

        MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Run Roseanne run. Do your country a favor and sap Obama votes. You GO, girl!

      • Bo Jiden

        Quiet, fool! Just tow the line! Send her a few bucks and encourage her! There’s no sweeter sight than to see liberals eating each other. Now, (ahem)…

        Hey, I say she’s got a serious shot. Go Roseanne! Get the corporate shill out of the white house!

  • bob

    Isn’t this chick dead yet?

    • No !Vember

      Yes, in a sense!

    • kentuckian

      Judging from the picture, I say, Yes.

    • JohnD

      Chick? Don’t you mean “old hen”?

    • Dr. Robotnik

      No, that log in the Snickers commercial proved she can’t die. Maybe she’s a vampire. She sure sucks the life out of normal people.

  • Steve

    Wow, so delusional. What a dinosaur, a celebrity that actually takes their BS seriously, what a shock… *yawn*

  • Nancy O

    Green is the new Red. I’d like to see her tax returns. Just wondering how well that nut farm in Hawaii is doing for her.

  • Doyle

    Let’s see…a Socialist whack-job or an Eco-friendly, tree-hugging whack-job from Hollyweird…which is more Liberally evil?

    • FatFace

      Your ideological belief system.

      • JWS

        Ohohohohooooo! You really zinged him!

  • MilwaukeeMark

    We have departed the land of wacky and entered the realm of the absurd.

  • Sammie Jo

    That clinches it, we are now officially the laughing stock of the world!

    • Bob Billings

      We are only the laughing stock if she wins, which of course she won’t. But she can sure take liberal votes away from Obama! That makes us winners again…well at least not as lowly.

      • Ancient Pollyanna

        No… we’re a laughing stock. And rightfully so. Well earned IMHO.

  • Joe America

    better than the Facist in the white house now

    • B

      You don’t know too much about this creature they call Roseann Barr, do you?

      • xschild

        Gee “B” I did not have guts enough to call her a creature. Fits perfectly.

  • Wild Bill

    Liberals are the most insane people on Earth…good-looking too!


      Conservatives are the most insane people on Earth…not good-looking either.

      • notalib

        Not true. Liberalism is a mental disorder. I don’t know what comes first–liberalism or the mental disorder but they go together. As far as looks–compare the babes on Fox vs any of the alphabet channels. Or the women that are Republican/Conservative. Compare them to any of the Democrat women and they win—no contest.

      • Steven Douglas Whitener

        there are no liberal/conservative splits.It is alla game to divide the American people into adversarial groups while the globalist elite advance their agenda.In the end we are all slaves…

      • 4kidsandacat

        And a longer list of good looking conservatives

    • 4kidsandacat

      OH I think I could make a loooong list of ugly libs…

      • Yestical

        Quite a few ugly conservs too.

      • Granny2

        Fox has all the foxes, the main networks have all the liberal hags. That’s an inconvenient truth.

    • Rupert Pupkin

      So there are good looking libs and ugly libs. And there are good looking conservatives and ugly conservatives.

      WOW!!!!! So insightful everyone!!

      I’m going to go take a $hit now.

      • ablecynic

        Good idea. I am going to go launch my personal support Roseanne’s campaign right now!

  • Gilbert R Albright Jr

    How was the person that lifted up the rock that allowed her to crawl out again!

    • ablecynic

      I hear the White House was looking for Biden’s brain and the overturned the rock that had Roseanne under it.

  • Jim Bob

    simply amazing….. it’s true– we are a laughing stock—- I guess this will cinch the Obama reelection

  • Newsie

    Roseanne Barr ? Well sure. Because a has been TV actress with a snotty attitude and foul mouth is exactly what this country needs. Please.

  • maxf

    She’ll may take the nutjob vote from Obama and the Republicans will be in office.
    Go Roseanne, I will hug a tree today!

  • dcruney

    I’m just trying to calculate how much revenue this has-been must make on a 46 acre macademia nut farm. They cost an arm and a leg for 2 oz. I never liked her show, never thought she was funny, and she is about as relevant as the newspaper I line my birdcage with.

    • Support Roaseanne

      Yeah but ya got to love that new commercial with her in it.

      • LibertarianBob

        Is that the one where the big log smacks her> I saw it last night..laughed my arse off.

  • JoeShmo1979

    Good. Sap some of that liberal vote off Obummer.

  • Bill E Bob

    Man, some people just can’t deal with being irrelevant.

    • LibertarianBob

      Yeah, she is about as relevent as Donald Trup.

      • LibertarianBob


  • cogwheel

    Just this morning I thought. ” I’m so happy. I can’t remember the last time I heard from or saw Roseanne Barre.” Then I open up Drudge. I’m going back to bed, and hoping when I wake I’ll find this was just a bad dream !

  • Jack Davis

    YES! YES! YES!!!!

    It will be great if she ran.
    She will siphon votes from Obumbles.

  • SUpport Roseanne

    I’m for her. Until election day. She’ll pull 4 or 5% from Obama and that’s what matters most. Hell, I’d vote for a box of dirt before I’d vote for h”0″pe again.

    • Rupert Pupkin

      A vote for Roseann IS a vote for a box of dirt. So that works out well…

  • Kevin Jensen

    It’s a free country. What’s the big deal?

    Maybe it’s a publicity stunt. Most politicians are motivated by that anyway.

    • JohnD

      Get a clue. Just because you are free to do something doesn’t mean you should. It also doesn’t mean other people won’t make fun of you.

  • seenbetterdaze

    Oh it’s just Roseanne “mooning” the whole world…again!
    Fools names like fools faces…always forcing themselves on public places!

  • Lincoln Robertson

    This is great news!!! Ain’t no Republicans going to vote for her! Support her nomination now!!! Go Roseanne Go!!!

  • John Frykman

    Maybe she would get her own vote…if she can remember what party she belongs to. She should do about as well in her quest for the Presidency as she did singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl (to hisses and boos).

  • dave

    She looked better when she was fatter. Let’s hope she never sings anything again. Especially the National Anthem.

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