Tucson Shooting Survivor: Giffords Makes Me Want To ‘Vomit’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington/AP) — A man whose wife died in the deadly Tucson shooting one year ago says Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband makes him want to “vomit.”

Speaking to the Arizona Republic, 77-year-old George Morris, a survivor of the shooting, blames Mark Kelly for the death of his wife and five others for not taking extra precautions to protect Giffords after she had been receiving death threats.

“I’d like to debate our dear captain astronaut (and ask) why he didn’t have security,” Morris told the Republic. “My wife would still be alive.”

Morris vented to the paper that he is tired of seeing media coverage of Giffords and her husband.

“Every time I see them on TV, it makes me want to vomit,” he told the paper.

Morris, who refused an invitation to have President Obama visit him in the hospital after the shooting, believes that Giffords should be “thrown out of Congress posthaste.

“I do not think she is worthy of serving,” Morris told the Republic.

On Sunday, Giffords and Kelly led a vigil in Tucson to remember the victims of the shooting one-year later.

Shooting suspect Jared Loughner has pleaded not guilty to 49 charges stemming from the shooting. A judge set a Jan. 25 deadline for the psychologist who is treating him to hand in her latest report on efforts to make him psychologically fit to stand trial.

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  • lukuj

    Why can’t we just blame the man who did the shooting? No one orchestrated this except him. No one deliberately was negligent. Let’s stop the blame game – this man and the DNC chair who is still blaming Republicans.

    • Climp Jones

      I blame you!

    • Bayou Boogie

      So, I guess you didn’t read the article very carefully…,or at all? “George Morris, a survivor of the shooting, blames Mark Kelly for the death of his wife and five others for not taking extra precautions to protect Giffords after she had been receiving death threats.” That paragraph seems both reasonable and cogent to me. There’s no “blame game” going on here, but blame being assigned where it properly belongs. Personally – though I’m glad Ms. Giffords is alive and recovering – I’m delighted that we now have one less bureaucrat who passed every militarist, ‘Big Government’ spending bill which came across her desk. And I agree with Morris’s outrage that the other dead and wounded are hardly ever mentioned in the press. Giffords’ life is not so devine that only she should be mentioned. This, and the fact she was nothing more than a government employee, shows she was more of a parasite of ‘The People’ rather than one of them.

    • Dave

      “Safety is NO accident.”

      “The BLAME GAME”?? Seriously? You NEVER look to see HOW something went wrong, you “just deal with it”?


      This story is SO full of ridiculous nonsense. This woman is an AVACADO-she should NOT have retained her Seat THIS long-and now they’re wondering if she’ll run for re-election! What a JOKE!

      Administrate your district from Houston rehab for a YEAR?!

      Gimme a break, if this were a Rep injured like this the Dems would have called for a special election the NEXT DAY.

    • Sharon

      Well said

    • JustAGuy

      But seriously, Jared Loughtner was a known entity to Gifford and the Sherriff Dept. He had already been making threats and had been stalking Giffords. Ultimately, it IS Loughtner’s fault, but reasonable precautions should have been made. The information about Laughtner that was known at that time was enough for them to have done more to enhance security.

    • MikeHenrySC

      If they had been receiving death threats, they OWE it to the public to have security on hand when they have public events.

    • George Johnson

      That’s funny, because just after the shooting, everybody was happy to blame the Tea Party and republicans.
      Now that it’s proven the guy was a (liberal if anything) nut and you can’t blame the Tea Party or republicans, it’s “well, lets just blame the guy that did it”….
      Now that idiot wasserman shultz is out there STILL trying to blame the Tea Party.

      Don’t you get it yet?? The DIMOCRATS are the ones that keep hyping this up. They DO NOT WANT it to go away!!

    • baborn3

      The man (word has it) who did it with a “Fast & Furious” gun (Glock-19) that he purchased on the street?
      The man that the Feds are pumping with psychotropic drugs and keep postponing a trial “until his mind is right”.

    • commonlogic

      I agree. However, at least as a victim and survivor and losing his wife in the attack, right or wrong, he has the right to say whatever he wants. Wasserman has not. Of course she has a “legal” right, but it is not right. She’s an embarrassment.

    • Dave

      Really? Debbie Wasserman (I HATE ALL CONSERVATIVES) Schultz seems to think tis GREAT to BLAME people…just certain people to gain political advantage.

      • Priscialla

        Hate is the equivalent of murder…extremely strong wording…what kind of person would say “I HATE ALL CONSERVATIVES” ? Must be a liberal…I sure want to be just like them when I grow up! Nooooooooooot!

      • Max

        Who’s Wasserman? I thought that comedian Carrot Top was running the DNC.

      • Brenda

        Mayonaise Headed Debbie is nothing more than an “angry white woman”. I’ve come to the conclusion from what I’ve seen that 99% of Democrat women are angry!!!

    • NOV'12 (D)-Out

      Lukuj – Good Point! Where does this “blame game” come from – the DNC PERIOD! I constantly get these shrill, wildy hate filled emails from the DNC blaming Tea party & Republicans for everything. There is not one bit of concrete information/evidience in anyone of them, it’s simply hate and vitriol. Here’s the latest from Nancy Pelosi, read it and you can see where this is coming from. The DNC party people and their stooge politicians are the root cause and they need to be thrown out!

      “…Two years ago this month, the disastrous Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United, opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate money in politics. And for the last two years, we, as a nation, have been paying the price.

      We’ve seen firsthand the brand of Tea Party extremism that money can buy. It’s one that neglects our middle class and our most vulnerable — from our children, to our seniors, to our working families fighting to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

      These same Republican extremists take no shame in protecting the billionaires and Big Oil companies that spend millions to attack Democrats.

      Enough is enough….”

      • GunnerLee

        You’ve been snorting some funny stuff, which is typical for a lib. Without big business, big oil, millionaires and billionairs your sorry _$$ would be pulling wagons by hand and you’d be picking potatoes by hand. If everybody had the same thought pattern as you we’d still be trying to figure out how to light a room and we wouldn’t know what a car was. But then you may be one of those that depend on the government to do all that for you, even support you, right? I can’t believe how stupid some people can be!!!!

  • Pup

    Wellllllll, he does have a point, however bitter it may seem. Why isn’t a sitting Congressman/woman who has been recieving death threats provided with at least a single bodyguard??? Seems kind of “negligent” to me…

    • mike

      Besides the known death threats, Loughner was known to the Pima County Sheriff. Despite his mental condition, he was allowed to buy the gun. It is a failure of our local law enforcement all the way around.

      • Tom Reid

        One of them Fast and Furious guns ‘eh?

      • JustAGuy

        And the travesty of all this is the Sheriff was allowed to go on a prolonged anti-Republican rant and nobody in the media nor the Democrat party had any problem with it. ESPECIALLY when ultimately, the Sheriff had neglected his duty in all of this.

    • Dave

      Bush must have delayed her bodyguard that day AND put paper bul lets in his sidearm too……

    • Chris Ar

      Bitter? The man lost his wife. He has every right to be bitter.

      • Bud

        My prayers for his and his family’s healing on the loss of his wife.

      • Pup

        I’m not saying he doesn’t have every right to be bitter. I would be too!

      • xJonx

        … at the person who pulled the trigger.

  • Chris Ar

    “Why can’t we just blame the man who did the shooting?”

    Because the left attacked Sara Palin and the Tea Party immediately after the shooting, and has never apologized for it. They will not forgive or forget soon.

    • pinouye

      Did you see where DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz continues that kind of rhetoric to this day???

  • lorraine collins

    All americans should have hospital coverage like Ms Giffords.

    • Xavier

      “All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others.”

      • Ben

        I cannot like this enough. Good reference my friend

  • CW

    ??? He is blaming the representative for not habing security there-she should have, especially after receiving death threats.

    And BTW-the ratz are the most prolific in pointing the finger at republicans.

  • Tom

    It’s the Chicago way…….Blame Bush, TEA Party,Republicans, ETC

    • Jerry

      This is just the latest taling point by the Dem party to alienate tea partiers and to make them seem irrelevant and extreme. Including the President, and VP, they have tried since the 2010 elections to kill the tea party. Hopefully, they will not succeed. If they do, America will suffer. We need folks like the Tea Partiers to remind us that we are heading in the wrong direction as a Country. Just compare the comments by the Dems on the OWS leftwingers. And compare the mainstream press coverage of Tea Party protests vs. OWS protests. Nuff said…

  • R. Silverman

    Giffords’ own father and spaceman husband both blamed the Tea Party. If she was receiving death threats why would she hold a public event with kids?

    Meanwhile her best friend Debbie Wasserman-Schulz milks this for all she can…

    • cdm

      Actually, Mark Kelly’s comments were taken out of context as not the entire quote was given. He indicated that he thought it was politically motivated, until he realized it was a deranged person. Makes a world of difference when you hear the last part of his statement.

      • PB

        In which case he should have kept his mouth shut until he did know

      • inspectorudy

        Mark Kelly also said on one of the liberal morning shows that he was furious at Sarah Palin and was waiting for an apology from her. For what? She was just as astonished as he was. I blame the shooter number 1, but Giffords and the sheriff for not following up on the threats that Loughner had made in the past. Which BTW had nothing to do with any political map.

  • DJ

    There was a security issue I agree but it wasnt Mark Kelly’s fault. He wasnt responsible for the security of this event his wife was appearing at he was thousand miles away in Houston training for a Shuttle mission so thats just ridiculous. and Lukuj your dead on Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s assertion it was the tea party’s fault is beyond reprehensible when in fact they’ve shown Laughner was in fact a left wing nutjob bordering on anarchist far from any tea party associations. The security issue does fall in the laps of Giffords staff who were responsible for such at the event namely her Chief of Staff. Not trying to blame directly but at least point it in the general right direction.

    • Fleur

      Dont you dare blame Gabby’s chief of staff for lack of security. The blame for lack of secruty falls to the district director. Ron Barber.

  • lotta

    gabby giffords should not be in congress. She was shot in the head and she needs handlers at her side at all times. I’m sure they guide her thoughts at all times. Oh, by the way, i hate liberals.

    • Spartacus

      I’ll bet her handlers are casting her vote, as well !

  • Christine

    That is so sad. Ultimately the blame lies with only the shooter, but when you’re hurting like this man, it’s hard to accept such tragic senselessness. He must feel better assigning blame to redirect his hurt and loss. Poor man.

    • http://preventoffense.wordpress.com preventoffense

      So is that why Giffords family is blaming the tea party?

    • Trace

      He must feel better assigning blame to redirect his hurt and loss. Poor man.
      Are you feeling better after maligning this man? His wife was killed and it might have been prevented. He is a victim. Space Cadet Husband and Papa Giffords both blamed the Tea Party, and survivng wife ignored the threats.

      Poor Christine.

      • Christine

        Trace, you misunderstood my post. I have complete sympathy for this man’s suffering.

  • Bobert

    Mr. Morris – why did you not exercise your 2nd Amendment Constitutional right aided by AZ’s conceal carry law to protect yourself and your wife? Bad things – done by bad people – do happen to good people. You were not prepared. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

    • Terry

      Blame the victim. Giffords has free access to armed protection because Mr. Morris pays for it.

      How was anyone to know she was the target of threats? She went to a grocery store–a public place–knowing she was a target and WITHOUT secret service protection.

      I hope she and rocket man are sued royally. I want to vomit every time I see them, too.

  • Andrew Williams

    Is he milking this for political gain like the Democrats?
    So you probably won’t see this on CNN..

    BTW, what about that sheriff from Tuscon who blamed the TEA Party for the shooting but hasn’t resigned since he was directly responsible for his swat team shooting up a former Marine for grabbing his rifle when he heard intruders?

  • Pauli

    The dude was an outright anarchist.
    He worshipped “V for vendetta” and took the movie totally serious.
    He was intrigued by Marx and Hitler.
    He was NUTS. NO American is ‘turned on’ by ANY of this if they are truly American.

  • Bryan Bentley

    As a fellow American, I am deeply sorry for your loss.

    Bryan Bentley
    Plymouth, MI

  • HeyHey

    I agree 100% and said this from day one!

  • Sick of GOP whiners

    I wasn’t aware the spouses of elected official were in charge of security. Seems like I would have heard something about this before. What a jackhole — to bad the doctors were successful.

    • Dave

      No but any REAL man is concerned with his WIFE’s safety-with the possible except of Bill Clinton…..this event would NOT have been without security if it was MY wife speaking after receiving threats, and it would NOT have been in a grocery store parking lot where people did NOT come specifically to hear her drivel. Human shields?

    • Sam

      He’s not in charge of her security, but he has been declared her spokesperson since she can’t speak for herself. He has put himself forward in that capacity and will therefore take the heat that would have been directed to Ms. Giffords were she able to handle it.

  • tchall

    The Astronaut didn’t have anyting to do with an idiot (I won’t dignify his actions by calling him mad… he KNEW what he was doing, planned every thing needed, and executed his plan… that IS mentally competent to stand trial)

    Note he doesn’t blame the folks that tackled a gunman instead of hitting the deck at the first shot… (and by doing so saved him from armed citizens in the crowd who were unable to get a clear shot)

    BTW one of the armed citizens frustrated by the crowd was about Mr Morris’s age… and prerfectly ready to defend against a shooter showing up in a sopposedly safe area…

  • Johneedeep
    • Spartacus

      /\ I’m not surprised Loughner was in Gffords’ Synagogue. Their politics are exactly the same, just like Marx. Now we know the DNC and the Marxist media pounced on the Tea Party immediately.

  • headless

    Me too, I’m getting sick of hearing about Giffords! She should never think about political life, same goes for her bald hubby!

  • Ken Puck

    Leftism, a secular relligion, is constantly on the prowl for martyrs. Ms. Giffords has now been cast as Jesus, and the Tea Party as Pontius Pilate. This meme will be dutifully picked up and rebroadcast by the MSM.

  • Joe Doakes

    This guy is right and all of you know it. Men like this guy are rare. He speaks the truth and could care less what other people think of him.

  • Todd P.

    Giffords should have left her job months ago. It is quite clear that she is SEVERELY disabled and she is depriving her constituents of an effective Representative. The Democrats are SHAMELESS as they repeatedly leave invalids in office (e.g.- T. Kennedy, Robt. Byrd, etc.) rather than put the seat up for a new election! I pray for Gifford’s recovery, but it is time for her to do the honorable and pragmatic thing and retire………

    • Beth

      Thank you for your comment as you said exactly what many are thinking. How can she possibly be understanding a very important part of her job and voting how her constituents want her to. If this would have been an average citizen this parading of her on TV would not be going on as they are seeking politcal gain from this. I feel very sorry for Mr. Morris as the death of his wife is nothing in the eyes of the media, when it is very hurtful personally though does not get reported.

  • KimH

    So, if he was so worried about Giffords’ lack of security, why did he go there with his wife? It’s Morris’ fault!!!!! See how illogical it is to blame others for the act of a crazed gunman?

    • Max17

      The lack of logic is all yours, Kim. Morris was not worried about Gifford’s ‘lack of security’ because he didn’t know about the death threats. Once Morris learned about the threats – AFTER his wife was murdered – his logical reaction is to wonder why a public figure facing credible death threats would not have security.

      Get it yet, Kim?

  • Auric Maston

    THe man’s right. This woman is missing bits of her brain, even more so than most other left wing socialists.

  • Rich

    My favorite is the Tuscon Police Chief blamed the tea party for the shooting, the one guy who’s job it was to prevent this kind of thing, who was aware of threats against Gifford, was aware of past threats by the shooter. Yet failed to assign even a single police officer to the event.

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