As the Washington Redskins season came to a close the discussion shifted towards the upcoming NFL Draft and who the Redskins should select. If the Redskins have a chance to snag Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III it is an absolute no-brainer. But the Redskins have the 6th pick and may not have the chance. Most draft experts believe Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and RGIII will be gone once the Skins can make a selection. So what should the Redskins do?

Some people have started saying the Redskins should just draft the best player available. Maybe wide receiver Justin Blackmon will be there at the 6th pick and the Skins desperately need a play maker? Or maybe they can draft the best cornerback available or even bolster their offensive line? Then the Redskins can draft a quarterback in the second round and develop him behind Rex Grossman. Or maybe they can pick up Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn via free agency? Well I just don’t think the Redskins have the luxury of waiting any longer. The Redskins MUST draft an elite quarterback and it’s never been more evident than this weekend watching the NFL playoffs.

Did you see what Tom Brady did to the Denver Broncos defense? Six touchdowns, are you kidding me? I know what you’re thinking. Brady wasn’t a top draft choice. So what? He’s an exception. Alex Smith, who led the 49ers to an amazing comeback victory on Saturday, was the #1 overall pick in the draft. After struggling for a few years with different coaches and coordinators, Smith showed why he was selected so high. Eli Manning was also the number one pick in the draft. He doesn’t get the respect that he is due but Eli outplayed Aaron Rodgers on Sunday throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. And even though Joe Flacco didn’t put up gaudy numbers in the Ravens win over the Houston Texans, he did throw for two touchdowns without committing a turnover. Shocker he was a high first round draft choice. Meanwhile T.J. Yates, a fifth round rookie, threw three interceptions. Big difference.

I am by no means an NFL scout or talent evaluator. I’m just an idiot radio deejay who watches the games. But it’s pretty easy to see that if you don’t have a top tier quarterback in the NFL you’re not going to be able to compete for a Super Bowl. Coach Mike Shanahan may have to make a tough decision if Robert Griffin III isn’t going to be available with the 6th pick. He’s already blown it by thinking Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman and John Beck could lead this Redskins team. He has to get this one right. But to me there is no choice. The Redskins MUST draft an elite quarterback and they must do everything they can to make sure they get the right guy.

If the Redskins don’t think they can draft a quarterback worthy of the 6th pick, they have to move up in the draft. They can’t afford to stand pat. I know there have been quarterbacks like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson who have led their teams to Super Bowls, but look at who’s been winning Super Bowls during the last decade. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers are the guys with Super Bowl rings. These aren’t journeymen. These are top tier quarterbacks. If you don’t have a top tier quarterback nowadays in the NFL you don’t have much of a shot. So I don’t want to hear any more talk about drafting a wide receiver with their top pick or picking up Matt Flynn. The old Maryland lottery slogan was “you gotta play to win.” Well if the Redskins want to give themselves a shot at winning Super Bowls again they MUST draft a quarterback. Period.

J.P. Flaim

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  1. Los says:

    Yes let us mortgage 3-5 draft picks in order to get RG3. We don’t need draft picks, we already have a HOFer in Moss and Gaffney, plus our O line is the best in the league. Don’t forget about our TE’s best duo in the league right now. When the 9’ers drafted Smith they didnt give anything up for him. In the same draft the 9’ers draft Gore in the third round and the following season they drafted Vernon Davis with their first round pick. Plus it has taken him 6 season before he has proven his worth. The last time we did that with a QB he ended up being traded to Oakland. yes we need a QB but we should not mortgage anything on anybody unless we have a more complete team.

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