Today on the LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes, LaVar opened the show by sharing his thoughts on the passing of his former coach, Joe Paterno. LaVar penned his emotional letter before the show, and read it out loud to the listeners.

Lavar said he’s been recounting the great memories and lessons taught to him by Paterno. LaVar said he woke up today expecting to feel angry about the way Joe was treated in the last months of his life, but instead he felt peace. “The reason why I feel peace in his passing is because all that Joe was, is what I represent today, and I will pass that on to my children.”

LaVar continued, “People may try to tear his legacy down. They may attempt to turn him into something he was not because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. I raged war on the Board of Trustees, because in my opinion, they allowed this to happen. My focus was misguided. I should have approached the coaching search the same way Joe would have; with grace and thoughtfulness.”

LaVar thanked Joe for being a great example, and promised to keep his memory alive.

Click Below To Listen To Lavar’sThoughts:


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