WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) – Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member-turned-conspiracy-theorist Victoria Jackson has alleged that the United States government is employing persons with terrorist sympathies for high-ranking government positions.

Jackson told viewers of her conservative panel show “Politichicks” that she was made privy to sensitive information regarding an apparent influx of Muslim influence in government during a briefing.

“I just went to a briefing in Washington, D.C., across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 a.m. two days ago and it changed my life,” Jackson said last week in the video episode.

“For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs, for six hours and they proved to me … that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious,” she added.

In particular, Jackson targets Dr. Vahid Majidi, assistant director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.

He was appointed to the position after serving as the Chemistry Division Leader at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, an organization whose research has been used by the government for national security and civilian research programs.

Majidi is reportedly a Muslim, and the highest-ranking Iranian in the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

She and her co-hosts, Ann-Marie Murrell, Jannique Stewart and Jennie Jones, then spent the remainder of the 11-minute segment debating the merits of Jackon’s claim.

Jackson additionally asserted that President Obama himself is a Muslim, despite repeated statements made by the president in relation to his Christian faith.

The star, known best for her turn as a cast member on the NBC hit sketch comedy show, has also taken to her blog to spread her warning.

“Fact: The FBI’s Assistant Director for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate is an Iranian-born Muslim. Fact:  MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) trains the (Transportation Security Administration),” a post written earlier this month reads. “Does this alarm you? Are you freaking out? You should be.”

Jackson, a Tea Party supporter, staff member of conservative website Patriot Update and off-beat political pundit, has been grabbing headlines for years due to both her outspoken nature and radically right-wing perspectives.

  1. Guillermo Vargas says:

    What does the statement “Majidi is REPORTEDLY a Muslim” mean. That’s a weasel word statement. Come on CBS-DC, answer the question. Is Dr. Majidi a muslim or not? Give us the facts.

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