Police Order Protesters To Remove Tarp Covering General McPherson Statue

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) – A judge in Washington says the federal government must notify one of the last major Occupy encampments if it intends to close a downtown park to protesters.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg also ruled Tuesday that the Occupy DC protesters will have a chance to contest any eviction plans.

In addition to the judge’s ruling, Park Police said one way or another the tent covering the statue of General McPherson is coming down Tuesday, WNEW’s Kevin Rincon reported.

Kevin Patrick talks to people about sanitation conditions at McPherson Square

Some protesters had been bracing for a possible confrontation since Friday, when the National Park Service warned demonstrators that they must stop camping at the sites by noon Monday.

WNEW’s Kevin Patrick talked to people in McPherson Square Tuesday to get their thoughts on whether the Occupiers should be allowed to continue to camp out.

“It’s a mess,” one woman told Patrick, speaking on the condition of the lawn.

“It’s a tough balance and I don’t know if there are easy answers. But you do worry about practical things like sanitation,” another woman told Patrick.

What sanitation issues you might ask? If you were to walk up 15th Street past McPherson Square, you’d see things like half-eaten apple fritters, orange peels, a pair of dirty black panties and a pair of camouflage underwear, Patrick reported.

Are you concerned about sanitation in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza? Do you think the protesters should be allowed to continue to camp out? Let us know below.

  1. ArlingtonGuy says:

    It’s outrageous that the Park Service has allowed these squatters to camp out in an urban park – in clear violation of park rules. Worse yet, the NPS has ignored the health hazards and rat infestation. And the latest NPS actions are timid and insufficient, designed more to accommodate and support the lawbreakers than to enforce the law. A

    The Obama Administration seems more interested in pandering to radical anti-business groups than in making sure that parks are available for all to enjoy. It’s time for the NPS to do its job – evict the squatters, and reopen the parks.

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