Five first downs? Five? Are you kidding? Monday night’s offensive performance may be the worst in championship history. I won’t blame this loss on the Tiger defense, not one bit. They were put in bad spots all night and allowed five 3s until it didn’t matter at the end. A bad defense would have given up 50 last night. The LSU offense was invisible and Les Miles and offensive coordinator Greg Studrawa need to be blamed as much as Jordan Jefferson and the offensive players.

LSU had 37 days to prepare for this game. It’s not like they have never seen what Bama does defensively. They attack with great speed on the front with great, athletic linebackers and corners. But to make exactly zero adjustments through four quarters, from what I saw, is on the coaches. Bama knew everything LSU was going to do on offense. It’s like they were in the huddle with Jefferson. LSU would run on obvious passing downs and settle for punting for field position and never throw it downfield. How bout taking Jefferson out once or twice and going to a more traditional pocket passer like Jarret Lee? Never happened. Gunner Kiel can’t get to Baton Rouge soon enough!

Five first downs is a complete joke. I could see Kent St. only managing 5 first downs, but not LSU. Oh wait, Kent St had 6 first downs earlier in the year at Bama. Penn St, who was awful offensively all year got 16 and 250 yards, not 92. Even North Texas moved the chains 11 times. This loss was a complete choke job on the coaching staff who froze when things went bad. Maybe that’s why Nick Saban has three rings now.


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