LaVar Arrington, former Penn State All-American, slammed his alma mater earlier today on Twitter for the hiring of Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to be the Nittany Lions new head coach.

PSU is hiding something there’s way more going on there! By the board doing what they’ve done they have in their minds effectively made Joe Paterno and the football team a scapegoat. When in fact they are the very people that should’ve been fired due to the lack of action! Alums I will always love you and the Penn State I knew But until there’s a new board and new leadership they can have their corrupt/disgusting school that they’ve created. I’m done. All my PSU stuff will be down before O’Brien’s introduction! We are! No more for me!”

Today on his radio show, “The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes,” Dukes asked Arrington if he stood by his comments. “I was upset”, Arrington said, “I don’t stand by the ‘We are, no more.’ The worst thing for me, the school that I know and love, and have always defended…where it comes down to this is the end. I apologize. That’s a sincere  and from my heart apology to the whole community…but as far as the other things I wrote, I stand by it. I stand by it.”

Speaking about the board of trustees, LaVar said on the show today “you go and you hire someone, without consulting anyone outside the small circle you’ve created…who knows nothing about Penn State. It comes across to me, as you have done everything in this situation to make us look like the whole program is guilty…This is what I’m upset about.”

Listen To LaVar talk about Penn State hiring Below:

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  1. sam houston says:

    Hmmm Some, such as Arrington, who merely hosts a drive-time radio show in Washington D.C., one of Penn State’s traditional recruiting grounds, don’t appear willing to give him a chance. (Ought to be great publicity there.) Then there are the fans that range from lukewarm to fully embittered

  2. Craig J. Lazar says:

    Many of us alum have feeling very similer to Lavar. We love our Alma Matre and are emotionally invested not only in football, but all aspects ranging from academics to athletics. I personally will rally behind Penn State and support the new coach to the best of my ability. I’m certain that all will support Coach O and the team, including Lavar, however, our issue isn’t so much of who was hired as to how it was done. I feel that the problem with Penn State is not with Atletics, rather with the way in which the University is governed by the BOT. And will personally not rest until each and everyone of the current BOT has been replaced. Lavar is definately on to something, the state of Denmark is very rotten. Attached is a link to a blog written by distinguished alumnist Ben Novak who served on the board for 12 years.

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