TILTON, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says the president and vice president are living in “fantasyland” if they think the economy is getting better.

Romney was responding to an opinion piece by Vice President Joe Biden in Friday’s Des Moines Register. Biden argued that the economic policies Romney wants to pursue as president would help the wealthy and leave some in the middle class behind.

Speaking in New Hampshire less than two weeks before voting begins in Iowa, Romney said Biden and President Barack Obama don’t “understand from fantasyland what it’s like in real America.”

Romney says Obama’s policies have made it harder for entrepreneurs to start businesses and create jobs.

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Comments (14)
  1. Malama Alii says:

    Lets file this under… “DUH!”

    Obummer and Biteme are about as delusional as it gets….

    And the Moron in Chief thinks he’s the 4th greatest President of all time… ahead of Washington, JFK and Reagan! WHAT A FOOL!

  2. robsammo says:

    Mitt Romney is the man to fix our troubled economy.

  3. Edgar Friendly says:

    Trump is now considering running. Don’t be fooled by him. He has deep ties in the Chicago machine and he is close with the brother of Rahm Emmanuel. If Trump runs it will be to siphon votes from Romney to put obama back in.
    Wrong Paul, as an independent, will also put obama back in.

    Wake up and see what’s happening here, you Repubs. You’re being bamboozled by Crazy Paul and Trump.

    Conservatives, you want a moderate republican or the socialist obama?

    Moderates/independents/whatever – 4 more years of the atrocity we see at home and the world now?


    1. dumb dave says:

      Edger is spot on

  4. Dave Turner says:

    As much as I dislike Romney, for Biden to say that Obama and Co. are doing something right is disingenuous at best and delusional at the very least. The only people that seem to be doing okay are those who are insulated from reality back in DC.

  5. Willard Mitt Obamney says:

    Obamneycare author criticizing his self-described “lazy” protege?

    Thanks for pioneering Obamacare in Massachusetts, Mitt.

  6. Joe Doakes says:

    If the choice is between a liberal from Chicago and a liberal from Massachusetts . . . you people in the know had better pray for an awful lot of rain come election day.

    Give me back the smoke filled rooms any day over this.

  7. Paige Cohen says:

    luv ya Mitt – go get them! save America!

  8. JPrimus says:

    I was a fan of Mitt Romney some years ago. But he has fallen far out of favor with me for reasons of mistrust on my part and a lack of deliberate action on his.

    This is the second time in a week and in many years that I’ve heard him say something that DIDN’T register as white noise. Here’s the first:

    What kind of country do we want? One where everyone has their hand in the pocket of the guy standing in front of them? With the President and the Supreme Court patting us all on the head?

    If Romney can keep that type of talk up, and bone up on the facts and data that actually prove the merits of what he’s saying…AND HE BELIEVES IN IT….?
    Then he can wipe the floor with the president.

  9. jprimus says:

    It’s got red meat, and it’s bald-faced fact.

  10. c elador2 says:

    Jobless claims are down and there are cronyism jobs around in public sector. But that is not econmic strength and growth. Romney will grow small business jobs and make an environment friendly to job creation, His idea of jobs is private sector, not padding the public payroll in the name of jobs.

    WH pads the public payroll and calls that job creation.

  11. George says:

    Not fantasyland Hershyville 605 chocolate 40% nuts.

  12. mike says:

    This is the kind of stuff that Romney needs to continue to focus on. Hit em hard mitt. There is no recovery in reality. No Jobs. What kind of a nation have we become when the president thinks he has done us all a favor by giving us 40 dollars over the next 60 days of our own money back? We are pathetic for falling into the trap. Mr. President how about making it easier for oil jobs so gas can prices can come down. I would save 4000 dollars next year if you could just lower the price of gas by .50 cents. It is easy to do if you and your environmental crounies would get out of the way of the working man.

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