Craig Davis joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan and offered his surprising picks for the AFC Championship game between the Ravens and Patriots.

New England are 7.5 point favorites and analysts have broken down every statistic imaginable, from Patriots’ postseason record, to number of playoff teams the Ravens have beaten, defensive rankings but Davis’ simplistic view on how the game breaks down is based on the NFL’s parody.

“How often, guys, does the script write itself?”  Craig said.  “When one team looks absolutely dominant in the divisional round.  The other team looks as bad as you can and still win…and the team that looks like crap ends up winning the next week against the team that looks unbeatable,” he elaborated.

Davis seems to be sticking by the old adage, defense wins championships adding, “I think they’re more battle tested.  Their style of play is more conducive to a cold weather, late December, early January type atmosphere.”

Listen to the full Craig Davis segment below:



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