Craig Davis from joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan and offered a reasonable rationale on how all underdogs can win and advance in the playoffs this weekend.

New Orleans @ San Fransisco:

Craig Davis can visualize the 49ers controlling the time of possession and if they give themselves a chance to drive for a win, it’s possible to advance.  “If it’s the New Orleans defense from the first half of the year giving up 125 yards per game on the ground then yea, Frank Gore should be able to run over those guys,”  Craig said.

Denver @ New England

The key to this game, according to Davis, is not Tebow, but Denver’s defense being able to disrupt Tom Brady, making him uncomfortable throwing the ball.  Craig think’s it’s possible with Denver’s impressive defensive line.  “When Von Miller is healthy and Elvis Dumerville is healthy they can do kind of what the Giants can do and not have to blitz to put pressure on the quarterback,” Davis said.

Houston @ Baltimore

Davis thinks that play calling could edge Houston in this matchup.  “Sometimes i think the play calling takes the game out of his hands or actually sometimes unfairly in his hands,” he said.  If the Ravens are intent on letting Joe Flacco throw the ball 40 plus times this game, he could see Houston pulling off the road win.

New York @ Green Bay

Giants seem to be clicking on all cylinders after beating the Falcons at home and in addition to that, the Packers may not be entirely focused on Saturday’s matchup.  “This is one of those weeks of the emotional roller coaster of the offensive coordinator losing his son and that’s what they’re concerned about and they’re heads havent been in football, they’ve had a week off, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants pulled off that upset,” he said.


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