Cecil Fielder, the father of all-star free agent first baseman Prince Fielder, believes his son will sign with the Washington Nationals.

On “The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner,” Holden discussed his conversation with Cecil over the weekend on his Sirius-XM “Baseball Today” show, where the former all-star admitted he had spoken to his son during the offseason, and the Nats are certainly in play. He went as far as to tell Holden “I think that is going to happen.”

As many baseball fans know, Cecil and Prince have a very frosty relationship. Cecil was not very involved in Prince’s life, and the two had not spoken in years. However, Cecil told Holden he spoke to his estranged son on Christmas Eve. Reports claim the Nationals are among the leaders to sign Fielder, along with the Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs. The Nationals will play their first Spring Training game March 3 against the Houston Astros.

Click below for Mike and Holden discussing Cecil’s comments

  1. nats_homer says:

    This podcast is awful. First, this is really old news. Cecil’s comments have been out there for several days. You mistakenly make it sound like new news.

    Secondly, you make it painfully obvious that neither of you know what you are talking about. If a father has not had any kind of “parental” kind of relationship with this son, there is absolutely no way he is in a position to speak about his son’s intentions/desires. I can believe you actually believe otherwise.

    Really cool guy,, really laid back………com’on………….

    He talked to him xmas eve…………really? that was so long ago.

    You really are reading between the line…..in the wrong way.

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