Virginia School Accused Of Making Students Perform Pro-Occupy Song

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS Washington) – A Charlottesville-area elementary school has been accused of making students sing a pro-Occupy Wall Street movement song.

Written and performed in October as part of the Kid Pan Alley group at Albemarle County schools, “Part of the 99” has resulted in a backlash from parents nationwide, and has given the foundation reason to train its facilitators to steer students away from controversial subject matter in their songs.

As part of the regular Kid Pan Alley activities, children are asked about the topics of songs they want to write and sing about. In October, one of the children participating in the activities at Woodbrook Elementary School mentioned that he wanted to write about “having it all and losing it all,”Albemarle County schools spokesman Phil Giaramita told CBS Washington.

“The words ‘Occupy’ or ‘Wall Street’ were not mentioned in the classroom,” Giaramita said.

In the past couple of days, the song from the October performance has been resurrected, with parents from Tennessee, Texas, and California accusing the third-graders of not being capable to come up with an idea so closely related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. There haven’t been any complaints from the parents of the children involved in the performance, Giaramita said.

Blogs such as Big Government have criticized the song as being “Marxist rhetoric.”

“The simplistic left wing economic nonsense of this ditty boggles the mind. But to an impressionistic third grader, it plants poisonous seeds at odds with long egalitarian American traditions that disdain class hatred,” the blog states.

Officials with Kid Pan Alley, a foundation that works with elementary school children through songwriting workshops, has emphasized that the group has restated its guidelines concerning the lyrical content of the songs.

“Kid Pan Alley does not promote nor condone any personal or political agenda. As a result, our programming over the years has consistently received high praise and commendation from children, parents and schools,” the statement said. “Our sole mission has been and continues to be to inspire and empower children to work together to become creators of their own music and to rekindle creativity as a core value in education.”

Giaramita said that a Kid Pan Alley official told him that in the 1,800-plus songs that Kid Pan Alley has produced and performed, none of them have come across the issue like this one with its alleged Occupy link. He added that the song itself came in October when the movement was first starting up and maybe meant something different in October than it does now.

“There’s been a lot of sensitivity raised over this in the last couple days,” Giaramita said, adding that greater oversight will be put into the lyrical content of the songs before they are performed. “If you’re writing about pets or a holiday, those kinds of things are very enjoyable and not controversial. If you’re writing about an issue such as a family that has it all and loses it, we need to be very sensitive about the circumstances around it.”

  • MadCharles

    Why are they teaching kids not to succeed, achieve & be losers and homeless

    • Jim

      Here is the schedule of schools set for upcoming indoctrination by the lefties of Kid Pan Alley
      January 9 – 13: Payne Elementary, Lynchburg, VA

      January 9 – 13: Union Elementary, Montpelier, VT

      January 30 – February 2: N. Kohala Elementary, Hawi, HI

      February 6 – 10: Volcano Arts Center, Volcano, HI

      February 13 -17: Burnley-Moran Elementary, Charlottesville, VA

      February 20 -24: Campbell Court Elementary, Martinsville, VA

    • Loveitorleaveit

      The answer to your question: So that when they turn 18 they will be shown a poster of somebody’s face in blue and red and told which Democrat to vote for. It’s all about job security for politicians.

    • Jeffrey Shultz

      TTJ misses the point of socialism: It is to force all to share equally in the misery.

    • JohnD

      Because it’s a government school?

    • scott

      Lets support capitalism by eliminating corporate welfare.

      • Rann Xeroxx

        I would totally agree as any real conservative or capitalist would. Cut that along with welfare and entitlements.

      • Loveitorleaveit

        Yes, let’s support capitalism by eliminating welfare. Did I read Scott’s post incorrectly.. Surely he mis-spoke.

      • califkid

        Hey Scott, how about all welfare!!!!!!


      The answer to your question is obvious. Success= independence. Failure (such as you see in the pathetic public education system) = government dependence. The left relies on the dependency/entitlement class in order to achieve their socialist “utopia”. Witness the financial chaos in the European socialist countries. Yet Obama continues his war against the constitution and the American way of life. He’s either incompetent of purposely destroying this country. Either way HE MUST GO!

      • Willis

        That is exactly it. And amazingly so many blinded citizens will attempt to reelect him.

    • David G.

      Music is a powerful, emotional force, from folk music of the 30’s through all types in the 60’s. This Kid Pan Alley program is a perfect vehicle for the left to spread their message – deploy armies of guitar-playing, Volvo-driving Earth sandal New Agers to indoctrinate the young. Like the pro-Obama songs some DC area children were taught in 2008. Hopefully, conservatives will figure out how to do the same – before its too late.

      • Willis

        Many teachers are either incompetent and just don’t know any better, don’t understand economics or the history which allowed America to prosper, OR they are in agreeable that this country needs to become a third world Eurpoean enclave that hands out earned money from self-sufficient citizens, to the poor including those who choose to loaf and not work. Either way, it’s pathetic and further shows why most other nations are now years ahead of childhood education when compared with the US. Yeah, it’s really working here. I actually lean towards the teachers (many, not all) not having the first clue about the value of the system that Obama is intent on destroying. Then again I don’t suspect teachers will be the first group to notice a government that is trying to dictate the rights of its citizens piece by piece. Idle minds tend to remain idle, especially when they have tenure.

    • Ghostsouls

      So, would a song crafted “by the students” about the Tea Party movement be allowed as well?

      • Sickofpolitics


  • Mike Mulligan

    Did an elementary school student write this article? The subject matter is just fine with me, but the actual writing is really something to wonder about.

    • george

      Most likely a graduate of an elementary school . . . and a high school . . . and most likely a college as well. Somewhere along the line one might have expected the author to acquire an education. But in our current day and age, that would be a rash assumption.

      • Bill Cole

        Yeah, like forging a birth certificate, you know, REAL talent…..

  • MaggeLyn

    Give me a break! I raised 5 outstanding students and know what 3rd graders do. They do not write songs like Kid Pan Alley promotes. One of my sons was very much into music, playing two instruments and writing music. However, he would not have written anything like Kid Pan Alley claims 3rd graders wrote. This is another example of the liberal left unduly influencing America’s children via public education. Wake up America.

  • Midge Martien

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


  • Stubborn Facts

    Just one more thing the Obamessiah and Iran Paul have in common: They both praise and identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    • John Malverne

      Paul’s right about this: The banks and unions and layers and corporations and lobbyists need to be kicked out of government.

      I’m a Libertarian and a Tea Party member and I have to tell you, all of their communist tendencies aside, the OWS crowd is right about getting the banks off of welfare. They should have all gone bankrupt.

    • Steve

      You, Sir, are incorrect. Trying to lump Paul in with Obama on ANY issue is about as moronic a statement as one can make. You should research the man’s platform before waxing intellectual on the subject.

  • bullrider

    America, can you see YET that your country is being stolen from you by the schools, government employee unions, politicians, and the Leftists and marxists and communists for whom they are fronting?

    It is happening and yet people are saying it can’t possibly. But it IS.

  • Mike Greene

    Get a recorded vote from the school board to support the parents or the teacher. Vote the board members off who support the teacher.

  • John Harnes

    That was not written by a young kid. I’m so happy I lost all my money? This is a joke. It was written by adults using this program to push ideas on kids.

    • Cheryl

      But I love the British history oosooo much after that of Italy’s. I so love Elizabeth I although I loathe her father. Hehehe.Nonetheless, yeah, I’d say they’re aloof with much of Europe but it’s what makes them stand out, economic-wise, especially. Look at London now, it’s fighting neck-to-neck with NYC as the economic capital of the world.Also, they started the Industrial Revolution, they took a rather big part in the Renaissance period and the two Great Wars and much, much other events that made history what it is that we read now.Hindi naman masyado obvious na nasa British side ako di ba? For Poland, a priest was raising the Rainbow Flag. I love this. Hahahaha

  • NCMike

    And the cruelest deception being foisted on American adults AND children, is that through subterfuge, repetition, and indoctrination, these leftist perspectives are “normal” and relect “mainstream American values

  • NCMike

    Reflect, that is. C’mon folks, Wake UP! Snap out of it!

  • Jim

    Actually it is Big Government that has the Obama indoctrination song kids were forced to sing.

  • Drdarby

    Reminds me of South Parks “Getting Gay with Kids”. I will give you their final line: All you activists can go fu*k yourselves

  • John Carter

    Another rightist group has its mind boggled by ~ phenomena.

  • robert peston

    That’s what you get when you send your kid to public school.

    • John Carter

      And all that darn knowledge.

      • LA Doc

        Silly man, with your simplistic, linear, sarcasm. DId anyone here argue against imparting “knowledge” in public schools? In fact, perhaps if you hand-wringing victim-baiter Lefties concentrated more on knowledge, and less on self-serving, political propaganda, we wouldn’t have these controversies, eh?

      • José Pascual

        Is it the kind of knowledge that doesn’t prepare them for the real world or for a decent job?

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        What would YOU, one who lies as easily as you breathe, know ANYTHING about “knowledge”?

        Pus sack.

      • sue gonzalez

        Oh LA Doc, you are speaking the truth! John Carter, spend a day in a Los Angeles classroom. You’d be hard pressed to find much knowledge. You would, however, find many strategies for passing tests masquerading as “knowledge.”

  • John Carter

    Are the comments like this every night on here ? So first quartile.

    • LA Doc

      So I see you are of that typical histrionic class that likes to demonstrate to the rest of us ignorant conservatives your self-proclaimed intellectual superiority? And you accomplish this by empty and childish sniping from the perimeter?
      You are an embarrassment, dude, seriously.

    • Buck O'Fama

      Well aren’t you just the cream of the crop, so nice of you to come rub elbow’s with the hoi polloi. Hope we didn’t tear you away from a game of golf with Obama.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      Go back to the DNC website, you idiot leftist troll.

      You’d make a great poster child for abortion rights…

  • Buck O'Fama

    Communist infiltrated schools should be shut down and their union dog leadership should be imprisoned to hard labor for 20 years and then spend 10 years in a re-education camp. They will be taught history from books written before 1960 and made to memorize the constitution, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. Upon parole they will be shipped off to a communist country and have to earn citizenship again.

    • c.moorehead


  • John Carter

    It never ceases to amaze me how ready the poor and under-educated are to take up arms in defence of the rich.

    • LA Doc

      It never ceases to amaze me how ready the self-proclaimed educated and intellectuals come to the defence of the poor, while denigrating the ones who disagree with them.

      • sue gonzalez

        It never ceases to amaze me how condescending the left is to the poor and uneducated. As if they couldn’t make up their own minds about who or what they would like to defend. Has anyone else noticed how intolerant liberals can be when they tell you what you can and cannot tolerate?

    • st.rope

      Well john, us High Scholl Grads may wind up defending you from the non-educated hordes being passed-through or dropping out of the K-12 Experiment. Maybe you are one of their “leaders” who has graduated to the University level of failure/knowledge? They will eventually turn on you also as you offer them just enough of everything, except hope.

    • thsldu

      ,,,,,and you looney lefties remind me of blind squirrels looking for acorns. You really need to find a different objective. Try it in another country for starters.

  • Nancey G

    God forbid that they should sing Christmas Carols!!

  • picomanning

    As the leftist promoters move America towards the greates depression ever, let the free world understand how leftist politics have brought us all down. Then let us remember at that time who was responsible for the destruction of America.

  • Not Chicken Little

    I see LA Doc posted the lyrics of the “song” (thanks!) – I mean, propaganda. Funny ha ha how the “jour-no-list” from CBS who wrote the story, couldn’t be bothered to let us know what the lyrics were…gee, you don’t suppose they’ve purposely hidden other things from us all these years, do ya? Naaah, I trust them to do the right thing for us, as always ha ha!

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    All the more reason to send your kids to private school or home school them yourself during this depression. Once they reach the age of five they’ll be able to earn extra money for your household by tutoring publik high skool valedictorians.

  • Kelly

    Liberals have always been genius at this sort of thing….than they say,’ who??? Me??? I have no idea what you’re talking about. You must be the crazy one’, when it’s perfectly obvious what kind of propaganda they’re feeding children..

    Liberals get the credit for our failing schools. Until we run them and the teachers unions out of the public school system we’ll continue to turn out good little liberal art zombies.

  • BigBoa

    The mighty Boa continues to wonder what in the world it will take to get people in the streets demanding this out of control government start obeying the Constitution. Apparently nothing will do it.

    Either find the spine or get in line… No you may not.

    The mighty Boa WARNED you that O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. The mighty Boa also warned you that only God knows what else he will pull between now and next year.

    Then he also warned you why the occupiers need to be confronted by the people and disbanded. Many claiming to be “conservative” called such testimony “shameful”……

    Well here’s to hoping those same pu$$ies now enjoy rampant disease coming to a neighborhood near them and here’s to hoping their relatives contract it. AND the violence they’ll also be bringing with them…..

    And by the way, enjoy the dictatorship.

    The public doesn’t have the spine to even take on the occupy bums. You actually think they’ll suddenly find spines to stand up to O’Bozo and the military?

    You were told that this imparting of wisdom would come to an end and the time has come. Reap what you have sown. So it is said, so it is written.

  • razr227

    Folks, this is why I send my kids to private school!

  • hazel Burke

    Reason number 5,463 to home school your kids.

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