Highly acclaimed author John Feinstein joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan to explain why most of America has bought Tebowmania hook, line and sinker.

Not only are people polarized by Tim Tebow’s evangelical Christian beliefs, part of the reason why people are so into his underdog story, where his playing ability has been constantly doubted by coaches and analysts.

“There’s no questions that some of [coverage] comes from[religion],”  Feinstein said.  “People are fascinated by this story because there are so many elements to it.  There’s the fact when you watch him throw a football, you say there’s no way this guy can be an NFL quarterback.   All the experts say this guy can’t be an NFL quarterback, yet he’s winning.   And he’s winning dramatically,”  he said.

The type of coverage of Tebow, whether you think he’s good quarterback or not, makes him the type of player who’s transcended sports.  Being the topic of conversation for all sports fans and making its way into pop culture.

Feinstein used his personal life as an example.

“People like my wife, who could care less about football, are saying things like ‘What did Tebow do today?'”

Listen to the full interview with John Feinstein below:


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