On today’s show EB gave his eight veteran players who he thinks will not be in Washington for the start of the 2012 season.

EB’s list consists of:

Donte Stallworth

Rocky McIntosh

Anthony Armstrong

John Beck

Kevin Barnes

Sean Lockler

Jamal Brown

Mike Sellers

Another player EB says is on the edge of being cut by the start of next season is Brandon Banks.  Bickel says that he still thinks the kick returner is explosive and had returns called back due to penalties but sees the bloom coming off that rose.

Also, LaRon Landry may be in a contract year but Bickel’s scenario has the safety on the team for next year.

“I would bring him back at a reduced salary, with reduced expectations,”  he said.  “I’m still grasping he can be healthy.  Give him one last chance because he is a freak because if he’s healthy,d he can be your best player on defense,”  Bickel added.

Listen to Bickel breakdown his eight he sees jettisoned from the roster and his reasoning behind it below:


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